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In this article, you’ll learn about the two birth flowers for March, the stories of their names, and their meanings.

The Third Month March’s Flowers

The month of March marks the dawn of a new season as Mother Earth remove her winter cloak to revel in the beauty of spring. As the first month in the early Roman calendar, March (Martius in Latin) was named after the Roman god of war Mars to indicate the halt of any armed conflict to celebrate a new year in peace.

For the Irish, March is the time to get festive as rivers get dyed in green to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day. The month occasionally heralds the first day of Lent in the Western Christian Church. It means the time of atonement and redemption to welcome a new life full of hope is on its way. For all of us, it is a perfect month to start a new hobby, learn new things, and explore the world outside our comfort zone. Let’s welcome the harbingers of spring, and learn the meaning of the birth flowers of March babies.


daffodil is a birth flower for march and aries the zodiac sign

Daffodil is the primary birth flower for people born in March. Narcissus poeticus is the scientific name of this bright yellow or white bulbous flower with a long trumpet-shaped center. The name daffodil came from the Old English word, “Affodyle,” which means “that which comes early.” Indeed, the Daffodils arrive early in the spring to shower the Earth with hope and cheer. The bright-colored flower is also symbolic to the ancient Greeks as it is the flower that sprang up at the site where the self-loving Narcissus killed himself and reawakened to bloom as an Easter flower. Daffodils also correlate to the story of Jesus, whose death and resurrection is commemorated every Easter. Spring is a magical season because it when Mother Nature awakens from its dormancy and breathes new life to the lands. It is only fitting to celebrate this reawakening with the beautiful daffodils.

The daffodil represents beautiful beginnings and good fortune. It is given as a gift to celebrate a new home (as a housewarming gift), a new job, and a child’s birth. Daffodils come in a variety of colors with different symbolism for each. The yellow daffodil is a symbol of strength, success, and wealth. The orange daffodil symbolizes enthusiasm, vitality, and joy. It makes a perfect gift because it attracts happiness and productivity. The violet daffodil is the personification of Narcissus, and it signifies self-esteem. If you feel low, or if you need to boost your confidence, try to get a purple daffodil around and start trusting your abilities, qualities, and judgment. In Chinese culture, it is believed that daffodils can attract good fortune. It also blooms just in time for the Chinese New Year. This timeliness makes the daffodil a symbol of the festival. In numerology, the daffodil symbolizes harmony because of its six petals, which correspond to the most harmonious number.


jonquil is a birth flower for march

Jonquil is the secondary birth flower for March. Narcissus jonquilla is the scientific name of this yellow bulbous flowering plant with rush-like leaves. The name jonquil came from the Spanish word jonquillo which refers to the flowering plant of the rush family. Jonquils have the sweetest scent compared to other Narcissus flowers. It is often mistaken for daffodils though one can tell the difference by the appearance of its leaves. Jonquil leaves are tube-shaped, while daffodils are flat. People born in March are as sweet as the smell of the jonquils. They have a great disposition and are loving to their friends and families. March babies are like jonquils because they are the embodiment of sunshine and happiness. They are the bringers of joy and friendship. With their qualities, it is easier for them to gain admiration and affection from others.

The jonquil flower symbolizes friendship and domestic happiness. A bouquet of jonquils can represent desire or a strong wish to reciprocate affection. If you are unsure about a person’s love, offer a jonquil bouquet to let the person know how you feel. Jonquils will also make a perfect gift for friends who are facing challenges in life. Receiving a jonquil bouquet in challenging times means the giver is supporting you and that you are loved. March babies love people, and jonquils represent them best because it is emblematic of friendship. Enjoy everything that spring has to offer, and let’s try to make some new friends but not forgetting to cherish the ones that we already have.

Daffodils and jonquils are also birth flowers for March Pisces and March Aries.

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