Who is Scorpio’s worst match (bad compatibility) in the zodiac?

Zodiac signs that are Scorpio’s worst matches are Gemini, Libra, and Leo. Why are these star signs incompatible with Scorpio? Is there no way they could make the relationship work? Find out in this guide. This compatibility guide is applicable to love, marriage, work, and other forms of partnership.

Scorpio & Relationships

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) is one of the most misunderstood signs (if not the most misunderstood of all). The natives of this sign are known for being jealous, obstinate, sensual, power-hungry, manipulative, secretive, and resentful. But people often forget to mention that Scorpios are also imaginative, passionate, emotional, persistent, protective, and caring.

As a Water sign, Scorpios are highly emotional. They may appear to be calm on the outside, which others can interpret as indifference, but I can assure you there is an emotional whirlwind under the surface.

Everyone knows that Scorpios have a hidden agenda, but it is not always about a secret affair or planning revenge. They have a very sensitive side that few people get to know. Once you have dug deep, you will learn that this sign does not trust others easily. People born under Scorpio have scars that probably will never heal, because they are a reminder of the pain they have gone through. So it is only natural that they put some distance at the beginning of a relationship. They want to avoid being hurt again. Now you know, if a Scorpio decides to trust you and open themselves to you, consider it an honor.

Moreover, Scorpios never forgive or forget an injury and the people who have hurt or betrayed them. So it will take them years to bury the hatchet. Actually, it is not advisable to do harm to a Scorpio —unless you have a death wish, of course. They make a dangerous and fierce enemy. Trust is a double-edged sword with Scorpios. Negatively, opening up to this sign means giving them information that they can save up to use against you on a stormy day. If you challenge them, be prepared to have your deepest secrets spat to your face.

Scorpio’s best and worst attributes are revealed in relationships, which tend to be complicated. This sign can be, all at once, generous and affectionate, violent and unpredictable. The ones born under this sign are deeply loyal to friends, but at the same time, jealous and possessive. They cannot fathom the thought of anyone they love having feelings for someone else. With Scorpios it usually is 0% or 100%, there is no middle point. Balance and restraint are not in Scorpio’s dictionary. Passion and intensity are two traits that characterize Scorpios. But they are not reduced to these. Few people know how loving, generous, kind, and loyal they can be. They never ever forget you if you do something nice for them. They will try to return your good deed.

3 Worst Matches for Scorpio

Given the essence of this explosive sign, it is only natural that not everyone can cope with it. With that in mind, these are the worst matches for Scorpio:

1. Gemini

It is said that opposites attract, but that is not applicable in this case. Gemini and Scorpio have opposite Elements, Air and Water. They basically are like chalk and cheese. Gemini is too changeable for Scorpio, who demands total commitment. Scorpio’s possessive nature may have Gemini feeling they cannot breathe. But Gemini’s carefree and flirty attitude may leave Scorpio feeling insecure. Jittery Gemini wants to be independent, whilst Scorpio wants to dominate and possess. Some Scorpios can be loners, but Geminis thrive in social settings. The susceptible temperament of this Water sign will clash with the Air sign’s emotional ambiguity when the couple is not going through a good moment. There will be chaos, and Gemini will not settle for a static life.

In a few words, finding common ground can be difficult for these two. It will be hard to empathize and express their feelings. So, making it work will imply lots of love to appreciate and understand each other’s differences.

2. Libra

Again, Air and Water clashing. Libras and Scorpios have different views on the world. Libras are characterized for their fairness in love, mental connection, and meaningful conversations. Scorpio can be stubborn and jealous, which can confuse Libra. Moreover, Libra’s inconstant flirting and indecisiveness can drive Scorpio crazy. Intense Scorpio takes love and commitment seriously and Libra wants a partner to mirror them so they can feel at ease. This combination isn’t likely to lead to anything permanent. A conflict of affection will lead Libras to an emotional imbalance that will result in a violent verbal attack towards Scorpios, which will trigger Scorpios’ vindictive and resentful nature. Scorpio will seize their arsenal of manipulative techniques to mess with Libras’ feelings.

On a more positive note, Libra can bring about some balance for Scorpio’s intense emotions, and Scorpio will assist Libra to be more committed and honest when it comes to their inner feelings. Both of them will have to listen carefully to each other and learn to value their virtues in order to create a solid and deep relationship.

3. Leo

Leo, a Fire sign, and Scorpio make an intense, dramatic, and challenging match. Both of them tend to seek power, which can result in clashing egos and willfulness. Scorpios will certainly not flatter Leo nor accept to be dominated by them.

Scorpios’ possessiveness can scare off Leo, because of how independent they are. Passion and temper are equally strong on both sides. Scorpio seeks to dive into the sexual psyche of their partner lover, whereas Leo looks for a grand romance. Sexual energy is something that this couple does not certainly lack, but their flame can burn the whole place down. They are on a very short fuse. Scorpio’s jealousy will provide the spark, and Leo will blow on it to fuel the fire.

As long as Scorpio respects Leo’s pride and Leo accepts Scorpio’s sensitivity, they will make a solid and passionate couple.

Conclusion: Scorpio can still make it work, but…

Even though Scorpios can come off as frivolous, resentful, and jealous, they are very sensitive and have good intentions. It does not help their relationship with others if they were hurt in the past, because it will take them more time to fully trust their potential partner. They take their time to heal and can become overprotective of themselves and those they care about. Scorpios love intensely and want to share that intensity with their significant other. It is impossible to not like them for that.

Given these perks and quirks, we think Gemini, Libra, and Leo are just not great matches for the typical Scorpio. Gemini and Libra can be great partners for Scorpio. Unfortunately, it requires too much effort to make things work because the two air signs are in stark contrast to Scorpio in terms of their philosophy of life. Given the low probability of success, they’re categorized as bad matches for Scorpio. In many ways, Leo can be considered the real worst match for Scorpio because the relationship has the potential to devolve into a toxic relationship that ends in tears.

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