What Are the Spirit Animals for Pisces ♓??

Whale, beetle, and deer are some of the members of the spirit animal kingdom that could offer valuable lessons, inspiration, and motivation to Pisces individuals. In this article, we’ll discuss why and how these animals offer Pisces natives guidance when they need it.

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Pisces ♓ & Spiritual Animal Guides

If you are a Pisces (February 19 – March 20) then you are one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac. You are spiritually connected to the collective and the higher power. This makes you one of the few zodiac signs that are aware that there is more to life than the material world from a young age.

Due to how connected Pisces is to the spiritual world, they can sometimes lose themselves in others’ energy. Their spirit animals help them put up boundaries and they protect Pisces from energy vampires. This way they can healthily navigate the world and complete their soul journey.

3 Animal Spirit Guides for Pisces ♓

There are several methods to finding out what is your spirit animal. This can be done through deep meditation. However, the easiest way for Pisces to find out about their spirit animal is during the dream state. The Pisces energy symbolizes the dream world, so this should come naturally to them with the right intention.

You can have more than one spirit animals throughout your life. Some spirit animals stick with you from birth, others guide you at certain pivotal moments of your life. This article will be exploring some of the most helpful spirit animals for the most typical Pisces.

1. Whale


As a spirit animal, the whale is connected to history and communication, and it has a similar energy to Pisces. One of the ways that they are similar is that both symbolize the unseen, such as dreams and the spiritual world. This shows how this is a fantastic pair, as this spirit animal guides Pisces to tap into the collective consciousness beneficially and healthily.

Pisces have a strong intuition, which is why they always know when others need assistance in healing. The issue is that sometimes Pisces lose themselves in other peoples’ issues and forget to take care of themselves.

The whale spirit animal encourages Pisces to find the balance between healing themselves and the world. It wants the Pisces to not be afraid of themselves and to practice conserving their energy for themselves and those who deserve it, instead of running away from stating their boundaries.

In extreme cases, some Pisces have lost themselves in others so many times, that they eventually run away from being emotionally available to others. This can lead to Pisces using their ego as an emotional armor. The whale supports them through this by pushing them to reach a healthy balance of giving and taking.

2. Beetle

iridescent bettle

In modern western astrology, Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions. Hence why Pisces do so well in the entertainment industry. For example, many famous actors and actresses have a strong Pisces influence in their birth charts.

People born under the Pisces sign are wise and creative. However, due to their dreamy nature, their perspective of the world can sometimes be cloudy. The Beetle remedies this by encouraging Pisces to sometimes tap into their rational side, to not solely rely on how life is flowing but to make a stand and be determined in accomplishing their goals.

The beetle spirit animal also encourages Pisces to network with like-minded people, so that they can stay true to themselves. This makes it a perfect spirit animal for the highly sociable and adaptable Pisces. Instead, the beetle encourages Pisces to be firm in who they are and to not always change aspects of themselves to fit in.

For example, Pisces often experience disillusions throughout their lives. This could be that they were loyal to a negative influence in their life or they do not see themselves clearly, and then they ultimately get hurt once the truth of a situation is revealed. The beetle’s life medicine is to provide clarity to those who lack it. This spirit animal helps to break apart the pretty pictures Pisces may paint of practically bad situations.

If you are a Pisces and you need clarity, then meditate to receive the clarifying and energizing energy of the beetle spirit animal.

The beetle is a potent spiritual animal guide for empaths, psychics, and people with strong instincts. Thus, this shows how the beetle is a great spirit animal for the highly sensitive, spiritual, and creative Pisces.

3. Deer


The deer spirit animal symbolizes intuition, self-awareness, gentleness, and inner peace. Its symbolism closely resembles the characteristics of this zodiac sign. This makes it a perfect spirit animal to accompany Pisces. Furthermore, the deer also reflects the compassionate nature of Pisces and its gentle and sensitive side.

The Pisces symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions, this represents the inner turmoil caused by their ego and spiritual self. The deer gently guides Pisces to practice self-awareness and to be gentle to themselves when facing this inner struggle.

This inner struggle that Pisces experiences can be frustrating for them because it makes them question their identity. For example, Pisces can become too spiritual to a point that they use their spirituality as an unhealthy coping mechanism, or become too hedonistic and materialistic which pushes them off their path. The deer helps them navigate these feelings by guiding them to be grounded in the present moment.


If you feel like your life is becoming a bit boring, then you may need to do some self-reflection on the steps behind you and the next steps you want to take in life. This is not an easy thing to do for any given zodiac sign. However, it is usually more challenging for the typical Pisces to do, due to their fear of feeling overwhelmed.

However, the whale spirit animal can help you take control back and confidently navigate your feelings. The whale spirit animal incentivizes you to find your voice. To be confident in taking control back from others and expressing your truth. It does this by encouraging the act of self-awareness – to not let oneself get lost in the collective.

Pisces are super creative. Without this zodiac sign, the world would be bleak without their out-of-box innovation. The Pisces’ ability to reimagine the world is we art exists. If you do further research you will discover that many famous photographers, painters, musicians, and actors are Pisces.

The spirit animal that accompanies this sign is here to help them recognize what emotion belongs to them and others. They are here to separate the two and fulfill their mission in this life. This entails discipline and communication, which this zodiac sign struggles with but is able to persevere if they try to embody the traits of their spirit animals.

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