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What Are Libra’s Spirit Animals?

Libra’s spirit animals are the seahorse, flamingo, and swan. Why are these animals worthy of being the animal spiritual guides for the star sign of the Scale, Libra? In this article, we’ll look at the traits and characteristics of these animals and how they could guide and inspire Libra.

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Libra & Spirit Animal

The ever-so-charming Libra is the epitome of beauty, intelligence, and kindness. This sign is always looking for ways to improve the lives of others. They are the type of people who continuously put others’ needs above their own. The spirit animal that accompanies them reflects the kindness that Libras project and it guides them to widen their impact on the world.

Before we delve deeper into which spirit animals are likely to guide Libras, it is important to define what a spirit animal is. A spirit animal is a messenger in the form of an animal that represents its purpose.

3 Popular Spirit Animals of Libra & The Guidance They Offer

If any of the below spirit animals resonate with you then that is your guide. You can confirm this by doing meditation or by setting an intention when you are about to fall asleep. Don’t panic if you do not find out the first night or when you meditate, practice a couple more times and trust the timing of everything.

1. Seahorse

seahorse under the sea

The seahorse reflects the unique physical and innate nature of Libras. Due to Libras being ruled by the planet Venus, they are considered to be one of the most beautiful zodiac signs. The same can be said about the mystical-looking seahorse.

The seahorse spirit animal guides those that naturally and effortlessly draw people to them. It guides those that know how to make others feel comfortable and this is exactly how Libras are like. Libras love connecting with others and tend to shine due to their charm and beauty in social settings.

The seahorse celebrates the charming quality that Libras possess, and how understanding they are of others. However, due to Libras being an air sign, they tend to compartmentalize their emotions and not express their wants and needs to others. This is because Libras strive to always be perfect for others.

However, the seahorse spirit animal guides Libras to not only seek harmony but also demand fairness in their connections. The seahorse does this so that Libras can finally be treated with the same respect, dignity, and love that they treat others. This shows how the seahorse is the perfect animal spirit guide for Libras because it symbolizes reciprocity.

The seahorse also represents intuition and vulnerability. This animal guide encourages Libras to trust their intuition when it comes to the type of people they surround themselves with. It also encourages them to not be afraid of their vulnerable side and to honor their feelings too. The seahorse helps this zodiac sign to not lose themselves in others, which unfortunately happens quite often to Libras.

2. Flamingo

flamingo by the beach

This spirit animal reminds you to stand tall, be assertive, and be courageous. Which are the qualities that Libras constantly address throughout their lives. Due to their humble and understanding nature, Libras tend to be the agreeable type in situations where they need to communicate their feelings. The flamingo remedies this.

Libras are represented by the scale, and the Justice card in Tarot. Thus, they always fight for the underdog and against injustice. However, Libras tend to not fight for themselves. The flamingo spirit animal symbolizes community and balance and it guides Libras to balance between being there for others and themselves.

The flamingo spirit animal celebrates how giving to others comes naturally to Libras. The flamingo encourages this zodiac sign to be openhearted in everything they do, so that luck follows.

If you are a Libra and you feel left out of groups, or you feel like you are not appreciated in a community then the flamingo can help. Due to this animal guide symbolizing balance and courage, it pushes you to be courageous in taking care of yourself first. The flaming does this to help you re-align yourself with your path.

The Libra is ruled by Venus, so material possessions are important to them. As a Libra, you can manifest easily when you are in balance. This may take some sacrifices but the flamingo is here to help Libras follow their heart.

Contrary to popular opinion, Libras can be independent but this is difficult when they are involved with others. The flamingo pushes Libras to honor their independence whilst simultaneously carrying on being a social butterfly.

3. Swan


The swan is the perfect spirit animal for Libras because it perfectly reflects this zodiac sign’s traits. The swan represents faith, elegance, tranquility, transformation, and beauty. However, the swan’s energy is mostly felt when Libras when they are going through major life changes. It invokes a feeling of tranquility and faith in Libras.

The swan is a monogamous bird, it mates for life. Which is another reason why the swan is a good spirit companion for Libras. This is because this is one of the zodiac signs that are barely ever seen alone in public. Libras are always accompanied by their partner, friends, or an acquaintance. The swan pushes Libras to focus on one relationship at a time and to not be everything to everyone.

You would probably expect the swan to push Libras to embrace being alone. However, your spirit animal isn’t here to change who you are at your core. It is here to guide you towards your best self. A Libra thrives in groups, so the swan celebrates this but also pushes them to be intentional.

This is because connections are very important. However, Libras can get lost in this. The swan spirit animal guides Libras to maintain their individuality by embracing their inner grace and beauty.


It is undeniable that Libras are always the best dressed in any social situations. Their elegant nature makes them great at putting clothing pieces together. Without them, the world would not only be full of injustices but it would also be ugly and people wouldn’t treat each other nicely.

Libras hold their decorum in every bad situation they experience. Their spirit animals celebrate how Libras try their hardest to not hurt the feelings of others. However, their ultimate goal is to also push libras to honor their own feelings.

Both the seahorse and the swan, guide Libras to be unapologetically themselves. They teach the Libra sign to be release their deeper feelings. Whilst the flamingo gives them the strength to express themselves.

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