february flowers

What are the birth flowers for the month of February? What are their meanings and symbolism? Get your answers from this article.

February is the shortest month of the year but never short of surprises. The month brings forth the season of giving flowers and often marks the beginning of a new year in the lunar calendar. People born in this month are associated with flowers that symbolize hope, faithfulness, and humility.

Discover the birth flowers of those born in February and their symbolism can help you send meaningful gifts to your loved ones. Nothing beats receiving a bouquet of your birth flower on your birthday. For those who were not born in February, these symbolic flowers will still be a great way to celebrate the month. Flowers can reduce stress and can even boost your mood. Let’s get to know the February flowers so that we can prepare to adorn our homes with these blooms.

1. Violet / Viola

the violet - February birth flower

Violet is the primary birth flower for those born in February. Viola odorata is the scientific name of this blue-purple, small, sweet-scented, and bell-shaped flower. Aside from blue-purple, they also come in cream or yellow colors. In ancient Greece, the violet represents love and fertility. This flower served as a symbol of Aphrodite and was used as an ingredient for love potions. In herbal medicine, it is believed that Violets contain healing powers and is used to treat respiratory illnesses, skin disorders, and insomnia.

The month of February was named after the Roman God of Purification. It makes Violet the perfect flower for February because it symbolizes faithfulness, purity, and goodness. Blue Violets symbolize faithfulness, and receiving it means that the giver offers you his or her loyalty. White violets represent purity and innocence. And yellow violets are a symbol of goodness. It is believed that dreaming of a violet flower is a sign of good fortune. Having violet flowers around can increase focus and mindfulness. There is more than what meets the eye when it comes to this eye-catching flower.

2. Iris

iris birth flower for month of february

The iris is another birth flower for February. Iris germanica is the scientific name of this bulbous or thick rhizomes and many-colored flower. Iris is derived from a Greek word that means ‘rainbow.’ In Greek mythology, Iris is the embodiment and goddess of the rainbow. Irises are popular garden plants not only for their beauty but also because of their rugged, reliable, and easy to grow characteristics. This beauty comes in a wide variety and a plethora of colors–covering almost every color of the rainbow and that’s how the flower got its name.

The iris is a symbol of nobility and is commonly depicted in legends and myths. It symbolizes faith, hope, wisdom, and courage. In Japanese culture, it is believed that the iris can purify evil energies. Kimonos are commonly designed with irises to serve as protection for the wearer.

3. Primrose

february flower primrose

Another birth flower that symbolizes February is the primrose. Primula vulgaris is the scientific name of this edible and delicate flower. Yellow is the common color of primroses, but it can also come in varied colors such as white, red, pink, and purple. Despite its name and color varieties, the primrose is not related to roses. The flower got its name from the Latin word ‘primus’ that means ‘first.’ True to its name, Primroses are among the first to bloom in the early spring. In ancient Greece, the flower is referred to as the flower of the twelve gods and has been used to treat a wide variety of ailments, including gout, loss of speech, vertigo, and paralysis. It is also used as an ingredient in making soups, salads, and even wines. In Norse mythology, the primrose is the sacred flower of Freya used in honoring the goddess in rituals. The ancient Celts also believed that this flower holds the keys to Heaven.

Primroses represent youth and young love. It is usually related to first love. And to walk down the primrose path means to live a life full of pleasure and luxury. Giving someone a bouquet of primroses is a way of saying that you can not live without them. This flower also symbolizes purity and honesty. Primrose, though a small flower, also symbolizes protection and safety. Gifting a primrose means that you care about the person’s well-being.

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