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What Are Scorpio’s Special Colors?

Black, red, and other dark colors are the colors the best represent Scorpio, the zodiac sign of the Scorpion. Keep reading to find out more.


As the Fixed Water sign, Scorpio is emotionally intense, passionate, controlling, and psychic. You can never go half-way in with this sign, since it is extremely categorical about its view on the world: it’s either all or nothing, love or hate, surrender or rejection.

Those born under the Scorpio sign value trust above anything else, they are usually reserved and private, as they don’t like to be seen as weak or vulnerable. Most of the time they show a cold impenetrable surface, as if nothing could ever hurt them, but they actually feel everything inside. In short, they’re tough on the outside but soft on the inside. This is not unlike a real-life Scorpio.

So, if a Scorpio ever lets you witness their vulnerability and soft interior, that means they feel comfortable around you. They’re willing to let their guard down around you only when you’ve gained their trust. Moreover, be careful if you ever do something to betray their trust, Scorpio will take back the trust and worst of all, they’ll hold grudges.

Scorpios are great listeners and will be there for you when you need them. They will fight for the ones they care about as if it was their own battle. As a Water sign, they are highly empathic and feel deeply. So, if you ever tell a Scorpio friend that somebody did you wrong, be prepared to see them add that person to their relationship cold storage. Even though others see this trait as negative, this sign is not afraid of taboos and talks openly about what others are shy to share, such as sexuality.

Ruled by Pluto, the planet that represents both rebirth and the unseen, Scorpios embody the Hades and the Phoenix, as they are philosophically and emotionally linked to death and also have a skill to re-emerge from any crisis and reinvent themselves.

They see life as a cycle, and that’s why, when facing grief of any kind, they need to be submerged in the depth of their feelings before they heal and come back replenished. Others can definitely benefit from befriending a Scorpio, given they’re empathic, loyal, and highly intuitive.

The Scorpio Colors

Similarly, this sign can especially benefit from interacting with Air signs, as they need to pull themselves together, to communicate better, and to learn to balance emotion with rationality. Based on the typical Scorpio traits, the colors we chose for Scorpio reflect their essence are black and red.

1. Black

black color

The primary color for Scorpio is black. It is the color that best represents Scorpios because it stands for mystery, elegance, sophistication, and depth, which can be associated with the many layers of the Scorpion’s personality. It is also the color of Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet which we discussed earlier. Similarly, black is also related to death and rebirth, symbolizing this sign’s ability to transform itself.

Moreover, as Scorpio is sensitive to external energies, this color also helps its natives to be protected, as black repels negativity. In terms of wearing black as part of the outfit, it can contract or complement other colors and can be worn to any types of event.

2. Red


The second color for Scorpio is red. Red is a powerful color on its own. But when black is matched with red, it’ll turn Scorpio into a sexual beacon, as these colors also represent sensuality and lust, and therefore, highlight this zodiac sign’s magnetic and passionate side.

Red is also the color of Mars —previously ruling over Scorpio, now Aries— which represents impulsiveness, aggression, determination, and confrontation. As Scorpios are known to be ruthless and merciless fighters, this color definitely is suitable to their personality. However, red also stands for Scorpio’s passion, steadfastness, and magnetism.

Scorpio vs. Dark Colors vs. Pastel colors

As you see, the colors that best suit this sign are either bold or dark —some alternatives to black or red could be navy blue, pomegranate, purple, rosewood, and more. In contrast, bright or pastel colors, such as pink, yellow and light blue, wouldn’t be good matches for Scorpio.

Mind you, these colors can attract positive things for other zodiac signs, but since Scorpio isn’t attuned with their essence, they might become obstacles in the life of this sign, as people may get the wrong idea about whoever wears these colors.

Pink is related to naivety, immaturity, and unwillingness; yellow is associated with lightheartedness and carefreeness; and lastly, light shades of blue are linked to self-righteousness.  All these traits are opposite to Scorpio’s ambition, passion, empathy and commitment.

Does it mean that these colors are terrible for Scorpio? Not necessarily. It could help to balance out some of Scorpio’s intensity and quirks should they go out of control. But in general, they don’t represent the stereotypical Scorpio’s personality that well.


In conclusion, Scorpios are the kind of people who you can turn to when you need support and a shoulder to cry on. On a positive note, they are highly committed to those who they love and are not scared to explore the depths of human nature, but they can be resentful and vindictive when their trust is broken.

They are headstrong and a fight against them is a lost war, since they know where to hit to harm their opponent. Darker and bold colors, like black, red, purple and pomegranate, are the ones that best suit their intense and attractive personality.

In contrast, lighter colors don’t get along with Scorpios, as they don’t represent their essence. But these colors could be a great help if you want to get rid of some of that intense Scorpio aura.

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