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Donkey, gerbil, parrotfish, and raven are four spirit animals that could offer inspiration, motivation, and guidance to people born in September. Keep reading to learn more about these majestic animal spirit guides and if they’re the ones you should seek guidance from.

September & Spirit Animals

September is the 9th month of the year. In numerology, 9 is a power number that represents life transitions. In this context, this is the transition from bright and vibrant summer to the moodier weather of Autumn, of which can affect your perception of everyday life.

September is a time to refocus your energy. Refocusing does not only include making plans for the future, but it is also about giving yourself the time to self-reflect on the past 9 months to then establish which lessons you will be taking on with you for the remainder of the year.

Reflect on the things you have tried this year but somehow have not worked out in your favor. Explore what you have learned from this, how it made you feel, and how you’d do things differently.

If you feel resistant to this or unsure about how to refocus, remember that your spirit animals are here for you. They are here to guide you, protect you, and awaken qualities within you.

September Animal Spiritual Guides

You can explore your connection with the spirit animals discussed below or any other one by practicing meditations. Such as visualization meditation. While these animals share special connections with September, you do not have to be born in the month of September to connect with them.

1. Donkey


Donkeys have incredible memory and are one of the most intelligent mammals. This is an interesting fact because contrary to popular belief, donkeys are just as smart as dogs and dolphins. They have an incredible ability to learn. And as your spirit animal, this is one of the qualities that it instills in you.

If you feel like the same thing keeps happening to you, or you feel stuck then the donkey is the guide that will be the one to point you toward the exit. The donkey pushes you to learn from your past and to take those lessons with you for the future.

As a spiritual guide, the donkey teaches you patience and encourages you to listen to your intuition. It will help you avoid unnecessary trouble, by encouraging you to deeply contemplate each decision.

This animal is popularly described as stubborn because it will not budge if it senses any danger in its path. Now, you may think that this makes it an animal that is dumb or too proud to move. However, in many ways, this is a great trait that saves you from needless trouble.

2. Gerbil


This spirit animal teaches you to use your energy efficiently. Do not let yourself be stuck by circumstances beyond your control. Since September is all about refocusing, this quality that the gerbil awakens in you is key to avoiding burnout or letting yourself feel drained by others.

So, the gerbil shows you when the time has come to let something go. This way you can make space for greater things in your life that will bring you joy.

The gerbil reminds you that you are not giving up if you have given it your all, and you still did not get your desired results. You are also not giving up if you no longer get joy from doing something. This just means that it is time to explore something else, and you are also taking with you the lessons you have learned which will one day be beneficial for you.

If you are currently experiencing a friendship, relationship, or job that drains your energy, or no longer fits your dreams then the gerbil can help you transition, in a way that is not detrimental to you. It does this by pushing you to refocus your energy on how you can leap towards something more fulfilling.

Furthermore, the gerbil can help you focus on creating balanced relationships in your life. It does this by encouraging you to create a supportive environment that will help you thrive and respect your personal time with your career.

3. Parrotfish

This bird-like and multicolored fish is a great guide for people born in September who are lacking confidence in changing directions or having problems. It can be scary to deep dive into why something in the past did not work out and take accountability for it. However, the parrotfish is here to guide you through this process.

The parrotfish helps you to refocus by having the goal to have something to celebrate at the end. For example, if a relationship did not work out and you have avoided healing. Then parrotfish gently pushes you to explore the reasons, but to also accept the endings and feel gratitude for the lessons you have gone through. You are allowed to celebrate coming out healed at the end of a hardship.

Learning and unlearning can be painful, but life would be meaningless without this. The parrotfish reminds you of this and fills you with passion and drive for the future. It does this so that you can reconnect with your soul’s purpose.

Another way the parrotfish can help you gain from the energy of September is by providing you with the confidence to be more adaptable. This is a spirit animal that will push you to be more social. It also encourages you to allow yourself to explore your multifaceted self.

4. Raven

The raven is one of the most intelligent birds. Another interesting fact besides its intelligence is that it can eat almost anything. As a spirit animal, this translates to them pushing you to be unafraid of getting a taste of everything and to not punish yourself for your past trials and errors.

The raven fills you with wonder, admiration, and mysticism. This spirit animal encourages you to reflect and create new things from your findings.

The theme for the month of September is to refocus your energy where it is valued. The raven can accompany you through this because it celebrates when you are adaptable and willing to go further than you have ever gone.

Overall, the raven symbolizes creativity, adaptability, infinite wonder, rebirth, and fearlessness. These are qualities that can be impactful during the repurposing and refocusing theme of September.

If you are ready for transformation and abundance, then the raven is the best spirit animal for you. As it pushes you to invent, be creative, and push past your limits.


September is a great time to direct your energy where it serves you. By refocusing you allow yourself the freedom to create and be innovative, due to this period of soul-searching. Remember that you do not have to go through this alone, your spirit animal is here for you.

With the guidance of the donkey, you will learn to be cautious and to listen to your intuition. Whilst the parrotfish encourages you to explore your passions and the raven tells you to celebrate life, and to always be hungry for more!

Astrologically, the Virgo season starts in September. This zodiac sign is described as the caretaker that is service-oriented and practical. This zodiac sign looks for ways to make their environment work for them, to be in control of it. This is something you can master this month with the guidance of spirit animals.

If you wish to take advantage of this September energy, you should aim to become aware of the patterns that do not suit you, learn from them, and create practical steps to achieve your goals.

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