Two unique flowers stand out as the birth flowers of November. Find out what are these flowers and their meanings. What do they symbolize? And what makes them the flowers for November babies?

november flowers

November’s Flowers

November is the eleventh month of the year and the last month of fall in the northern hemisphere. In America, it is when the Daylight Saving Time ends and clocks will be turned back for the days will now grow shorter. As the year comes to its conclusion, it will now be time to give thanks to the blessings that we have received. Let’s celebrate this month by bringing some of these glorious November flowers as we visit our friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

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Chrysanthemum november birth flower

Chrysanthemum is the primary birth flower for those born in November. Chrysanthemum Indicum is the scientific name of this sun-loving flower with varied shapes and sizes. These flowers are originally from East Asia and northeastern Europe but have now been widely cultivated around the world.

It was named chrysanthemum by Karl Linnaeus, a distinguished Swedish botanist. The name came from the Greek prefix ‘chrys’ which means ‘gold’ and the word ‘anthemion’ which means ‘flower.’ Originally, chrysanthemums only come in golden color. Today, it is one of the most cultivated flowers and it comes in a plethora of colors including white, yellow, red, purple, blue, and orange.

The history of the chrysanthemum flower can be traced back as early as the 15th century BC. It was mentioned in Chinese writings and was even depicted in their potteries. The flower is so influential in China that they named one of their cities, Chu-Hsien meaning Chrysanthemum City.

The chrysanthemum flower is a symbol of loyalty and cheer. Those who were born in November are also characterized as loyal in terms of friendship and relationship. It is a perfect flower to give to someone whose birthday is in November because it symbolizes true and meaningful friendship.

The different colors of the chrysanthemum have different symbolism. A white chrysanthemum symbolizes innocence and pure love. The yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes happiness. It’s a great flower choice to cheer a sad friend. The red chrysanthemum symbolizes true love and it is a way to say “I love you” to the recipient. A purple chrysanthemum means “get well soon.” The blue chrysanthemum symbolizes calmness and inspiration. And the orange chrysanthemum symbolizes optimism and progression.

Chrysanthemum is a promising flowering plant that has been used for thousands of years in alternative medicine because of its countless medicinal properties. With its over a thousand variety, we can always count on chrysanthemums to provide us with beautiful blooms all year round.

The chrysanthemum is also a birth flower for: Virgo.


peony flower of november

Peony is the second birth flower for November ababies.

Paeonia officinalis is the scientific name of this large and round showy flower. It can come in shades of pink, yellow, red, white, and purple. The flower originated in Asia, America, and Europe but was popularly cultivated in China for over 2,000 years.

The flower was named after, Paeon, the physician of the Greek gods. According to Greek mythology, Paeon was the student of Asclepius, the god of medicine. Asclepius tried to kill Paeon out of envy but Zeus saved the latter by transforming him into a peony flower.

Peonies are popular ornamental flowering plants. They are also popular as cut flowers arranged in bouquets. The best thing about peony flowers is that they can live in your garden to produce blooms even for a century. It is a perfect heirloom plant that you can pass down in your families for generations to come.

Peony is also the 12th Wedding Anniversary flower. It is believed that peonies are harbingers of good fortune and they can encourage a happy marriage.

There are different meanings of this lush flower depending on its specific color. Pink is the most popular color of the peony and it represents love at first sight. It is a common decorative flower in weddings because it is also symbolic of marriage. Yellow peonies are ideal graduation gifts or to be given to those who are moving to a new home because it symbolizes new beginnings. Red peony is given as an expression of love. The white peony flower is given as a way of saying, “I’m sorry.” Purple peonies represent support or encouragement.

Peonies used to be the flowers restricted only to Chinese emperors. Since then, it has become an emblem for honor, wealth, and prosperity.

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