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Dogs of Scorpio ♏🐕

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) is the second Water sign in the elemental trio. It is another of the Fixed signs, which makes Scorpio natives more resistant to changes compared to other water signs. Let’s examine how these factors manifest in your Scorpio dog.

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Scorpio ♏ Is the Ultimate Ride-or-Die Sign

A Scorpio dog is either all-in or won’t get within 10 feet of you. When you take on a Scorpio dog, whether it is a puppy or an older shelter dog you adopt, you have a friend for life. They are the most loyal sign of the Zodiac. Sometimes, a Scorpio dog will adopt you, rather than the other way around. They may just appear on your doorstep and refuse to leave or be the pup that stays glued to your side at the adoption site.

Embrace this relationship and feel honored to be “owned” by your Scorpio dog. He will literally put his life on the line for you, whether that means defending you in a home invasion or getting between you and a poisonous viper.

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The Scorpio Dog ♏🐕 as a Pack Member

While most dogs thrive in the company of other dogs, your Scorpio dog does just fine as an only dog or solo pet. Many born under this sign prefer to be the only animal in their person’s life. If you live alone and want a solid companion with four paws, choose a Scorpio dog to share your life.

If Scorpio dogs must integrate into a pack, they can and will do so. Don’t expect them to eat out of a common bowl or share a water dish, though. Allow them a separate eating area and kennel reserved only for them to keep the peace in the pack.

Once they have integrated into the pack successfully, that same loyalty your October/November dog demonstrates towards you will extend to his home pack.

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What Motivates 😀 Your Scorpio Puppy?

Scorpio dogs love a puzzle. Loading up a Kong toy with kibble and letting them figure out how to get to the food is a terrific way to keep their minds occupied and sharp when they spend time alone. Suggest going for a ride in the car with you and they will be over the moon. They love to ride and make wonderful companions for long-haul truck drivers who spend days or weeks on the road.

Scorpio dogs are good candidates for police dog training. They are able to focus like lasers on a goal, whether that is taking down fleeing suspects, detecting drugs or finding lost children.

Scorpio Fur Kids and Food

These doggos are hearty eaters. No matter how full their bowls are with dog food, if they see you enjoying a delicious meal, they will expect you to save them a bite. Go ahead and give them a little nibble once you’ve finished. In their eyes, sharing food is only polite. They may bring you bones to share from their private collection (and they will have a secret stash somewhere). Act like it is the true gift they intend it to be.

How to Exercise Your Scorpio Dog

As a Water sign, most love a good swim or at least a romp in the shallows. Let them chase the seagulls on a deserted strip of beach or accompany you when you go for a jog around a lake path. As they get older and slow down, weight gain can restrict their movements. Be aware of any joint pain or hip dysplasia that may cause them suffering. Ask your vet to recommend supplements that can enhance their mobility as they age.

How to Discipline a Scorpio Pup

No one should ever hit a dog. But a dog born under this sun sign needs a firm master who will always remain in charge. Failing to establish yourself as the Alpha in your relationship may cause your dog to become too aggressive or dominant. That never ends well for the dog.

What They Need to Feel Secure

Scorpio dogs may need to self-isolate from their pack and their humans from time to time. Don’t take this personally. Leaving their kennel door open gives them a safe space when they need a little downtime apart from the pack of pets and humans. They can recharge their batteries, have a nap and emerge ready to provide protection and companionship as needed for the ones they love.

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