Is your sun, moon, or rising in the sign of Cancer? If yes, then you are a water sign. This celestial influence makes you an emotionally intelligent and intuitive person. It is no wonder that you are here reading this article about spirit animals.

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Cancer’s Spirit Animals

A spirit animal is a spirit guide that takes the form of the animal it represents. Its role is to accompany you through life’s challenges. It provides you with support and messages from beyond.

You can find out who your spirit animal is and what message it wants to give you through meditation. If you are not used to meditating, there are guided meditation videos available on YouTube that can help.

Another way you can find out who your spirit animal is is by setting an intention before you fall asleep. Set an intention for the spirit animal to reveal itself to you in your dreams. This may take some practice every night, but it is possible.

Your spirit animal chooses you. The Universe or whichever Higher Power you believe in will assign you the spirit animal that you need. It is also good to know that you can have several spirit animals throughout your lifetime.

The way the spirit animals carry their role depends on the form of animal they take up. Anyway, here are three animals most likely to be Cancer’s animal spirit based on Cancer’s typical characteristics.

1. Elephant

elephant cancer spirit animal

The elephant is a highly revered animal in Africa. Many tribes associate this animal with the ancestral realm. There is also a strong association of the elephant with the home and family in most cultures. This is what makes it the perfect spirit animal for Cancers.

Cancers are family-oriented. They seek safety, closeness, and connectedness. These are things that a family can provide. The elephant spirit animal provides medicine to strengthen these relations. It understands that this is what makes life fulfilling for Cancers.

If a Cancer does not have a stable foundation, such as a home and a family. The elephant spirit animal guides Cancers to pursue this type of connection. To create their own version of a family.

The elephant is symbolized as the goddesses’ archetype of the mother, maiden, and crone. Which is another reason why it is compatible with assisting the Cancers. This is because Cancers are ruled by the Moon. And in many cultures around the world, the moon is associated with Sacred Feminine energy.

Furthermore, the elephant spirit animal provides ancient wisdom to Cancers. For example, due to the caring and loving nature of Cancers, they tend to always be taking care of others. This can be draining but the elephant guides Cancers to balance their relationships.

2. Frog

cancer animal spirit frog

Similar to the elephant spirit animal, the frog is also linked to the moon. It being a nocturnal animal has added to its association with the moon. This feminine and lunar energy make this animal a great guide for Cancers.

Cancers love the idea of a family. Once you become part of their ‘family’ they will give you unconditional love. However, people can sometimes take advantage of their loving nature. Due to how scarred Cancers can get, they tend to find it difficult to move forward and heal from past hurt.

However, just like there is a full moon every month signifying cleansing. The frog spirit animal helps Cancers throughout their lifetime to release emotional baggage. This guide encourages Cancers to not dwell in bad experiences.

This spirit animal wants Cancers to transmute past bad experiences into abundance. To heal themselves, so that they can have better relationship experiences.

Cancers naturally have a caretaker role in many groups in society. They always want to help others and spread their love. In many ways, Cancers cause transformation in others. This isn’t always pleasant, which is why the frog supports them through Cancers’ own healing, while they heal others.

The frog spirit animal is a symbol of renewal and transformation. Through each cleansing in their lives, Cancers become more attuned to their emotions. Yet, they can become emotional to the point of stagnancy.

The frog spirit animal pushes Cancers’ to leap towards a better version of themselves.

Clearing their energy is an important aspect of a Cancer’s life. It is how they can live a happy life. Luckily, Cancer natives have the power and guidance of the frog spirit animal to help them move on and heal.

3. Crow

crow cancer animal spirit guide

The crow is the earth’s smartest bird. As a spirit guide messenger, the crow provides wisdom to those it protects. As a spirit guide, it helps Cancer folks view their life from a higher perspective.

Some North American indigenous tribes believe that crows hold wisdom from the creator of the Universe. This explains why this spirit animal shows up when Cancers have lost faith and trust in the Divine. The crow is here to remind Cancers to believe that they have support from their spiritual team.

It is common for this zodiac sign to withdraw from the world when feeling threatened. However, the crow spirit animal teaches Cancers the importance of relationships. It pushes this sign to carry on having faith in people and to be fearless in spreading their loving nature.

The crow supports this by encouraging positive changes in their lives. Changes that shape Cancers to create safe, healthy, and loving ties. This requires deep spiritual healing of which the crow guides Cancers. Overall, these transformations teach Cancers to heal themselves before they heal others.


Due to Cancers being ruled by the moon, they can feel a lot of different emotions throughout the day. This is why many people tend to call them moody. The ideal spirit animal for Cancer is the one that can keep up and relate to their ever-changing moods. This is why unsurprisingly, two of the three spirit animals above are connected to the moon.

Without Cancers, the world would be doomed to repeat its past mistakes. This is because there would be no history to learn from. Cancer symbolizes humanity’s roots. Our history. The symbolism of this zodiac sign explains why Cancers are great at storytelling.

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