A spirit animal or an animal guide is different for everyone, even for each Aries person. It is an animal in spirit form that chooses you to provide life medicine, messages, and guidance. Your spirit animal can have the same characteristics as you or be completely opposite.

Aries’s Spirit Animals

The Aries energy is all about new beginnings. It is focused on looking forward and striving to be the best by creating innovation in the world. This energy has an abundance of positive impacts on individuals and the world. Without Aries people, the world would be dull and would never come this far.

aries animal spirits

Aries are passionate people with lots of energy. New and exciting things fuel them, and they are most likely to be your most loyal friend. The spirit animal that will best suit Aries are likely to match their fiery and go-getter energy, but also keep them on their toes on the details that they have missed from going so fast.

It is important to note that a spirit animal chooses you. However, in this article, you can find out more about which spirit animal is most likely to choose to guide an Aries sign.

1. Possum

possum aries animal guide

Possums sometimes referred to as opossums are a great animal spirit companion to the ever so curious Aries people. Both possums and Aries people have similar characteristics. The main similarity is that both are bold, sociable, and independent. The possum helps to refine these great Aries qualities.

For example, if you are currently going through major changes in your life and you feel stuck or frantic. The possum can help you. Aries tend to create changes themselves, rather than waiting around. However, the possum pushes them to create a plan of how Aries should move forward.

Aries are categorized as the children of the zodiac. They are temperamental, impatient, and curious like children. The possum encourages Aries to nurture their inner child through exploration.

The possum spirit animal evokes patience in Aries. To think before acting. Something that does not come naturally to Aries people. But with this animal’s spiritual guidance, they are encouraged to do so.

Although, the possum is seen as a trickster in many cultures around the world. As a spirit animal, it is able to boost the confidence of Aries people. It encourages them to be their best and unapologetic selves.

2. Owl

owl spiritual animal aries

The owl is a solitary and very observant animal. As a spirit guide, it provides messages that cut through what is seen. Aries receive the guidance of the owl when they are possibly missing vital pieces of information in their life.

The owl as a spirit guide serves as a source of wisdom for the Aries sign. Aries tend to live a life full of adventures. However, Aries’ impulsive nature and their pursuit of excitement can blind them to details. The owl provides medicine that allows Aries to have an exciting life whilst also making the right decision.

In some cultures, the owl can be seen as the bringer of death. However, as a spirit animal, it provides strong protection to Aries. The Aries tend to be steps ahead of their counterparts. The owl guides them to take the right steps.

Aries can be loyal to their own detriment. This means that sometimes Aries can be loyal to the wrong people. The owl spirit guide encourages Aries to be more observant of people’s behaviors. The owl gives fantastic guidance during relationship changes, as it gives Aries the ability to see through people.

3. Giraffe

giraffe aries spirit animal

The giraffe is the tallest mammal in the animal kingdom. Similar to Aries, it is a leader. If a zebra sees a giraffe running, it will also run. As a spirit guide, it encourages Aries to embrace their innate leadership abilities.

Aries are a confident sign and their approach to life is unique. They are naturally ambitious and competitive. The giraffe spirit animal nurtures this in Aries, pushing them to embrace their uniqueness. This spirit animal uplifts Aries and pushes them to practice self-love.

Aries is named after the Greek god of war, Ares. And they’re ruled by Mars which is the Roman god of war. As a result, this sign is quick to anger and can say hurtful things to their loved ones when upset, even though they don’t mean it. The giraffe inspires calmness in Aries and to not give in to anger. The giraffe wants the Aries to always be kind and to rise above it.

4. Eagle

eagle aries animal spirit

Both the Aries sign and the eagle symbolize new beginnings. The eagle as a spirit animal encourages Aries to be bold and confident in their future movements. The eagle is a type of bird that flies the highest. As a spirit animal, it pushes Aries to dream big and to go after their dreams.

The eagle is described in many cultures as the king of the rest of the birds. Similar to how The Emperor card in tarot is representative of the Aries energy. Aries are natural leaders, so the eagle is a great spirit companion.

The eagle is associated with Spring. Which is when the Aries season coincidently starts. This spirit animal represents rebirth after hardships. The eagle encourages the Aries to embrace their courageous and honest nature.

The eagle pushes Aries to go where their success is recognized, to move on from those who drain their energy. The eagle as a spirit animal teaches Aries energy conservation. It teaches them where to direct it. Since Aries is fueled by Mars, it is naturally energetic.


You have probably noticed that all the above animal spirit guides are very unique. No other animal from their group completely resembles their characteristics. This is the same for Aries. You will rarely ever meet two Aries that are the same.

All of the suggested spiritual animals will help Aries evoke what they need.

Do you need courage? The eagle will guide you. What if you feel like you’re stuck in life? Then the possum is there for support.

The best spirit animal for Aries is not limited to the above suggestions. Depending on what stage of life you are in, or what guidance you need. This will determine which spirit animal will choose you.

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