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Owl, Dolphin, and Deer are three helpful spirit animals for people born in November. Keep reading to find out the meanings, symbolism, and benefits of these animals for November babies.

November & Spirit Animals

November is a month when you sit down with your emotions and introspect to achieve mental clarity. However, achieving clarity requires recognizing your shadow side which can be difficult. The good news is that you do not have to do this alone, you can ask for the guidance of spirit animals in this journey.

There are times when you want to get out of your comfort zone, but November is not one of those times. November is a great time to indulge in your comfort zone. Your comfort zone could mean eating same types of food you enjoy eating, hanging out with the same group of people, or hole up at home. It’s also a good month to practice patience and learn to have faith in the universe.

November Animals

Although the spirit animals we’ll discuss below harmonize with the energies of November, you do not have to be born in November to receive guidance from them. They will be present for those who need them. They are here to help you through your soul’s journey by guiding you, protecting you, and awakening your potential.

If you feel a connection to these spiritual guides, or you have always been fascinated by them, it might be a good idea for you to explore this interest further and see if you could receive guidance from these majestic spirit animals.

1. Owl


This solitary and nocturnal bird makes a great spirit animal for November natives. If you are currently undergoing changes in how you perceive the world, learning more about yourself, or strengthening your faith, this spirit animal can be a great guide during this transformative time.

Overall, the owl symbolizes intuition, wisdom, illusion, and transformation.

The owl pushes you to listen to your gut. To trust yourself above else, and to investigate your feelings, why you feel a certain way and why something has occurred. Since November is all about introspection, it is not surprising that the owl made it onto this list.

The owl helps clear the fog and provides you with clarity on situations. If you are a daydreamer, are deeply empathetic, get taken advantage of, or find that other people tend to drain you, the owl can help you see the bigger picture and teach you how to better value yourself.

Another situation where the owl can offer guidance is when you feel like you’ve lost touch with yourself. As mentioned earlier, the owl inspires mental clarity and it will help you to listen to your inner voices and to fix your spiritual alignment.

2. Dolphin


The incredibly agile, playful, and intelligent dolphin is a spirit animal that shares the wavelength as the November month. The dolphin brings inspiration into your life. And it does this by encouraging you to look outside and take a breather.

November is strongly associated with reaffirming your boundaries. To be able to say ‘no,’ and focus on things that bring you joy. Thus, the dolphin is great for this month because it guides you to bring things into balance — to balance and care for your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Furthermore, the dolphin spirit guide also pushes you to create and care for your community. It reminds you that you do not have to go through things alone because a problem shared is a problem solved.

The dolphin can also add some playfulness to your life. This is so that you’re not bogged down by what’s going on in your mind.

The dolphin also teaches you self-love. Similar to the owl, the dolphin guides you to reconnect with parts of yourself that you have neglected or forgotten about. It celebrates when you find joy in every moment, and reconnect with what used to bring you joy.

Overall, the dolphin encourages you to ask yourself how you can bring that joy into your current environment. With its symbolism of inner strength, freedom, good luck, playfulness, and community you are bound to feel lighter this month with the dolphin’s guidance.

3. Deer


The deer symbolizes gentleness, intuition, peace, innocence, and grace.

Similar to the dolphin, the deer pushes you to connect with your inner world. The deer celebrates when you reconnect with your inner child and do things that your inner child would be proud of.

The deer reconnect you with your inner world by pushing you to create a safe environment for yourself to let loose, or to be able to express who you really are.

The deer also encourages you to be gentle with yourself, to not let yourself be stuck due to fear, but to gently face the future with grace and peace. This shows how great it would be to have the deer on your side during the month of November.

November & You

In the northern hemisphere, daylight is shorter, and the weather may impact your mood. It can be an emotionally draining month for a lot of people, especially the Fire signs. So, it’s a good time to sit with your emotions, meditate and practice self-care regardless of which zodiac sign you may be.

In other words, the vibe for this month somewhat looks like cozying up indoors alone or with loved ones and eating a charcuterie board with a fancy beverage.

The majority of November is Scorpio season. This zodiac sign rules over extremes, transformations, sexuality, and the subconscious.

The birthstone of this month is Topaz. Topaz is considered a grounding crystal that symbolizes wealth, abundance, positivity, truth, and healing. Whilst the flower of this month is the peony. It symbolizes nobility, value, prosperity, compassion, and respect. These are all themes that may become prevalent to you this month, pay attention to the signs you receive and ask for answers from your spirit animals.


Overall, have compassion for yourself this month, and treat yourself to nice things that bring you joy. November can be an intense month, but practicing self-care and being nicer to yourself, can make this a deeply transformative month for you.

Remember that we all have guides, and they come in the form of the type of assistance you may need. For example, the owl breaks down illusions, the dolphin reminds you to take some time for playfulness and the deer helps you stay connected with your true self.

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