There are eight birth flowers Pisces is associated with. Find out the identities of these flowers and their meanings. What do they symbolize? And how exactly do these flowers become birth flowers of Pisces?

pisces flowers

Pisces is born between February 19th and March 20th. This star sign is the “old soul” of the zodiac, the people who are defined by empathy, sensitivity, and advanced intuition. Pisces sign is deeply artistic, creatively gifted and imaginative- one of the most selfless and compassionate signs too!

Each sign has unique flowers that can be learned about for healing and self-development. You can look to your birth flowers to promote growth and self-discovery, for insight and positive change. For Pisces, we’ve selected eight flowers that represents Pisces in one way or another. Starting with the water lily.

1. Water Lily

pisces birth flower water lily

Water lily is Pisces’ birth flower. Water lily is an embodiment of the Piscean spirit… Pure, gentle, in tune with depth and soul, and divinely simplistic, the water lily helps sensitive and intuitive Pisces to connect with their own empathic spirits. Water lilies are a symbol of grace, faith, spiritual truth and integrity- divinity and the beauty of the natural world. Also, the water element, and Pisces is a water sign after all. Faith, unconditional love and selflessness are other meanings & associations.

Furthermore, Buddhism often depicts Bodhisattvas sitting meditating on water lilies. Pisces is the most unconditionally loving and universally accepting sign, therefore this displays their embracing, non-judgmental and tolerant attitude.

The water lily is also a birth flower for July babies.

2. Evening Primrose

evening primrose birth flower of pisces

Evening Primrose helps to remind watery Pisces of their fiery spirit and creative spark. This unique flower inspires conscious action, passion and creativity! Artistic vision comes naturally to Pisces, they are imaginative and extremely gifted in the realm of imagination and creativity. So, this flower is ideal for anyone of this sign wanting to increase their inner fire and connect to their source of inspiration.

The evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) is not to be mistaken with the primrose (Primula vulgaris) which is a birth flower for February.

3. Mugwort

mugwort birth flower for pisces

Mugwort represents the mystical and “otherworldly” side of the Pisces personality. Mugwort is an aromatic flowering plant also known as Artemisia Vulgaris. It produces mild euphoria, a sensation of being in a mild form of psychosis. Mugwort connects Pisces to their inner divinity and light, their spiritual self. Self-realization and sparks of insight and inspiration can come about through this birth flower. Mugwort is often used in spiritual healing, protection and cleansing rituals and sacred activities, something Pisces sign is very familiar with!

4. Iris

iris birth flower pisces flower

When we look at the meaning of the Iris flower, we can see why it is one of the magical and colorful Pisces’ birth plants! Iris means “rainbow” in Greek. There’s also a Greek Goddess called Iris, a Goddess of the Rainbow. Iris is a purple-violet plant with flowers that represent faith, hope, devotion, rebirth and wisdom. A link to the higher self and a bridge between heaven and earth can be portrayed through Irises, thus Pisces is the perfect sign to be represented by this beautiful flower. Trust is birthed through the Iris flower too.

Iris is also a birth flower for the month of February.

5. Witch Hazel

witch hazel pisces flower

Although a plant/tree, Hazel is a perfect representation of Pisces energy. Hazel shows the process of manifestation and rebirth all Pisces have to go through to reach their spiritual selves. Pisces possesses soul, depth and beauty, they have a unique spirit and are open-minded and philosophical. The hazel tree creates hazelnuts, seeds of consciousness and new life. The spirit of the hazelnut is connected to the process of transformation and self-evolution this sensitive sign goes through, on their journey to awakening.

6. Orchid

orchild - flower of pisces zodiac sign

Orchids are another birth flower of Pisces. Orchids are symbols of fertility and eloquence, grace and femininity. Pisces is, of course, a feminine, magnetic and receptive sign. White orchids represent purity, innocence and hope. Pure faith and universal/unconditional love and compassion, which symbolizes Pisces nature to transcend all suffering and work towards a better world for humanity. Pink orchids express the Piscean need for joy, passion and self-expression in their lives. Also, romance! This water sign is very romantic, feminine, sensual and lovingly affectionate.

7. Violet

violet and pisces

Violets are the flowers for February. Violets are symbolic of the Higher Self and mind, the third eye where spiritual wisdom and insight are strong. The majestic purple-violet colors remind Pisces of their own nature; modest, graceful, intuitive and possessing integrity. Violet is a soothing and harmonizing flower that is loved by this gentle sign due to the spark of truth, ancient memory, and spiritual recognition they provide.

8. Daffodils

the daffodil

Daffodils are the birth flower for Pisces for March. These beautiful flowers represent new beginnings, good luck, prosperity and faithfulness. Like the water lily, they are a sign of purity and subtle inner strength. Spring begins in March and the bloom of daffodils symbolizes the birth of Pisces sweet and compassionate spirit. People born under this sign come alive during the springtime, they love the sound of birds and the colors of nature.

The Latin name for Daffodil is Narcissus, the son of the River God in Greek mythology. Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection… As the daffodil symbolizes new beginnings, this shows how important it is for Pisces to turn towards the selfless, natural beauty-loving side of their personality; and not the selfish narcissistic one.

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