What are Scorpio’s Best-Matched Spirit Animals?

Snake, butterfly, and lemur are some of the spirit animals that could inspire and motivate Scorpio to become better versions of themselves. We’ll discuss these majestic creatures a little bit more in the sections that follow.

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Scorpio ♏ & Animal Spirit Guides

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) is ruled by different planets, depending on which type of astrology you look at. However, in all of them, they are described as the sign that symbolizes transformation, death, and rebirth. This is the sign that understands and embraces the rollercoaster that is life.

The spirit animal that accompanies Scorpio guides them through the never-ending transformations that they experience throughout their lives. Their spirit animals provide them with comfort, light, and solutions to the consumingly low moments that the Scorpio feels.

If you are a Scorpio you may feel moments of loneliness, involuntary isolation, and drastic changes. This post will hopefully help clear the fog, as you are never alone. You have your spirit guides and the universe on your side at every painful and deeply felt moment.

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Spirit Animals & Where to Find Them

Your spirit guides can come in the form of animals, and the support they provide will be representative of the animal they embody. Everyone’s path to discovering their spirit animal is a little different. One popular way is meditating, your spirit guide may appear to you while you’re in a deep meditative state. Alternatively, you can repetitively set an intention before bed, for the spirit animal to appear to you in dreams and provide guidance.

3 Animals That Could Offer Scorpio Spiritual Guidance

In this article, we will be exploring the spirit animals that are most likely to guide the Scorpio. Are you ready to find out which spirit animal guides you?

1. Butterfly

butterfly spirit animalSimilar to a larva going through metamorphosis before it turns into its final form–butterfly, Scorpios also experience the same process throughout their lives. This water sign goes through a constant metamorphosis throughout their lives, shedding layers of their ego to reach their final form. This is why the butterfly is the perfect spirit animal for Scorpios.

This animal spirit guide symbolizes life’s cycles. The way the butterfly affects Scorpios is by guiding them through personal transformations. It does this by encouraging Scorpios to embrace change and to find joy in it–however difficult it may be to be joyous.

If you are a Scorpio, and you are currently going through difficult changes, ask for guidance from your butterfly spirit animal. It is here to guide you through it, to embrace you through it, and show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

Scorpios can sometimes be afraid of exploring their sensitive nature. It feels too deep for them. However, the butterfly spirit animal encourages Scorpios to trust themselves and to honor their feelings. Once a Scorpio has accepted this guidance, this sign unlocks their true potential.

Even if the butterfly isn’t officially your spirit guide, don’t let anyone stop you from drawing inspiration and getting motivated by this intriguing creature.

2. Snake

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Throughout the world, snakes are highly regarded animals. In many cultures, the snake symbolizes fertility, transformation, creation, immortality, and rebirth.

If you are a Scorpio and have recently felt stagnant in life and wished for something new or more, then this may mean that it is time for you to let go of a part of yourself. Look inwards for what is it that needs to change for you to reach your goals. In this, the snake spirit animal help encourage you to shed your old self and what you have outgrown.

When Scorpios want something they go after it, and they don’t stop until they get it. Their persistent nature can sometimes blind them to truths. It also can make them resistant to change. This is where the snake spirit animal comes along and pushed them to experience rebirth.

Scorpios quite literally embody many of the snake symbolisms. Which is what makes it a perfect spirit animal for this zodiac sign.

Scorpios always come out stronger after each transformation, because during it they heal their past. The snake helps Scorpios heal their past life traumas through the necessary shadow work. If you do not know, shadow work is when you analyze yourself, the good and bad, specifically the hidden parts of yourself and you delve into how this impacts your life experience and attitude. This is done through self-reflection, meditation, and/or journaling.

3. Lemur

lemur for scorpio

It is popularly known that Scorpios can give off the impression that they are very serious people. This is true, Scorpios are very serious and barely ever let people into their personal lives. This Scorpio trait explains how the lemur is the best spirit guide for this sign. The lemur guides those who need an adventure or take everything too seriously.

Lemurs hug as a way to certify social bonds and to keep warm. Not only is this very cute, but it is something that can be beneficial for the lives of Scorpios. This is because Scorpios can be quite solitary, and this spirit animal encourages them to not be afraid to confide in and find comfort from their support system.

Furthermore, Scorpios are also popularly known for being vengeful and have the bad reputation of being seen as manipulative. This is somehow true, especially in the case of undeveloped Scorpios that have not explored themselves. However, the lemur spirit animal remedies this by infusing the Scorpio’s life with positivity. It balances the inner darkness that Scorpios face with the light.


The Scorpio energy shows the nature of death. Similar to Fall coinciding with Scorpio season where leaves fall from trees representing the end of a cycle. This illustrates how every hardship is temporary and the butterfly reminds you to treat yourself with empathy when going through it.

In many ways, Scorpios represent ego death and the unraveling of self to birth a new version of themselves! This isn’t easy, but it is a journey and sometimes necessary for a Scorpio to undergo these types of changes. Thankfully, the snake helps Scorpios stay grounded throughout their healing process.

One of Scorpios’ life lessons is to surrender. To surrender to their emotions to trigger deep transformations. This can be scary but their spiritual team including the animal guides helps them not feel engulfed in their negative thoughts. For example, the lemur spirit guide carves a path out of the darkness to more positive thoughts about life.

If you are a Scorpio, remember that you are loved and that you have a spiritual team assigned by the Universe to assist you in the metamorphosis you will experience. Darkness is temporary, let yourself believe in the good and positive.

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