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Virgo’s Friendship

Virgos are intelligent creatures with a keen eye for detail, ruled by the observant and meticulous planet Mercury. Virgo is represented by the symbol of the Maiden, which represents their pure and unpretentious nature. Within friendships, they’re attracted to signs with curious minds who ponder over and appreciate nuance.

Virgo: The Sign of The Maiden

As one of the Mutable signs, Virgos naturally adapt to the ever-changing life quickly. Even amid chaos, you will find a Virgo organized and right on schedule. Virgos are very humble in nature, practical, and have a pragmatic perspective.

Virgos are grounded in reality and approach matters of life and relationships very logically and thoughtfully as an Earth sign. This helps out any of Virgo’s friends with their issues as well, so if you are any of the signs listed below, always seek advice from your Virgo friend!

Virgo Best Friends

Let’s find out which of the signs form an everlasting friendship with the pure and gentle Virgo.

1. Scorpio

Virgo and Scorpio are two signs apart in the Zodiac. This indicates there will likely be an intense Karmic bond between them. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, while Virgo is ruled by Mercury. This friendship can be very intense, owing to Pluto’s influence.

Mercury’s communication and Mars’ passion come together in a beautiful relationship and form the foundation of passion between these two. Virgo is innately drawn to the deep intensity of Scorpio, and the Scorpion loves the devotion and practicality of their Virgo friend.

These two have contrasting qualities that complement and encourage each other without contradiction. The grounded Virgo keeps the overwhelming Scorpio in check, whereas Scorpio pushes Virgo to leave their comfort zone.

Often these two are so intertwined that they are almost telepathic, but there also is forgiveness, space, and room to grow in this friendship. Virgos and Scorpio prefer to hang out by themselves and bring out each other’s charming humor when they do connect.

Together, these two can be unbeatable if they form a team and can make one tough competitor. Inside, their friendship is warm with acceptance and understanding.

2. Pisces

These two signs are opposites of each other in the Zodiac and are as different as they come. Pisces is a mutable Water sign and works well with an Earth sign like Virgo. Their qualities complement and complete their individual objectives, and this can result in a very fulfilling friendship.

Pisces is flexible and adaptable, but their nature may often come across as inconsistent to Virgo. They are limitless in their imagination, love, ambition, and curiosity to learn. Their keen mind makes Virgo devoted to them. Pisces are straightforward to make friends with, and while Virgo may think of it as flakiness or unreliability, Pisces can teach them how to get along better too.

Together this duo balances out all the extreme qualities of each other and forms a harmonious friendship. Both of them are driven too, and each have a list of their own ambitions to achieve. They can go very far together and help each other out more than they believe they do.

Pisces and Virgo have plenty to learn from each other and get along very well, granted they respect their differences and strengths.

3. Capricorn

Virgo is a Mutable sign, whereas Capricorn is a Cardinal one. The former doesn’t mind strengthening their friendship, and the Goat takes responsibility for their friend seriously. Both are Earth signs, so they have a lot in common. They both take comfort in routine and precision, and they both hate being around clutter and love to live minimally.

These two are practical too and take their finances, relationships, and life matters by the horn. They are attracted to security, wealth, and comfort, and both are always efficiently working together to achieve it. The dedication towards these mutual interests is the less theatrical but pure charm of their friendship.

Both are hard workers and eager to achieve something out of life. Capricorn pulls Virgo out of their self-doubt while Virgo takes the edge off of the Goat’s bossiness. Fun activity ideas for these two are indoor board games, drinking in the evening, and hanging out at each other’s homes.

With so much in common, the minor differences in their perspectives do not matter a lot. They can easily overcome it with their loyalty, simplicity, and devotion to each other.

4. Taurus

Both Taurus and Virgo are infused with the Earth’s energy. This makes both of them grounded, practical, realistic, and like-minded. They are very nurturing in their relationships, especially to one another. Their loyalty is the stuff of legends! They take their friendships slowly, but the depth of their bond is unmistakable even in the beginning. They protect and nurture their relationship like a plant — slow and steady, with care and patience.

They make fantastic housemates and help each other with all the chores. Virgo and Taurus are great listeners, and a talk over tea between them is enough for good vibes to return. Their venting sessions are encouraging, supportive, and non-judgemental. Since they make a great team, they are fated to go far and achieve all, provided they work together.

Even though Virgo’s self-deprecation is annoying to Capricorn and the Goat’s obstinacy drives Virgos up the wall, these two are a fated match. Their differences are easily overcome, and the warmth of their friendship can last them a lifetime.

5. Cancer

Cancer is a Water sign ruled by the Moon, and Virgo is an Earth sign. Cancers are quiet in nature, and Virgos are intellectual and good at quickly comprehending other people’s emotions. Thus, even without communication, Virgos can quickly recognize Cancer’s intentions, desires, and wants and indulge them sometimes.

They are entirely dissimilar in nature but share many similar likes and dislikes. Both are practical, intelligent, and logical, so not many arguments are unresolved between these two. Both of them also love opulent and expensive things. And both are earnest and faithful to their friendship.

A Virgo and Cancer might not hit it off initially, but their bond exponentially deepens over time. They enjoy themselves the most when doing something that benefits them both. This could be learning a language or another skill.

Cancer is most often the friend that makes plans, and Virgos are all too pleased to oblige. The essential key to their friendship is their ability to work together to be their real self and create beautiful work.

Getting over differences may become a problem because Cancers don’t like confrontations, and Virgo practically thrives on communication. Cancer is sensitive to Virgo’s criticism and must learn to take it in good stride. After all, all Virgo wants is to help. Eventually, Virgos accept Cancer’s borderline obstinate and highly sensitive nature.

Both signs are attracted to security, comfort, pleasure, and their shared interests indicate that they are genuinely a good fit for each other.


Virgos want commitment; the ultimate thing they desire in any relationship is comfort and security. If Virgos sense a fickle heart, they innately defend themselves from it. They are incredibly devoted to friends and would rush to their aid anytime. Of course, they do expect somewhat the same in return!

As long as their friends are steady and don’t show flakiness, Virgos will protect the integrity of their friendship with all they have got. Any friend of Virgo soon realizes that they are an irreplaceable asset.

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