Capricorn Flowers

What are Capricorn’s birth flowers? What are their spiritual meanings and symbolism? Why are they Capricorn’s flowers?

The first several weeks after winter solstice are cold and dark, a time when only the strongest plants survive. It is the time when one year passes its torch to the next and the world seems full of new opportunities for those who are willing to work for their dreams. This is also the time of year ruled by Capricorn.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) is probably the most serious and stalwart among the twelve zodiac signs. Born under the influence of the mighty Saturn which represents discipline, responsibility, and maturity, Capricorn takes great pride in being logical and having their feet firmly on the ground and their head in their work, not the clouds. And these traits are giving away Capricorn’s elemental affinity. Take a guess? That’s right. Capricorn is an earth sign.

As an earth sign, these quiet, humble folks are drawn to earthy plants and flowers, floras that thrive in the same conditions they do. Here are six flowers that are believed to share the deepest spiritual connections with Capricorn.

1. Pansy

Pansy - birth flowers of Capricorn

Pansy is the official Capricorn flower. The name pansy originated from the French word pensée which means thought. Naturally, that makes pansy a symbol of thoughts that encompasses everything that we think–and to some extend–emotions we feel. It means that pansy symbolizes free-thinking, consideration, critical thinking, remembrance, and nostalgia. It can also carry the meaning of love and admiration. Pansy is the perfect flower to give to a Capricorn person especially when you’re admiring them for their intellect.

Pansy or Viola

The pansy is often confused as viola. After all, the pansy is a type of viola. Typically, the viola has smaller flowers. But the most important distinction is in the petal directions. The pansy flower has four petals pointing up and only one pointing toward down. On the other hand, its cousin viola has two petals pointing up and three petals pointing toward.

2. Holly

Holly - capricorn birth flower

Holly is a birth flower for December Capricorn. Holly has a long history of association with the longest months of the year, even before it became one of the birth flowers for December.

The ancient Celts viewed the evergreen holly as a symbol of eternal life, and their chiefs wore a crown of holly for luck. Because it grows, and thrives, in the darkest, quietest time of year, holly has become a symbol of peace.

Quiet, sturdy December Capricorns are born during the same weeks that holly adorns doors and mantles. The flower and the sea-goat also share many similar traits. For instance, they may seem a little prickly at first, but they are quite lovely.

Capricorn is more likely to enjoy a quiet evening in front of the fireplace than the hustle and bustle of a night on the town.

3. Carnation

carnation capricorn flower

Carnation is a birth flower for January Capricorn. The carnation is often the last blooms looking fresh and beautiful in a floral arrangement, this has earned itself a reputation of longevity and unyielding loyalty. Loyalty is a trait that is highly valued by earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and, of course, Capricorn.

It may take a while to wear down their introverted and sometimes gruff exterior, but once you’re in, you’re in for life.

A Capricorn isn’t afraid to tell their friends when they disagree, but they are slow to anger and rarely end a relationship over minor quarrels. They’d much rather put in the effort to fix a relationship than have to do all the tedious work of building a new relationship elsewhere.

4. Jasmine

jasmine birthday flower - capricorn

Even though they are beautiful, and their scent is intoxicating, the jasmine’s habit of blooming at night has made them a symbol of modesty and discretion.

Capricorns also do their best work without a large audience. These hardworking sea-goats are not afraid to go above and beyond in whatever they do, but and while they appreciate praise as much as the next person, they do not love effusive or public recognition.

A quiet thank-you card or small, thoughtful gift will be much more welcome than, say, a toast in their honor at a dinner party.

5. Aster

aster lucky flower capricorn

The ancient Greeks believed that asters sprang from the earth where it was touched by the tears of the star goddess Astraea. As a product of the wise and graceful goddess, it’s easy to understand why people began to associate the star-shaped blossoms with wisdom.

In many friend groups, the thoughtful Capricorn is the friend who everyone else looks to for wisdom. Not one to make a rash decision, Capricorns like to think things through from several angles and maybe do a little research before they commit to a course. They are not known for pushing unwanted opinions or advice on their friends, but if asked, they will do their best to steer you in what they view as the most logical direction.

For being a symbol of wisdom and wisdom helps avoid making mistakes in life, the aster is considered a lucky flower for Capricorn.

6. Ivy

ivy special capricorn flower

Not precisely a flower, but the ivy is an excellent example of a Capricorn plant. Its ability to survive and thrive has made it the power plant for Capricorn.

Ivy brings a touch of class and beauty to wherever it grows, without needing to be showy and ostentatious. It is also hardy and once it takes hold of something, it loathes to let it go. That is similar to how a loyal Capricorn will bend over backward to fix a problem with someone they love.

In Egyptian mythology, Ivy is symbolic of Osiris and his immortality because it was viewed as nearly impossible to kill once it was rooted. And not that they are immortal, but there is a reason that the sea-goat is the symbol of Capricorns. Ever heard the saying “stubborn as a goat”? Whoever coined that phrase had probably spent some time around a Capricorn or two.

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