What Are Leo’s Spirit Animals?

Some of Leo’s spirit animals are the hummingbird, bear, peacock. In this guide, we’ll take a look at these animal spiritual guides for the Leo sign. More specifically, we’ll discuss what advice and guidance do these animals have to offer to Leo individuals.

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Leo & Spirit Animal

A spirit animal is a messenger that is here to guide you throughout life. A spirit animal can help you by delivering messages, pushing you in a new direction, or guiding you through hard times.

As human beings, we are multifaceted with a range of personalities, so you can have more than one spirit animal in your life. In this post, we will be focusing on which spirit animals you may have as a Leo sun, moon, or rising sign.

If you are a Leo, your zodiac sign is ruled by the sun. The sun is an important aspect of life on earth, without it, the earth would be cold and lifeless. This reflects Leos’ purpose on the collective scale. Thus, Leos’ spirit animal is here to guide them towards sharing their love and light with the world.

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3 Animal Spirit Guides for Leo

To find out what is your spirit animal you can set an intention before sleep. You can ask for your spirit animal and its purpose to be revealed to you in your dreams. Another way you can find out is through meditation. Please note, the latter is more effective with those who are more experienced with meditation.

1. Hummingbird Spirit Animal

hummingbird leo animal

Leos are deeply affectionate, loyal, and playful. So it is no surprise that their animal spirit guide would mimic these traits. Another similarity between Leos and this animal is that both are protective and territorial. Leos embody the Alpha archetype, so they fiercely protect their possessions, friends, family, and lovers.

The hummingbird spirit animal is here to inspire Leos to be more adaptable. Especially when facing life challenges. This spirit animal inspires Leos to not take life so seriously when things don’t go as planned. But to admire the sweetness of life and practice gratitude.

Leos are generally warm-hearted and very loving people. Yet, when they are faced with criticism they can let their ego control their response. This can be damaging to Leos’ relationships since they find it difficult to receive criticism. The hummingbird spirit animal encourages Leos to be resilient and to value their loved ones. Even when their loved ones are being critical.

Leos easily attract material wealth. However, during their grind towards success, they can neglect their spiritual and mental wellbeing. This can cause them to become egotistical as they rise to success. To counteract this, the hummingbird spirit animal guides them to balance their ambitions with their mental and spiritual wellbeing.

2. Bear Spirit Animal

bear spirit animal

This spirit animal is said to represent protection, courage, bravery, and confidence. Those who are guided by this spirit animal are said to be lucky. A term that is generally associated with fire signs, especially the Leos who effortlessly attract the most attention.

The bear spirit animal encourages Leos to embody strength in every venture they pursue. It is actually interesting that Leos are guided by the bear to publicly present their strength. Due to this zodiac sign representing the strength card in Tarot.

Now, you may be wondering why would the zodiac sign that represents the strength card in Tarot, needs guidance in this area. This is because contrary to popular belief, not all Leos are loud and outgoing. Yes, they do get attention wherever they go, but not all Leos enjoy this. They can be fearful of displaying their strength and unleashing their inner charisma.

The bear spirit animal pushes Leos to share their inner light with the world. To be confident in the exploration of self and others, regardless of who’s watching.

On the other hand, to the Leos who enjoy the attention, the bear spirit animal has a slightly different message for them. For these Leos, the bear encourages them to not be afraid of solitude. It encourages them to find inner enlightenment through quiet and solitary introspection.

Finding comfort in solitude can be difficult for Leos since they tend to shape their early identity on how others treat them. When Leos ignore their inner call for introspection, it can create ego issues. This may cause Leos to feel that they deserve attention due to a feeling of lack.

This is why the bear is a great spirit guide companion to Leos because it teaches them to be courageous when confronting themselves. And to incorporate inner healing into their self-care routine.

3. Peacock Spirit Animal

spirit animal peacok

The vibrant colors of the peacock’s feathers, and the feeling of awe that they create when they expose their feathers, reflect the feeling that Leos inspire in others. Both complement each other in this regard because of how they draw people in.

Leos shine in everything they do and tend to always have the spotlight on them. Even if they are not good at something. However, some Leos may feel insecure about being seen. The peacock spirit animal remedies this, by encouraging Leos to embrace their flamboyance and bask in the attention they receive.

One of the guidance that the peacock provides is pushing people towards leadership roles. For the Leo zodiac sign, leadership comes naturally to them. This is because they are usually at the forefront of pushing their loved ones towards greatness. This animal spirit guide celebrates this trait in Leos, however, it encourages Leos to also be a leader in wider society.

The peacock spirit animal symbolizes rejuvenation, royalty, and immortality. This makes it a perfect spirit animal for Leos because this zodiac sign tends to be treated like royalty wherever they go. Also due to how Leos are not easily forgotten, the art or innovations that they create tend to surpass their lifetimes. Hence they embody the immortality aspect of the peacock.


If you are currently going through an ego death and are reinventing yourself. The peacock  can guide you through the process of rejuvenating yourself. Similarly to how the bear can help you have enough courage to even want to get in touch with your inner world.

In a lot of ways, a spirit animal can reflect who you are within – the real you. This could be the inner self that has yet to manifest itself onto the real world or the part of you that you neglect. However, your spirit animal is here to guide you towards who you are meant to be.

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