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The spirit animals for July are the Cow, Beaver, and Swordfish. Keep reading to learn more about these unique and inspiring members of the animal kingdom.

July & Spirt Animals

Summer is here, it is time to celebrate, be more carefree and enjoy the outside. Even if you are in southern hemisphere of the world, it is still a good time to celebrate the end of autumn. Wherever you are, July is all about introspection and spending time with your loved ones.

The spirit animal discussed below will help you find inner harmony and explore all aspects of yourself.

The birthstone of this month is the ruby. It’s a revered stone in most cultures around the world due to its deep red hues. The most popular symbolism of the ruby are passion, good fortune, and physical healing. These are strong themes associated with the month of July.

Furthermore, the birth flower associated with July is the water lily which symbolizes purity, pleasure, celebration, and peace.

For those of you new to this concept, a spirit animal is a spirit guide that takes on the characteristics of an animal. They are here to protect you, motivate you, guide you and help you be aware of your inner qualities.

July Animal Spiritual Guides

Practice visual meditations consistently to connect with your spirit animal. These spirit animals will help you cultivate a sense of inner freedom and guide you to practice self-care more often.

1. Cow


If you find yourself overwhelmed with work or working too hard at climbing up in the world, the cow may be the spirit animal you need. The cow can help you balance your responsibilities, perspectives, and external circumstances. It does this by giving you the strength to not lose touch with your innermost self.

The cow connects you with the feminine energy. We live in a masculine dominated world that forces us to always be on the go. The feminine energy helps to balance the masculine energy by cultivating our feelings and be aware of the feelings of others.

The cow also helps you balance your emotions, and teaches you to maturely deal with obstacles. This animal guide helps you get through the hard times of your life, by giving you the strength to persevere.

The cow is a spirit animal connected to Mother Nature. If you love being in nature and find yourself energized or at peace after being in nature, then this is a great animal guide for you.

Furthermore, the cow celebrates communal relationships, and communities doing things together. Such as going to family gatherings, community fairs, or helping the community in any way you can!

This is also a great spirt animal to accompany you if you want to reconnect with your inner child. For example, the cow celebrates when you do activities that make you feel joyous as a child. Even if it is something as mundane as playing puzzle games with your family. This is where the strength you gain with this guide comes from.

The strength comes from what would make the younger version of yourself happy and fulfilled.

Overall the cow symbolizes generosity, maturity, nurture, abundance, self-love, and strength. And since July is all about physical healing, self-care, and introspection it is not surprising that the cow made it onto this list.

2. Beaver


Beavers are colloquially known as the engineers of the ecosystem. The way it modifies its environment to suit itself is the same way these dam-builders encourage you to change your environment for your betterment.

The beaver does this by influencing you to practice self-care. For example, changing your environment by maybe remodeling your home can help you be excited for life. Excitement for life helps with manifestations as it attracts new beginnings for you.

The beaver is an animal guide that shows you how your personal space is a reflection of who you are and should look in a way that inspires you. Since this amphibious animal symbolizes creativity and wisdom, it pushes you to work with what you have and to inspire others to do the same.

Overall, the beaver symbolizes relationships, cooperation, creativity, and wisdom. This is a spirit animal that will teach you to be dedicated to your goals and to honor your own feelings in the process. The beaver does this so that you can avoid burnout.

If you are struggling with manifesting something into your life then the beaver spirit animal is the guide to awaken your manifesting abilities. The beaver encourages you to go through the motions with faith, to believe in yourself and to and take inspired action.

3. Swordfish


There isn’t one way to do self-care. There are several ways, and one of them is building up your self-esteem. This is something of which the swordfish spirit animal can help you with. The swordfish also helps you gain attention, respect and admiration from others.

The swordfish does this by awakening the part of you that adores having fun. It teaches you to be more carefree and to not hold others’ opinions of you so highly. Instead, this spirit animal encourages you to be confident, assertive and focused on self-improvement.

This spirit animal celebrates when you put your own wants and needs first, instead of what has been imposed on you. The swordfish celebrates healthy communication, and it encourages you to communicate your truth to others and yourself.

Since July is all about self-care, the swordfish is a great companion to have this month. This is a spirit animal that pushes you to create an environment for yourself that does not cause you stress. It also encourages you to enjoy every moment.

Overall, the swordfishes’ bodies are made for speed. As a spirit animal, it teaches you to cut through all the background noise and to finally hear yourself! This oceanic creature guides you to do this in a way that does not feel emotionally taxing, as a few of us use life’s background noise as a form of escapism.


July is a beautiful month wherever you are in the world. It’s a time of introspection and focusing on bettering oneself. The beauty of this world is hard to miss this month. With warmer weather in the northern hemisphere, and cooler and moodier weather in the southern hemisphere.

Since this month is all about you, why don’t you explore the deeper meanings attached to above spirit animals and see how they relate to your own life? You can use this month’s energy to better yourself with the guidance from these inspiring animals.

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