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The beginning of January is the time when people look back at the past year, and create goals to have an even better year ahead. It is a time of self-reflection.

Depending on the Chinese lunar calendar, January is also when there is potentially the Chinese New Year. Not only is this a time to honor ancestors and deities, but it is also about welcoming luck and prosperity.

Overall, there is a feeling of self-reflection, endings, and beginnings that span across different cultures in January. These are feelings that can be explored with the assistance of a spirit animal.

Depending on where you are in your spiritual practice, you can try to connect with your assigned animal guide. However, if you are in need of a specific spirit animal that is also possible if you make your intentions known.

In this post, we will be exploring different spirit animals that best embody the energy of the month of January, and how you can navigate their energies.

1. Raven


Ravens are very resourceful and do not limit themselves when it comes to what they eat. As a spirit animal, it inspires you to do the same to let yourself explore the unknown, and to remove limitations.

The symbolism of the raven is protection, healing, resourcefulness, and wisdom. Since January is all about self-reflection, you can reflect on how you plan on taking on the new year. The raven can push to be the best version of yourself by creating inner inspiration and inner confidence.

The raven also symbolizes communication. Since January is all about self-reflection, why not journal on how the past year has gone for. Then ask for the raven spirit animal to widen your horizon for the new year.

The raven is also a motivational spiritual animal guide. If you are afraid of the next steps or you feel like you lack willpower then, ask for help from the raven.

2. Sea Lion

Sea Lion

The sea lion is a very social mammal that is associated with comfort, safety, creativity, and the subconscious. If this particular spirit animal has piqued your interest then you may want to ask yourself, what have you always wanted to try, but you have put it on the back burner?

The sea lion is all about creativity and exploring opportunities. Those who have been blessed with this animal guide are hardworking and very self-aware. If this is a quality that you currently want, then ask for guidance from the sea lion.

The sea lion pushes you to be aware of the present moment. It also pushes you to create realistic plans that will help your future self. It does this by encouraging the exploration of the inner self.

Sea lion is one of the best spirit animals to connect to in the month of January. This is because the sea lion pushes you to explore ways to make your life more comfortable. Maybe this is a change in career, re-arranging your home, or to delve deeper into a creative passion.

3. Goldfish


The goldfish symbolizes wealth, abundance, luck, and prosperity. This spirit animal asks you, how can you have more fun in the year ahead? How can you prioritize your own happiness first? What can you add to your life to ensure there is enjoyment?

Bring happiness into your life with the goldfish. It encourages you to not work too hard, or carry from the past things that weigh you down. The goldfish provides medicine to help you move on from the things that no longer serve you.

January is usually described as a painfully long month, but that’s only because of the apprehension we have knowing how the rest of the year will turn out. Use the energy of the goldfish to plan how you would like to grow this year.

4. Dragonfly


In some Native American tribes, the dragonfly is associated with purity, swiftness, and spontaneity. Others see it as a symbol of expansion and regeneration. Both interpretations of this spirit animal are relevant to the month of January.

The dragonfly guides you to explore your desires. It also helps you expand your horizons, and it instills in you that you have the potential to go far. This aspect of the dragonfly seems fitting for this month which is all about self-reflection.

The dragonfly is an impressively fast insect. It can even fly 35 miles per hour. This explains its symbolization of swiftness and also expansion. As a spirit animal, the dragonfly pushes you to go after what you want and to live your life to the fullest

If you are going through a difficult time and need something to bring you joy. The dragonfly can help. This animal guide brings color into your life. Ask for guidance and regeneration from the dragonfly and watch it bring in light during dark times.


There is a sense of polarity in the month of January. Some people are ready to tackle the new year straightaway, whilst for others, it takes a bit more time to get used to the transition. However, the transition does have to be external.

With the assistance of animal guides, you can transform yourself both internally and externally. Spirit animals such as the raven, would be a great companion when going through an internal change because it pushes you to look inwards.

Whilst the sea lion, goldfish, and dragonfly help you make the necessary external changes. For example, the sea lion can help you make realistic choices, such as which way to remodel your home. Whilst the goldfish teaches you to be more lighthearted and to plan your next steps. The dragonfly gives you the energy to go after your desires.

Whether you want to connect with these spirit animals in January or another month isn’t as important as your intention. In this article, the animals mentioned are the ones that best match the energy of January. However, you can connect with them at your own time as long as you have good intentions.

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