What are the birth flowers for Scorpio? What are their meanings? What are these flowers’ myths, symbolism, and origins?

scorpio flower - geranium

The court of public opinion is deeply divided when it comes to Scorpio. Love them or hate them, there is not much in between. Often romanticized as brooding and intense or vilified as harsh and jealous, People who’re born under the sign of Scorpio are usually somewhere in the middle. And honestly, they could not care less about your opinion of them. Born during the time of year most often attributed with death and the occult October 22 -November 21, the Scorpio‘s nature is full of contradictions, and they embrace them all. A sensitive water sign ruled over by Mars and Pluto, the gods of war and death respectively, Scorpios are creatures of sentiments, but that includes the negative feelings as well as the positive. However, unlike the sweet Cancer and Pisces, they will not bottle up their anger or negative opinions to spare your feelings. Scorpios prefer flowers that reflect their nature, bold, beautiful and dramatic.

The Scorpio Flowers

Find out what are the birth flowers for Scorpio.

1. Geranium

geranium - flower of scorpio

Geranium is the official birth flower for Scorpio. The geranium is actually a group (or genus in biology) of more than 400 flowers–which is an instant win for the competitive Scorpio. Anyway, these unique flowering plants are known for their flowers’ bold colors and aromatic foliage. For instance, there’s almond geranium that has leaves that smell like almond and there’s rose geranium that smells like rose. The latter is used to create rose-scented essential oil. In other words, geranium is a versatile flower just like Scorpio that it represents.

In floriography or language of flowers, geranium is a symbol of happiness and positive emotion. It represents friendship, good health, longevity, and best wishes. This makes it a good gift be it for birthday, housewarming, or just because.

These symmetrical five-petal flowers grow in tight bunches which hide their delicate undersides from view. Similarly, Scorpios are most often recognized for their magnetic and mysterious natures, both of which they use as shields for their sensitive hearts.

People are drawn to things that out of their reach, and when you’re dealing with Scorpio, what you can never get ahold of is Scorpio’s attention–not for long anyway. This isn’t to say they are cold or uncaring. They simply don’t find it necessary to fit in or go out of their way to make others comfortable around them. Scorpio is the epitome of “take it or leave it,” but if you are given the option to take a part of their heart, hold it dear, as not many are allowed to see the warm nature behind their mask.

2. Marigold

scorpio birth flower marigold

This October birth flower is a powerful symbol for Scorpios as it has both positive and negative symbolism attached to it, both of which are in line with their temperaments. Marigolds come in a variety of colors, but all of them are warm and fiery, which has made them a symbol of positive energy and motivation. The bold scorpions are highly ambitious and have no problem using their charm and charisma to get ahead in the world. However, just like marigolds symbolizes both motivation and jealousy, a Scorpio’s ambition can also have a negative side when they are willing to push others aside for their goals or become resentful if they think they are being overlooked.

3. Chrysanthemum

birthday flower for scorpio

November Scorpios are graced by their own birth flower, the loyal chrysanthemum. As with many flowers, different color chrysanthemums carry different meanings, but they all center around the themes of love, friendship, and fidelity–all of which carry deep importance to Scorpio. Scorpio’s bold nature sometimes leads people to misattribute it to a fire sign. But the fact is Scorpio is a water sign, and their intense feelings are more inline with a deep, strong river’s current, without end and willing to erode any obstacle. In terms of friendship, family, and other relationships, the warm and caring chrysanthemum are a perfect embodiment of the scorpions’ devotion to these connections that they treasure so very deeply.

4. Amaranth

amaranth birth month flower scorpio

Amaranth blossoms maintain their colors and beauty long after the plant has died, which has earned them the status as a symbol of immortality or eternal devotion. This symbolism resonates with Scorpio, which is known to be one of the zodiac signs with a darker nature. One of Scorpio’s ruling planets is Pluto, which was Hades in Greek mythology–the god of eternity and death who fell in love with and went to the ends of the earth for an innocent goddess of spring. A dark nature does not mean a rotten core and these sometimes morose scorpions will be eternally loyal to those they love.

5. Peony

rose: scorpio's flower

In Japan, the robust and colorful peony is a symbol of bravery and honor, two attributes that Scorpio strives for in themselves. Scorpios tend to have a strict sense of honor, which they will hold themselves to with a sometimes frustrating level of stubbornness. Like most things they do, Scorpios aren’t being honorable for the sake of others, it is important to them, so they are going to do it, period. Similarly, Scorpios are not brave in the way a shining knight with a sword is, as they don’t care for public shows of strength but rather bravery to be true to oneself, even if that isn’t popular.

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