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Find out what birth flowers May babies are associated with. What do these flowers mean according to the language of flowers? What are the stories and origins of these flowers? Get your answers below.

The month of May was named after Maia (or Maius in Latin), the Greek goddess of growth. In this delightful month, living creatures flourish as Mother Nature warms the cold winds of March with her warm hug and shoos away the unpredictable showers of April. There are many flowers that thrive in this beautiful month. But two flowers stand out as the most popular birth flowers for May babies. These two flowers are lily of the valley and hawthorn. Let’s take a look at the meanings, origins, and other details of these flowers.

Lily of the Valley

birth flower, may flower lily of the valley

Lily of the Valley is the primary birth flower for those born in May. Convallaria majalis is the scientific name of this bell-shaped white flower that hangs along its stem like a drop of snow.

The flower also resembles tears and is often referred to as “our lady’s tears.” In Christianity, it was told that as Virgin Mary wept for the crucifixion of Jesus, her tears fell and became lily of the valley or our lady’s tears. The flower was then brought to heaven to measure the purity of all souls. It is a symbolic flower to Christians and also used as a charm against evil. Some believes that the lily of the valley protects the gardens from evil spirits.

As an ultimate wedding flower (and a sign of humbleness), Lily of the Valley was selected as the bridal bouquets for the royal weddings of Catherine Middleton in 2011 and Princess Grace of Monaco in 1956. It is also the favorite flower of Christian Dior, who formulated perfumes that simulates its sweet fragrance.

The Lily of the Valley symbolizes humility and purity, the qualities represent May babies in the language of flowers. Instead of pushing forward, the flower rather droops its head and rests it beneath its large green leaves. The dropping of its head is a symbol of humility.

May babies are understanding and empathetic which could be contributed to their humbleness, as symbolized by the lily of the valley. It’s one of the most favored flowers to give your grandparents to honor them for their contributions to the family and society. This flower also signifies good fortune and is celebrated in France in the festival La Fête du Muguet. Every first of May, the French would give each other a bouquet of lily of the valley to attract good fortune.

The most effective way to attract good luck is to offer it to another person. Yes, one often overlooked aspect of birth flowers is instead of being on the recipient of your birth flowers, you can also choose to give your birth flowers to people you care about. Take pleasure in giving lily of the valley to your family and friends this month of May and expect an absolute return of happiness from your deed.


hawthorn birth flower of may

Hawthorn is the secondary birth flower for those born in May. Crataegus rhipidophylla is the scientific name of this delicate white or pink blossom that grows in a small tree with stiff thorns. Crataegus comes from the Greek word “kratos” which means “strength.”

The flower blooms in this sturdy tree, and it looks quite similar to the dogwood flower and cherry blossom. Planting a hawthorn tree in your garden is a great idea considering its many uses both in culinary and medicine. From its blooms, berries, leaves, stems, and bark, you can gather ingredients to cure ailments.

The hawthorn berries make good jelly or homemade wine. Its leaves and buds are edible, and you can add them to your salads. Hawthorn barks are also used in herbal medicine to aid in digestion. On top of that, hawthorns will make a great addition to your garden because they can serve as a decoration that can enhance your landscape design.

The hawthorn flower symbolizes optimism and superior happiness. People born in May are known to be enthusiastic. May babies are described to be enthusiastic that which make them hawthorn flower’s parallel. The thorns in this flowering tree are in place to serve as protection against animals and insects. Giving hawthorns as a present means that you care about the recipient.

A Few More Words

May is a beautiful month of transition. It graces us with meaningful birth flowers that signify the hopes and dreams of its benefactors. Offering these birth flowers to your parents implies that you cherish their love for one another. Receiving a bouquet of these birth flowers from your partner means that your affection is appreciated. Naturally, they are also a way to express your support in your friend’s endeavor. These blooms symbolize sweetness, motherhood, and humility. A birthday is not only a celebration of one’s beginning, for it is also an opportunity to connect with people. And giving a bouquet of birth flowers as gifts to May babies is the most elegant way to communicate your deepest emotions and establishing this connection.

Hawthorn and lily of the valley are also birth flowers for May Taurus and May Gemini.

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