What are the birth flowers for Libra? What do they mean? And why are they considered the birth flowers of Libra?

The Libra Flowers

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September 23-October 22 is a time of beauty and abundance. Traditionally in the northern hemisphere, this is the time when crops come into harvest. There would be feasting and celebration. This is also the time when trees are changing and the foliage is full of vibrant colors. Summer’s late flowers are still holding on and adding their colors and scents to the mix. It’s also a time of balance when seasons haven’t quite tipped from summer to fall. These few select weeks bring the best of both seasons, crisp morning air to greet the day, but warm, sunny afternoons, and it’s not yet too cold for a bonfire with loved ones.

These four weeks also give us Libra, the human embodiment of this season. Libra adores all things beautiful and balanced. The Libra men & women are the type to do unto others without expecting anything in return. A gift of flowers will always be met with joy and gratitude. And what better than giving them the flowers that represent their zodiac sign Libra?

Whether you’re looking for a gift for the Libra or you’re a Libra who’s learning more about your sign, here’s the list of flowers that Libras are believed to share a spiritual connection with.

1. Rose

rose - libra birth flower

If there was one flower, one flower above all others to epitomize Libra, it would be the rose. Roses are a universal symbol of all things that Libra adores. Roses are beautiful and vibrant without being gaudy. They are elegant and classic, adorning frescos in Italian villas, gardens in the French countryside, and foyers in Manhattan. What is a more romantic gesture than a big bouquet of fresh roses? In addition to all of that, their bushes can be pruned and shaped into perfect order and balance, without so much as a twig out of place. Those are some reasons why rose is the official Libra flower. Besides its official status, the rose is also perhaps Libra’s favorite flower to receive.

Rose is also a birth flower for: June, Taurus.

2. Morning Glory

morning glory flower libra

The blossom of a morning glory bursts forth with color and life in the morning, only to wither by the time night sets in. For this reason, they are symbols of the sometimes fleeting or fickle nature of love. As hopeless romantics, Libras understand this all too well. This air sign loves being in love, that first initial rush of infatuation and adoration, that idea that you have finally found The One. However, sometimes this quickness to give away their heart leads to heartbreak.

As romantic as they are, this air-sign also tend to be indecisive and change direction like a leaf on the breeze. What seemed endearing at first might not be so sweet a few months in, and those feelings of adoration can fade as fast as they came. Don’t fret Libra, just like the blossoms on your September birth flower, there is always another, equally beautiful, option just down the vine, and maybe this one is The One.

3. Cosmos

cosmos zodiac flower for libra

This October birth flower Cosmos derives its name from the Greek word kosmos. The word kosmos referred to the idea that the entirety of the earth and universe were in perfect harmony. Not only does this flower represent the birth month of October Libras, but its even-numbered, symmetrical petals also represent a trait Libras value highly: balance.

Justice and equality are near and dear to a Libra’s heart. They feel strongly about righting the wrongs they see around them. While their non-confrontational nature leads them to avoid conflict in their own lives, they are often the mediator in their friend or sibling group, always seeking to balance the scales.

The flipside of this is Libra’s mental state and productivity is negatively affected by imbalances. That means as a symbol of balance, the cosmos can help bring out the best out of Libra by equalizing these imbalances. This empowering nature implies that the cosmos is a power flower for Libra.

4. Hydrangea

hydrangea lucky libra flower

With their large bundles of flowers and thick leaves, it is no wonder that hydrangeas represent abundance. But not excess. Their soft colors are graceful and elegant, the difference between a lot and too much. Libras also tend to walk this line between a lot and too much when it comes to their tastes.

Libra is often perceived as shallow or materialistic, which isn’t truly accurate. The people of Libra are romantic and idealistic, and what is more romantic and ideal than living a life of comfort and luxury? Is it so wrong to enjoy wearing pearls to brunch and daydreaming of a summer home with extensive gardens full of beautiful flowers, like hydrangeas?

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5. Daisy

daisy flower of libra

Daisy is one of the most cheerful flowers and it’s a lucky flower for Libra. With their pure white petals and sunny center,  it’s easy to understand why so many cultures have associated them with innocence and joy. Libra’s big hearts and optimism has earned them the title of innocent, or sometimes, na├»ve. Libra goes out into the world with pure intentions and want to see the best in people. Their kindness and purity are admirable traits in a friend. However, sometimes as their friends, we have to remind them that not everyone deserves a second, or third, or twenty-third chance.

Daisy is also a birth flower for: Leo, Aries,  and Taurus.

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