What are some of the jobs or careers that are best suited to the Scorpios based on their zodiac strengths and weakness? Find out for yourself from this list below.

Best Jobs For Scorpio Men and Women

7 Best Jobs For The Scorpio Men and Women

Scorpio is the one sign that not only is secretive but knows exactly how to uncover secrets by relying on intuition as well as other secretive tactics. And, this is the one sign that is said to be of extremes! Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac that is a water sign, and it is said that you will always want to have a Scorpio as your best friend because you will be protected very well. However, this is the one sign of someone that you would not want to have as an enemy because that means the Scorpio individual could be your worst nightmare!

If you are a Scorpio and you are looking to find out what careers best suit you, then you are in luck because you have come to the right place to learn about that. Let’s talk about the 7 best-suited careers for the Scorpio individual.

1. Chemist

Become a master of the elements. Not only is being a chemist plays to the strengths of a Scorpio, but it is also a well-paying job.

chemistry job - best jobs for scorpio

Scorpios are naturally able to uncover mysteries by using a lot of brainpower as well as intuition. Being a chemist is not an easy job for just anyone but the Scorpion has the skills to excel in this scientific field. The Scorpio would quickly figure out how elements would react to one another or can easily challenge any theory that has been established. There is a good chance that most medications have been established by a Scorpio for this reason.

2. Mortician

Become a funeral director. Help honor the deceased with an honorable funeral.

funeral directing job - best career ideas for scorpio

Scorpios are the ones that do not fear death as this sign is all about the transformation of life which includes birth, life in general, and death. And this is one career that the Scorpio could not only excel at but handle with grace because to them, preparing the dead to be viewed or preparing the dead in general for their funeral is something that the Scorpio would have a knack for doing.

3. Medical Examiner

Speak for the deceased by becoming a medical examiner.

medical examiner - job for scorpio men and women

Not only does the Scorpio have a knack for handling the dead and not get bothered by decay or anything else that would repel anyone else, but they would be able to figure out the cause for someone’s death through examination. Remember, the Scorpio is an excellent mystery solver and that is what you need whenever you are trying to solve the mystery behind someone’s death.

4. Fertility Specialist

Help create new lives in your position as an expert on human fertility.

work in fertility industry - scorpio best jobs

You go from dealing with the dead to helping couples create new lives, that is quite extreme which is why the Scorpio would excel at being a fertility specialist as well. They would know how to uncover underlying issues that are causing infertility in anyone. And, they would be the most successful with not only uncovering the problem but solving the issue and assisting any couple to have a successful conception. That means if an IVF clinic was established by a Scorpio fertility doctor, then chances are that the clinic has been able to help a lot of people conceive successfully!

5. Psychiatrist / Psychologist

Join the fight against one of the biggest problems of developed worlds: mental health disorders.

Psychiatrist / Psychologist

There is no surprise that the Scorpio would make an excellent psychologist or psychiatrist. They would not only know how to treat any mental health disorders, but they would help the patient figure out what is causing their distress. They would also rely on their intuition on the tips to give in order to help the patient cope with their mental disorder and stress. They also have a gift of probing into someone’s mind without causing them to be too uncomfortable either.

6. Detective / Police Inspector

Use your impeccable logic skill and intuition to put criminals behind bars.

police jobs for scorpio (best careers)

Since Scorpios are naturally secretive and are also excellent at solving mysteries, this would be an excellent career option for those who have that sun sign. They would know exactly how to uncover anything about anyone that would appear to be mysterious to the average individual, but never to the Scorpio. They have a knack for tracking down individuals that are missing as well, and they certainly would have an easy time digging up someone’s past even if it is difficult to trace. To become a police detective, you must at least have a high school diploma or GED.

7. Sex Therapist

Help save marriages and fix relationships by identifying and suggesting solutions for the problems of their sexual life.

sex therapist - best jobs (scorpio)

The one trait that comes with Scorpio is that they are experts when it comes to sex, and they are not shy about anything that is considered taboo to the average individual. That is why Scorpios are the ones who are meant to be in a career that involves death, fertility, and mental health, and being a sex therapist is no different either. The Scorpio would have no problem with giving any struggling couple suggestions on how to liven up their bedroom lives or to uncover what the problem would be. Many other individuals of different signs would not be comfortable with going into this field but the Scorpio individual would not hesitate to become a sex therapist. It would come naturally to them.

What do you think is the best job for a Scorpio?

If you are a Scorpio and you have a job your love that is not on this list, why not tell us how you fell into the job and why you love it so much! We would love to know!

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