ladybug is a march animal spirit guide

The month of April starts right after the Spring Equinox. This is the month in which there is daylight increase and the flowers have started blossoming. With all this growth and light, April feels like the month in which there is a sense of newfound hope.

April has an earthy quality to it. Yes, Earth Day is in the month of April, but it is also when Taurus season starts, also an earth zodiac sign. This month, try to tap into the energy of spirit animals that will ground you but also celebrate you when self-indulging.

Spirit animals are here to guide you to embrace your inner qualities and to feel empowered. So, if you see any of the below spirit animals or their symbols, don’t forget to thank them for being there for you.

There are various practices to find out what spirit animal you were assigned with at birth. However, the same way you are constantly changing throughout life is the same way you are guided by different spirit animals at different points of your life.

If you want to get in touch with your assigned spirit animal, you can practice sleeping with the intention of seem them in your dreams. You can also do this for any spirit animal that you want guidance from.

April is the time to craft the changes you’ve set to yourself in January, with the newfound energy you’ve gained in March. This month is all about renewal and earthly pleasures. So, use this month to blossom into who you want to be for the rest of the year.

1. Bear


The bear spirit animal is connected to mother earth. Its energetic feel is of determination, strength, courage, balance, and integrity. The bear is a common spirit animal among Native American tribes. It has wholesome symbolism, so this fact isn’t surprising.

The bear pushes you to be a leader in your life. This is an animal guide that creates external changes that force you to not take a back seat. Thus, if you are feeling like your life is stagnant or you do not feel in control, ask for guidance from the bear.

The bear also encourages you to not rush through your renewal process. Instead, it inspires you to enjoy every moment of your growth.

Overall, the bear is all about determination. It shows you that in life you have to be determined to be your most authentic self. This spiritual guide celebrates integrity and authenticity. So, if you are currently unsure or feeling defeated, the month of April is the best time to tap into the bear energy if you want to gain willpower.

Furthermore, the bear is also a great spirit animal to ask for protection or fortitude of mind. If you are afraid of things going wrong, the bear can guide you to stay true to your path. The bear fortifies your mind to be protected from external energies that may sway you off your path.

2. Groundhog


The groundhog is a loner mammal that loves sleep. Which makes it a great spirit animal to tap into in the month of April. This is because Taurus is a zodiac sign that also loves sleep and spending long periods alone. Taurus season starts in April, so do not miss out on the opportunity to deeply connect with the groundhog.

The groundhog symbolizes generosity, happiness, hard work, and self-assessment.

If you feel like you are not being rewarded for your efforts, the groundhog can help you assess if you are worth rewards, or if you have to work even harder. The groundhog may push you to spend a short period in isolation to self-assess what may be missing or holding you back from being rewarded in life.

Another way in which this animal guide can be of benefit to you is If you are at a crossroads. The groundhog is all about investigating and burrowing yourself in essential information. The information you gain will help you make a choice and move forward.

3. Ladybug

We all know that a ladybug landing on you is a sign of good news and abundance. As a spirit animal, the ladybug is the harbinger of transformation. However, the ladybug does not deliver an instant transformation. Instead, it creates a short period of a plateau in your life, to give you a chance to consider your general direction.

For the month of April, the ladybug is a great spiritual animal guide to connect to. This is especially true if you have felt generally unhappy with your current life direction. Let the ladybug instill inspiration in you and watch how you start recognizing how to gain fortune.

Overall, the ladybug represents inner grace, self-forgiveness, good luck, and good fortune. These are archetypes that help you refine your inner qualities during the month of April.

What’s amazing about this spiritual guide, is that it does not encourage suffering to be able to transform. For example, an individual adapts to circumstances and becomes stronger and more resilient due to a negative occurrence.

Instead, the ladybug guides you to indulge in earthly things during your plateau period, so that you experience exactly what you deserve in this life. This is meant to push you towards the best version of yourself.


April is an amazing time for renewal and to ask yourself if this is all you want from life. April is the month of exploring your ambitions once more. And you can do this with the assistance of spirit animals.

The bear will help you be brave in every venture you take. Whilst the groundhog will assist you in making sure you have all the necessary information to make the right choice for you. The ladybug is here to instill inner grace and luck.

If any of the above spirit animals appear to you, then it is time to pay attention to their symbols and how they may be significant to your life.

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