What Are the SPIRIT Animals for Aquarius♒?

Based on Aquarius‘s archetype, some of Aquarius’s most helpful spirit animals are the rabbit, bat, and grasshopper. In the sections below, we will discuss the idea of animal spirit guide in general, as well as why and how these three animals offer guidance to Aquarius.

grasshopper and aquarius symbol

Aquarius♒ & Animal Guides

We’ve all got different soul missions on this earth, and sometimes certain life occurrences either push us off our paths or reaffirm our positions. To help us stay on the right path, the Universe gives us hints through angel numbers and spirit animals. Spirit animals are spiritual guides and protectors that accompany us through our life journey

As human beings, we are in a constant state of evolution. Thus naturally, a lot of us could be guided by several spirit animals throughout different points of our life. You can reach your spirit animal by practicing meditation, or they can appear to you through your dreams.

Many astrologers describe the Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) energy as otherworldly. This theory would explain why Aquarius generally feel like they do not fit in with the rest of society. However, rest assured that your spirit animal is here to help you navigate those feelings.

3 Spirit Animals That Could Offer Aquarius♒ Guidance

You can expect the spirit animals that guide Aquarius to be as quirky and unique as this zodiac sign. This article does not give you a definitive list of which spirit animals may guide an Aquarius, but it does explore the possibilities.

1. Rabbit

rabbit wearing yellow glasses

The rabbit is a powerful spirit animal to have on your side. It is associated with movement, vulnerability, creativity, and good luck. The rabbit is a survivor, despite the general assumptions describing them as easy prey or victim. This spirit animal is one of the best for Aquarius because it guides them to be more confident in themselves and to take on opportunities when they arise.

If there was ever a quote to describe an Aquarius it would be, “everything you are doing now, I’ve done it first.” It is well known that Aquarius may initially like something, however, as soon as they notice a lot of people liking the same thing, this sign will quickly reject it and move on to the next thing.

It takes a long time for Aquarius to shift their perspective from believing that others are copying them or stealing their ideas to viewing themselves as inspirational. The rabbit guides Aquarius to shift their perspective from viewing themselves as the victims to acknowledging their power and the influence they hold over others.

If you are an Aquarius, sometimes you may feel rejected by society. This is a difficult feeling to navigate and it can weigh down on your mind. But the rabbit spirit animal accompanies you through this journey of self-discovery and confidence. The rabbit gives you life medicine that is meant to empower you to be bold in your actions and to leap towards opportunities.

It isn’t enough to just have an idea, be confident that you can also bring it to life. The rabbit spirit animal represents stepping into the unknown to fulfill your potential. This includes exploring vulnerabilities. These are some aspects of this spirit animal that are beneficial for Aquarius.

2. Bat

bat spirit animal

Aquarius represents society’s collective consciousness, connections, and friendships. This makes the bat one of the best spirit animals for the Aquarius because it is a symbol of community. The Aquarius’s innate drive for change is very impactful on communities so it is no surprise that the bat would connect and guide this sign.

The bat spirit animal is all about evolution. It is a spirit animal that provides messages from the Universe that are meant to drive change. For example, Aquarius tends to always have out-of-the-box ideas. These might be odd when first witnessed, however, the same odd ideas may, later on, shape the world or are impactful in some way.

One of Aquarius’s life purposes is to explore who they are outside of societal expectations. For some Aquarians, authentically asserting themselves is easy. However, other Aquarians try to blend with the rest of society due to fear of being judged. This is however done unsuccessfully, because Aquarius people tend to stand out in a crowd, regardless of how much they try to blend with the rest of the world.

Aquarius is the social activist of the zodiac, as they are always fighting for the underdog and trying to benefit their community. This shows how this sign is the black sheep for recognizing what is wrong in their community, but they also fight for the betterment of it. This is something that the bat celebrates as it symbolizes community and longevity.

The bat spirit animals push Aquarius to value being part of a community. It does this by encouraging Aquarius to balance between being the black sheep and being part of the collective. Just because they feel different doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try to value where they belong. If successful at this, they should let themselves show off their uniqueness.

3. Grasshopper

grasshopper for aquarius

The grasshopper spirit animal sends messages to those who are innovators and those who like to help others make the world a better place. This shows how the grasshopper is a great spiritual guide for the forward-thinking and benevolent Aquarius.

If you are an Aquarius and you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, or haven’t had the best luck lately then you can ask the grasshopper spirit animal for guidance. Meditate and have the intention of receiving clear messages from this spirit animal. The grasshopper spirit animal represents good fortune, so it will help turn your fortune around by presenting you with opportunities. All you have to do is believe in yourself and jump at the opportunity.

Aquarius are stubborn, they prefer to change on their terms without any external influence on their decisions. This can hold them back from fulfilling their potential because they end up missing opportunities. The grasshopper teaches Aquarius to listen to their instincts and to trust their inner voice, rather than their ego.

The shadow side of Aquarius is that they can be detached and non-committed. The grasshopper spirit animals encourage this sign to be grounded by pushing them to explore the healthier way of feeling inner peace that does not involve complete detachment.


Without Aquarius, there would be no technological breakthroughs in the world. The world would stay still, and we would be stuck in the Stone age. Many famous historical activists have Aquarius placements, a lot of them fought for the right to freedom.

To be a trendsetter is an amazing thing, but a developed Aquarius becomes a trailblazer! By tapping into their spiritual protection provided by the animal guides, Aquarius become unstoppable and push forward changes in the world.

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