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Hummingbird, bird-of-paradise, buffalo are three spirit animals that could offer people born in October guidance, inspiration, and motivation. Keep reading to find out more about these animals: their symbolism, meaning, and the guidance they offer.

October & Spirit Animals

October is named after the Latin word ‘octo’ which translates to the number 8. This is because October used to be the eighth month before January and February were added. In numerology, the number 8 is associated with abundance, wealth, and success. However, it is also linked to the saying, ‘what goes around comes around.’

October is a great month to harvest what you will need to face life head-on. For some, this may be courage, strength, or perseverance. For others this is mental clarity, creativity, or a network of support.

If you want to take advantage of the energy for this month you need to embrace that life is not linear and that you need to be brave for what’s to come. So, this month ask your spirit guides for mental clarity, ability, and the courage to be able to take on anything that life throws at you.

This month also try to acknowledge that life is not always linear. Yes, there are bad times but there are also good times. The trick is to reflect on every moment, this is so you are prepared and can avoid making the same mistakes. By allowing yourself to learn life lessons, you are giving yourself the chance to deal with new situations with grace.

In most years there is Hunter’s full moon in October. This is a period where hunters would gather and replenish their stock to prepare for the winter. Thus, this month is a great time to ask the Universe for tools you feel you need to endure harsher times.

October Animals

To connect or explore a connection with a spirit animal, try to include visualization meditations into your routine. You can set an intention for the guides to appear in your dreams, and you should definitely keep a dream journal next to your bed.

Here are three spirit animals that can aid October babies through their life’s journey, by awakening their potential.

1. Hummingbird

The hummingbird is a unique bird species, not only because of its beautiful appearance but also due to the way it maneuvers. This hummingbird can move in any direction. It can fly backward, and it is one of the few avian species that can float in one spot for a short period of time.

The maneuverability that hummingbirds possess mirrors the lessons they instill in you as a spirit animal. This guide encourages you to be flexible and to change directions if life calls for it.

The hummingbird awakens the quality of adaptability within you. It does this by reminding you that you should not restrain yourself to a space that you have outgrown, or no longer serves you. The hummingbird implores you to identify these areas, and it teaches that this is not you giving up, but a redirection towards your purpose.

Once you are on the right path, or if you are already happy with the direction your life is taking, the hummingbird helps you to build up resilience. On the other hand, if you have been feeling lethargic, the hummingbird spirit animal will push you to just get on with things.

If you have been feeling low, then you’d benefit from the hummingbird’s guidance. This is because the hummingbird brings in positivity, helps change your perspective to a more optimistic one and it encourages you to stop and smell the roses when you can.

Overall, the hummingbird is a powerful spiritual guide and its guidance ultimately helps you to be more present, and to look at the bright side because life can be sweet.

2. Bird-of-paradise

The bird-of-paradise is seen as a wildly exotic bird that is associated with a high status in society, especially in Europe. As a spirit animal, it represents contentment, luxury, extravagance, communication, and excitement.

Although one of the main themes for October is about building resilience, this does not have to be hard with the help of the bird-of-paradise. This spirit animal asks you to establish what brings you contentment in the present so that you have a constant ‘why’ to bring you motivation.

The bird-of-paradise also asks you what makes you get up in the mornings, what brings you peace at the end of a hard day, and who is your happy place. When you are able to confidently answer these questions, you will be able to recognize what brings you contentment. In turn, you will be able to be more present. Which is something that the bird-of-paradise celebrates.

On the other hand, if you feel like something is missing from your life, then maybe you need more excitement. The feathery animal guide pushes you to explore different ways you can add something luxurious or exciting into your life. Luxury looks different for everyone, but a consistent self-care routine could be considered a luxury.

Another way the bird-of-paradise helps you is by pushing you to be unafraid of expressing who you truly are. It also pushes you to show off your work, especially if you are a creative person. To not let the judgment of others hinder your ability to shine, let yourself be extravagant and flamboyant unapologetically.

3. Buffalo

The buffalo is one of the most protective mammals, as it ferociously protects the young, old, and weak members of its herd. As spirit animal, the buffalo has a beautiful spiritual meaning. Its symbolism is strongly associated with life on earth and Mother Nature.

The buffalo celebrates when you display gratitude. However, if you have been struggling with feeling grateful then the buffalo could help remedy this. Similar to the bird-of-paradise, the buffalo triggers a need for self-reflection and contemplation within you.

The buffalo prompts you to contemplate and find your ‘why’. By following this guidance from the buffalo, you can live your life more meaningfully. In turn, this also teaches you to appreciate the little things in life and be grateful.

Due to its association with mother nature, this spirit animal is great to receive guidance from if you want to feel more grounded. When you are grounded, you are able to think more clearly and you also gain clarity. This can be a strong driving force behind persevering in life.


Overall, October is a month in which you can train yourself to embrace life’s unpredictability. Whether you resonate with the above spirit animals or other guides, it stands that they will guide you to gather the necessary tools to succeed. However, it is up to you to accomplish this by listening and being open to receiving universal cues.

The hummingbird reminds you to be adaptable and not be afraid of changing directions. If you resist this change, then you may find it difficult to move forward due to hanging on to the past. Don’t shy away from this and gain the necessary tools to confront life.

Have a problem with confidence or being resilient? Then the buffalo can help build your resilience. Whilst the bird-of-paradise fills you with confidence and celebrates when you let yourself be more extravagant.

Thus, this month give your life meaning and celebrate every win, regardless of how small it is with the guidance of spirit animals.

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