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Lion, Gecko, and Goose are three spirit animals for August. Keep reading to find out what are the meanings and symbolism of these distinct animals. And more importantly, what benefits do they bring to August babies.

August x Spirit Animals

The month of August is a great time to create an environment in which you and others can thrive in. The themes of this month revolve around the idea of community, your impact on others’ lives, and how you fit within a social space. Your spirit animal can help you explore this theme and how it relates to you.

August is also about being open to giving and receiving. And being open to contributing to others’ lives however you can. This could be volunteering in your local community, giving a helping hand whenever you can, or being more present in the lives of your loved ones.

This is a great month to connect and rekindle with your spirit animals if you struggle in connecting with others, building honest relationships, or just expanding your network. These animal spiritual guides will guide you to have an open heart and a non-judgmental mind, which will attract likeminded people into your life.

August Animals

Meditation is one of the ways you can try to connect with a spirit animal or find out which spirit animal has been assigned to you at birth. Another way to explore this is by setting an intention before going to sleep. Your intention can be for the spirit animal to appear to you in your dreams.

Connecting to your spirit animal may take some practice, but do not give up. Carry on trying and experiencing amazing qualities will awaken within you.

1. Lion


The lion symbolizes leadership, wisdom, protection, community, and royalty. This is a spirit animal that teaches you to appreciate the little things in life. Such as the beauty of the sunrise. The lion spirit guide also shows you that you are here for a reason.

The lion spirit guide encourages you to create a better tomorrow for yourself and your loved ones. It motivates you to push harder and to remember the reasons behind your hard work. For example, if you’ve been experiencing imposter syndrome, the lion will remind you of your true capabilities by bringing up your past achievements.

Furthermore, the lion is symbolic of the Leo zodiac sign. Leos are all about shining a light on themselves and their talents. They also bring light into others’ lives. This energy embodies the month of August, of which you can use the guidance of your spirit animal to benefit from.

2. Gecko

As spirit animal, one of the gecko’s symbolisms is rising fortune and prosperity. The gecko’s guidance helps you to overcome obstacles and guides you to climb up the social or personal ladder.

The gecko also teaches you humility and modesty, which may seem counteractive to the energy of this month. However, it is complementary to August’s themes. Yes, this is a perfect month to show off your talents and to be open to receiving. However, it is also a time to self-reflect on how you can be of value to others in your community.

For example, if you are constantly distracted by your own life or are always on the move, you may forget to cater to your loved ones. Another example is if you are somebody who is always in the spotlight, is always receiving help or are highly respected. Then must have the social capital available to also help others.

If you decide to try to connect to the gecko spirit animal in August, then you can expect an inner transformation. This swift animal guides you to be willing to give your time and energy to others.

The gecko may push you to be a mentor to others too, by helping others to see the positives in themselves and their environment.

Overall, the gecko symbolizes rising fortune, luck, peace, transformation, and positivity.

3. Goose


The goose symbolizes family, connections, cooperation, peace, community, and universal love. This is a spirit animal that celebrates when you are an active member of your community. Similarly, to the lion, the goose pushes you to create abundance for yourself and your family.

The goose is also associated with Eros, the Greek god of love. This is the Greek god that shot people with arrows so that they could fall in love. The goose as a spiritual guide similarly pushes you to actively love others, but not to your own detriment.

Due to its symbolism of universal love, it is no surprise that this waterfowl spirit animal celebrates connections between people. The goose shows you how love can help you fulfill your destiny. However, the goose does not want you to lose yourself in others.

This animal guides you to be strong in your convictions, and do not allow outside voices to sway you. It’s also a guide that always makes you be prepared for anything. It kicks in your survival instincts!

The goose is a great guide to connect to in the month of August. It will shine a light on all the positives in your life and it will help you attract loving people. Overall, the goose celebrates you when you go above and beyond for others in a way that does not jeopardize you.


In both the northern and southern hemispheres, August is a month where there is more sunlight during the day, albeit it is cool and dry in the Southern hemisphere. Because of this, August symbolizes the light that shines into hidden parts of your life. Such as the subconscious, draining environments, or negative people.

Our external circumstances come into focus in the month of August. This is a month of transforming ourselves to allow more positivity into our lives and spiritual animal guides can help make this process easier and more effective.

For example, the gecko can help you visualize a better future for yourself. The goose will give you the strength to establish boundaries. Those that do not respect those boundaries will be left behind, so that you can attract more loving and like-minded people into your life. The lion spirit guide will also guide you to be open to optimism and advancing yourself and your loved ones.

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