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Scorpio Cat Overview ♏😼

If you ever wonder where the idea of mysterious cats who serve as companions to witches comes from, let me tell you it’s probably from Scorpio cats ♏😼 (October 23 – November 21). Scorpio cats, just like Pisces and Cancer cats, are ruled by Water. Water signs are quite sensitive and very intuitive, but Scorpio cats bring new meaning to this statement.

Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. Because of its incredible passion and power, Scorpio is often mistaken for a Fire sign. In fact, Scorpio is a water sign that derives its strength from the psychic, emotional realm. Just like other Water signs, Scorpio is an extremely intuitive sign too.

Scorpios ♏ are intense

So as you may imagine Scorpio cats are intense. They can be intense in good ways such as being very loyal, but they can also be intense in not so great ways such as being really possessive.

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Curiosity and the cat 😼

Scorpio cats are extremely curious, they love perching themselves where they can keep on their humans while they do their daily activities such as cooking, watching TV or dressing. They might also try to find some window to check on the neighbors, too. They will even supervise whoever cleans their litter and promptly leave a deposit the moment it’s clean.

Scorpio kitties love water

Beware, Scorpio cats love water. If you have a Scorpio cat you may find them quite often trying to drink water from the faucet or fountains and don’t be surprised when they don’t stop following you into the shower. You know, water is their thing.

They can be a little too smart to read

One of Scorpio cats’ main personality traits is that you probably will never know what they are thinking beyond the obvious “feed me” or “pay some attention to me, please” demands. You can never guess what new thing these intrepid animals will try nor what mischiefs they are up to. Be very careful about vet appointments, Scorpios have a sixth sense when it comes to figuring stuff out even before you even bring the carrier into the room.


Cats with Scorpio sign are wild

Scorpio is a very sexually driven sign and you should take this into account when thinking of you cat. Make sure to have them neutered and spayed and try to stop them from wandering around the neighborhood if there are other cats around. Scorpio cats are also quite territorial, so chances are they will have one or many territorial or guarding issues.

Feline Scorpios get what they want

Some people will say that Scorpio cats are a little manipulative. The truth is that these cats know what they want and they for sure know how to get it with a simple look. If that tactic doesn’t work they might start meowing until they get what they wish for. These cunning cats love playing ambush and hunting games. But be very careful about using your hand, or you might be the definitive loser in that game. Long wands and fishing poles are the best kind of toy for your Scorpio kitty.

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These cats are creative

Don’t be surprised if your socks or some other items go mysteriously missing. Scorpio cats consider that what is yours is theirs so they might take the liberty to use all your things as their personal toys. And as you may imagine, Scorpio cats are not big fans of sharing their home with other cats, so if you are planning on adopting a second kitten, be ready for a really intense adaptation period.

The Scorpio kitty’s preferences

Scorpio kitties prefer a place of their own to take naps, ideally with some privacy. Deep dark colors are great for a Scorpio cat’s spaces or blankets, they will very much appreciate it. Having some scratching posts or places to sharpen their claws would be a great idea, especially if you don’t want your furniture being turned to rags.


Certainly Scorpio cats seem like a lot to deal with, but they certainly are charming. It just takes a few minutes with them for you to fall madly in love. Yes, they are possessive but they also are extremely loyal and very intuitive of what you need. Once you are under their spell you will never wish to leave.

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