bull - may spiritual animal

The month of May is a great time to remove limiting beliefs, take charge of your life and do things your own way. This is a month in which you can manifest kindness, hope, and sweetness into your life.

You do not have to be born in May to connect with the below spirit animals, anyone can. However, if the themes of this month resonate with you then the spirit animals later discussed can be great companions in your journey.

You can benefit even greater from the positive attributes of May by learning more and connecting with spirit animals. A fun and easy way to do this is by setting an intention before you fall asleep. Set the intention for the spirit animal to appear to you in your dreams, and don’t forget to journal it.

Another way you can connect with your spirit animal is through meditation. Both methods take some practice, but you won’t regret adding meditation to your life.

Spirit animals are here to awaken your inner qualities to improve yourself. To then consequently improve your life. They also protect you and provide you with guidance. They are here for you, and all you need to do is to consistently practice meditation or set an intention before you sleep.

1. Fox


Foxes are all about being quick-witted, researching, and creating solutions. This is a spirit animal that will push for mental expansion. For example, if you have been feeling stagnant about your career. The fox will guide you to investigate how you can improve yourself, your career and your public image.

By getting spiritual guidance from the fox, you will notice that you have more hope, and faith and that you are prone to broadening your horizons at any chance you get. Since May is all about sweetness in your life, the fox guides you to take the actions necessary to make dreams happen.

The fox spirit animal teaches you to roll with the punches. So, if you are not feeling your best mentally, the solution-oriented guidance of the fox will push you to research mental health services or to confide in a trustworthy person.

Furthermore, if you feel like your finances are not going well? This spiritual animal guide encourages you to be savvy and to either upskill or find another way to make an income.

Overall, the fox is a practical spiritual guide. It uplifts you by helping you believe in yourself and to have faith. Then it pushes you to take charge of your life in the most proficient way.

2. Bull


Taurus is the Latin word for bull. Both the zodiac sign and the symbolism of the animal are associated with themes of comfort.

This spirit animal is all about charging forward in life. It is a strong guide that delivers results, especially if you want to manifest abundance into your life. And since May is all about removing limiting beliefs and striding forward with hope, naturally the powerful bull made it onto this list.

Furthermore, the bull also symbolizes fertility. This does not always mean literal fertility but can also mean directing your energy to producing ideas. If you are a creative, the bull can be a great guide for you. This is because it inspires creativity in you and pushes you to be bold in showing off your work.

Another symbolism of the bull is strength. The bull pushes you to be strong in your convictions and to believe in yourself. If you feel yourself becoming hesitant and afraid for the future then this guide can help you rebuild your faith.

The bull is associated with the root chakra. This is the chakra located at the base of your spine, and when it is aligned you become grounded, confident, full of energy, and stable.

Practice aligning your root chakra by being in nature, following a guided meditation, doing a grounding meditation, or saying positive affirmations to yourself. Not only will these practices help you feel calm and confident, but they will also bring you closer to the bull.

3. Raccoon


In some Native American tribes, the raccoon is described as a trickster. However, its overall symbolism is of adaptability, secrets, and resourcefulness. So, if in the month of May you are struggling with either stagnation or boredom, then the raccoon spirit animal is a great spirit companion.

The raccoon can be a great spiritual guide if you want something new in your life. It pushes you to be creative, and resourceful. This is a May animal that will celebrate when you are able to make something out of nothing.

Since May is all about having hope, faith, and manifesting kindness. The raccoon spirit animal will guide you to widen your horizons and seek out opportunities. It instills a sense of self-preservation, self-confidence and perseverance which is beneficial in challenging circumstances.


This month take charge of your physical and mental health, also remove limiting beliefs by getting in touch with your innermost self. You do not have to do this alone, your spirit animals are here to guide you through life.

Both the fox and raccoon will encourage you to not give up. They both celebrate when you let yourself be solution-oriented. Yes, your feelings are valid and life can get tough. However, recognize when the time has come to widen your horizons and look towards the future with faith.

Furthermore, the bull will guide you to not lose touch with reality and it guides you charge forward and to not be afraid of showing off your hard work. The bull celebrates when you allow yourself the freedom to explore ideas and bring them to fruition.

More about May

The birthstone of this month is the emerald. This crystal symbolizes inspiration, compassion, unity, and unconditional love. Whilst May’s birth flower is the Hawthorn. Which symbolizes hope, happiness, and faith. Both symbolisms reflect the positive vibrations of May that will help you get past limiting beliefs and take charge of your life.

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