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October is graced by two distinct birth flowers. In this article, find out what are these flowers of October. Discover their meanings, symbolism, origins–as well as the reasons why they present October babies.

The Flowers of October

October is the tenth month of the year and it arrives to fill us with exciting festivities. Oktoberfest is an eponym of October–it was named in honor of the tenth month of the Gregorian calendar. Oktoberfest is an annual festival that celebrates beer and wine. It originated in Germany but has been adopted around the world. The month of October ends excitingly as trick-or-treaters would roam the street in costumes on Halloween. As the world celebrates, the October flowers bloom in colors to shower the earth with its radiant beauty. Let’s get to know the birth flowers of October and their meanings.

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marigold october birth flower

Marigold is the primary birth flower for those born in October. Calendula officinalis is the scientific name of this edible yellow to orange colored pom-pom flower.

The name marigold was derived from ‘Mary’s gold’ in honor of the Virgin Mary. Legend has it that Mary used to carry the flower in her purse. Marigolds are useful garden plant because its petals can be eaten raw or blanched and it has a peppery taste with a hint of spice. The flower is native to Mexico and Guatemala. In the Aztec culture, marigold was hailed as sacred and was used both religiously and medicinally. Traditionally, marigolds are used to relieve hiccups, swelling, sprains, and wounds. The extract of this flower is also used to cure those who were struck by lightning. During Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead, streets in Mexico are wrapped in marigolds to honor the legacy of those who have departed.

October babies are as warm as the color of the marigold and they know how to treat people well. It is a common belief that the symbolism of a birth flower can be inherited by those born in the associated month. The color of the Marigold symbolizes the radiance and warmth of the sun. It is an embodiment of happiness, optimism, and prosperity. These flowers are also believed to attract good fortune. The yellow marigold is a physical representation of joy as it bears a semblance to the color of sunshine. The orange marigold represents optimism and strong emotions. It is commonly given to someone you desire for it means that you want to win the recipient’s affection. Giving a bouquet of marigolds is one way of saying that, “you are in my thoughts.” Although it is a flower associated with grief and despair, its beauty and association with the sun still make it a pretty and worthy bloom to be gifted to an October born.

Marigold is a also a birth flower for: Leo.


cosmos october flower - birthday

Cosmos is the second birth flower for the people who celebrate they birthdays in October. The name was derived from the Greek word osmos’ which means ‘harmonious order of the universe.’

]Cosmos is a genus and vernacular name of this fragrant bright-colored flower. It comes in a plethora of radiant colors including white, scarlet red, pink, yellow, and even chocolate. The harmonious petals of the flower represent the harmonious order of nature and the universe, thus the name.

Cosmos is a perfect flower choice for those who want to grow plants but have a busy lifestyle. It can thrive with any soil and doesn’t demand much care. The flower can also attract butterflies and it can bloom in your garden twice a year. These flowers are also known to give protection and can attract positive energy at the same time. That’s why it is common to see the cosmos in religious places such as churches and temples.

In addition to being an October flower, Cosmos is also a second wedding anniversary flower. Its harmonious beauty represents the tranquil love of young marriage. In the Victorian language of flowers, cosmos means order, modesty, and love. The flower also represents beauty, peace, and serenity. The white cosmos represents purity and modesty. It is a perfect flower for weddings as well as christenings. Scarlet red cosmos represents attraction and intense love. The pink cosmos represents both romantic and motherly love. It is one of the most common flowers offered on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. The yellow cosmos represents new beginnings and success. It’s a perfect flower to offer hosts at housewarming parties or given to a friend who got promoted from a job. Cosmos is a perfect flower for all occasions.

Offering a bouquet of cosmos to an October born is a perfect way to wish the recipient a peaceful and harmonious life. Adorning your home with cosmos can also uplift the mood of your interior.

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