Not sure what gift to get your Scorpio friend for their birthday, or for Christmas? The eighth Astrological sign Scorpio is intense and that is why you want to make sure that they will be very happy with what you get. Are you worried that you might get a gift that the Scorpio hate? Well, there is no need to worry about that at all. Because you will find your answer through this list of 15 good Scorpio gifts — according to Astrology.

Without further ado, these are the gifts ideas for Scorpio you should consider.

1. Agate Coasters

No one likes having water rings on their table. Your Scorpio is no exception. They’ll appreciate this agate coaster set. There are 4 coasters in the set. Made from agate, these coasters are blue in color. Now blue is not a typical Scorpio color. But it helps bring some calm energy to balance Scorpio’s often intense living space.

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2. Wine Rack for Wine-Loving Scorpio

Scorpios love anything edgy. This is why they will love this butterfly wine rack. Especially when they’re wine lovers. No problem if they aren’t — this rack is versatile. Anyway, the rack has that appearance that they like a lot. They can put the wines that they love the most. And when they are in the mood for it, they will invite their friends over for some drinks. This is also an excellent housewarming gift.

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3. Make Art Not War Poster

Scorpios are intense and idealistic. They want to make the world a better place and they have a very intense way of showing it. This poster is great for them because it is intense and it shows the Scorpio’s love for peace. When a Scorpio invites some over, this poster will give a glimpse to the guests into the Scorpio’s world view.

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4. Gothic Duffle Bag

In Astrology, you don’t usually associate Scorpio with traveling. But Scorpios do enjoy going away on a weekend now and then. This intense-looking Gothic duffle bag is what they need to pack their belongings. With this bag, they can travel in a style that is fitting for them.

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5. Octopus Wine Stopper

This intense octopus wine stopper is going to surprise your Scorpio and make him very happy. Made of zinc, it will last a long time; it has a rubber and metal base. This wine stopper is one of a kind. Its unique octopus design has a strong presence you can’t ignore. The Scorpio will love this interesting gift.

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6. Silvertone Scorpio Rhinestone Bracelet

For Scorpios who are into Astrology, this is a fun gift they’ll appreciate. Nothing thrills a Scorpio more than this bracelet that features the scorpion. The scorpion is, of course, the famous symbol of Scorpio. The charm is made with crystals and silver, and the chain is made of silver.

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7. Leather Scorpion Bracelet w/ Ring

This gift is like the bracelet above. The difference is that this bracelet is made of leather, and it features a silver scorpion charm. The chain and ring are connected to the leather body. The leather material is breathable and comfortable. Spiritual Scorpios will appreciate this gift which carries a mysterious vibe.

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8. Mysterious Deck Of Tarot Cards

Scorpio is the most mysterious sign of all the zodiac signs. So it is very possible that a Scorpio person would become interested in Tarot. Why not surprise your Scorpio with the Tarot de la Nuit — a mysterious Tarot deck. Nuit means night in French, and the darkness associated with this deck is very fitting for the sign!

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9. Scorpio Daily One Card Draw Tarot Journal

If you plan to get your favorite Scorpio the gift above, why not add this tarot journal to the list? If they have their own Tarot deck already, then this is a great gift anyway! This can track their daily card draws and the time as well. A gift like this would be very much appreciated.

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10. Cold Case Murder Mystery Game

Scorpios love anything that is mysterious and they absolutely love playing a fun murder mystery game. That is why this Unsolved Case Files cold case murder mystery game would be very much loved! And this game would be a reason that a Scorpio would invite you over to their private home. They absolutely would love playing a game such as this!

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11. Black TV Stand

Many Scorpios enjoy watching intense TV shows. For examples, suspense or a murder mystery. A small television just won’t do! For the best enjoyment, they’ll need a bigger television. If they choose not to mount their TV on the wall, they will need this sturdy TV stand to put their heavy television. This TV stand has a lot of storage space as well.

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12. Espresso Color Bookshelf

Scorpios enjoy reading murder mystery novels. They will need to put their books somewhere. This espresso colored bookshelf will be the perfect home for their book collection. The Scorpio will love its Espresso color… because dark colors are associated with Scorpio in Astrology.

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13. Scorpio Zodiac Crystal Set

Every once in a while, every spiritual Scorpio person needs to heal. This crystal set provides the stones the Scorpio need for a much-needed spiritual healing. The stones are handpicked to fit Scorpio’s energy. They are pyrite, howlite, blue aventurine, and rose quartz. Also included in the set is an aesthetic wooden box for the Scorpio to house the stones.

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14. Personalized Scorpio Mug

Everyone needs a good mug. For Scorpios who are into Astrology or Astronomy, this mug is a good gift that they will love and appreciate. This mug features the Scorpio constellation. Your Scorpio will be reminded of her strengths every time she uses this mug. What set this mug apart is the option to personalize it with someone’s name.

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15. Funny Scorpio Sweatshirt

Do you have a Scorpio friend who has a sense of humor? Many of them do! And this Scorpio sweatshirt is the best gift for the funny one in your life. Because a Scorpio is a caring friend, has a good heart, is a kind soul even with a dirty mouth and being a smartass! That said, that Scorpio will be surprised but in a positive way which is what you want!

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What kind of gifts do the men and women of Scorpio like? Find out in this gift ideas article for Scorpio.

What gifts do you recommend for a Scorpio who likes to read?

Check out this bookshelf and these stunning coasters. The bookshelf is straightforward, it’s for her to store her books. The coasters come in handy when she reads while enjoying a cuppa. It’s not in this gift guide, but your Scorpio is more of an eBook person, she’ll most likely appreciate a Kindle gift card.

My Scorpio is into Tarot reading, what gift should I get him?

Does he have his own deck of Tarot cards? If not, this mysterious Tarot card set is a good start. If he already has his own, deck consider getting him this journal instead. The journal helps him to record his daily Tarot reading. Chances are he’ll appreciate a spiritual gift like these healing stones.

What gift works best for a Scorpio who has a sense of humor?

All of the gifts above! Just because someone has a sense of humor doesn’t mean that you have to get him a funny gift. But if you ARE looking for something funny, take a look at this funny sweater. Some might consider this Make Love Not War poster to be humorous. Lastly, this outstanding octopus wine stopper can be a pretty cool white elephant gift.

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