These are the five birth flowers Virgo connects to in the world of flowers. Find out what are these flowers and what makes them the flowers for Virgo babies. Learn about their meanings, symbolism, and unique characteristics.

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The Virgo’s Flowers

Virgo is often viewed as the mother-hens of the zodiac. What else would you expect from a sign whose constellation is one of the largest in the sky and was worshipped by many ancient cultures as a Mother-Goddess? Combine this with their birthdays being at the beginning of the harvest season, August 23-September 22, a time of year that is traditionally tied to Mother-Goddess figures. Then sprinkle in some earth-sign natures, and you have a recipe for individuals who care deeply about the people and world around them, but are also not afraid to use their stern “mom’s voice.”

Hard-working and reliable, Virgos prefer to stand out for their achievements, rather than for anything about themselves personally. Not always comfortable with the spotlight, you are more likely to find a Virgo hanging out at a book-club than at a night-club. They won’t judge you for going out, and they’d love to do brunch and Bloody-Marys in tomorrow, but chaotic environments tend to set their teeth on edge. When choosing flowers for the Virgo in your life, stick to ones that have clean lines and appeal to their organized nature. And what better flowers to give a Virgo than their very own birth flowers? Let’s now take a look at the flowers that share a spiritual connection with the Virgo sign.

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1. Poppy

poppy virgo birth flower

Despite their vibrant red color, poppies have long been a symbol of peace and rest. August Virgos have a double connection to this flower both as the flower of their birth month and their Zodiac. Like poppies, Virgos are often seen as restive, calm, and collected, sometimes to the point of sedate. There is a misconception as Virgos are anything but dull, they just feel no need to be loud or abrasive to make their point. Virgos are often the voice of reason in a group, but they aren’t going to argue to keep you from making bad choices. They will just stand back and wait patiently for things to go as they predicted they would. Then afterward, they’ll help you pick up the pieces.

The poppy is also a birth flower for: August, Taurus.

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2. Aster

aster flower of virgo

Aster is another flower that has a deep connection to Virgo, specifically those born in September who can claim it as their monthly birth flower as well as their Zodiac. In mythology Goddess Astrea became so disappointed in her fellow Gods and mankind that she wept for them, and her tears became asters where they touched the soil. After, she left Earth and took her place among the stars as the constellation Virgo. Asters, especially purple ones, are a symbol of wisdom, something that Virgos value highly. Virgos do not like to be wrong, so they put their earth sign determination to use learning and mastering new subjects and skills all the time.

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3. Buttercup

buttercup virgo flower

It would be wrong to say that all Virgos have a type-A personality, but messy, unorganized Virgos are few and far between. This is probably why the clean lines and delicate petals of buttercups appeal to them so much. A messy, cluttered habitat leads to a messy cluttered home, which is why perfectionist Virgos prefer elegant, tidy bouquets that they can organize into some semblance of order, not just a wild mess of leaves and uncoordinated colors.

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4. Narcissus

Narcissus daffodil birth flower for november babies

Due to the Greek myth of Narcissus and his self-obsession, it would have been easy for the narcissus flower to gain a bad reputation. Luckily, these sleek and pretty flowers are actually seen to symbolize growth and rebirth, traits that Narcissus could have benefited from and that Virgos pride themselves on. While they may come off as demanding or nit-picking, know that Virgos are never harder on anyone than they are on themselves. Their perfectionist nature pushes them to be the best version of themselves, and that can’t happen without taking a long hard look at one’s flaws. And while they may not broadcast their shortcomings to the whole world, Virgos tend to be very open with those they love about their insecurities and the things they are working on within themselves.

Daffodil is a species of flower that falls under the Narcissus genus. Daffodil is a birth flower for March, December, Aries, Pisces, Virgo.

5. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum (flower) virgo zodiac sign birth flower

Chrysanthemums come in a wide range of colors, and different colors have different symbolic meanings, but they all circle the same themes: love, loyalty, and friendship. Loyalty is a hallmark of the earth signs, and Virgo is no exception. It might take a little work to get past a Virgo’s stern fa├žade, but once they’ve let you in, you’ll have a friend for life. Virgos are unwavering in their loyalty to their friends and partners, and where they may forgive you trespass against themselves, if you wrong someone they love, they will never forget.

The chrysanthemum is also a birth flower for: November.

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