While Taurus is represented by the Bull, that does not necessarily mean that the Bull is the spirit animal for a Taurus individual. In this article, you’ll find three spirit animals that are the best guides for Taurus.  

Taurus’s Spirit Animals

taurus animal spirit

A spirit animal is your spirit companion in the form of an animal that guides you through life. It is here to protect you, help you find balance, and assist you through life changes.

A spirit animal chooses you. You can find out what your spirit animal is through meditation. Or you can find out by setting an intention before you fall asleep. In this post, we will discuss which spirit animal a Taurus sign is most likely to have.

The Taurus sign is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is the planet of values, material possessions, and pleasure. When either one of these things is out of balance for the Taurus sign, it can create distress for this zodiac sign. Taurus are uncomfortable with change and crave comfort.

The Taurus spirit animal is there to provide support. Especially when the Taurus feels unaligned and insecure with life changes. Or when the Taurus is taking too long to take a step forward.

1. Turtle

turtle taurus animal spirit

Taurus is a fixed sign that is connected to mother earth. In many cultures, the turtle is connected to the earth, or representing the earth itself.

The turtle lives a very long time. Each step it takes is meticulously calculated. This is the same with the Taurus sign. Taurus is practical, grounded, and strives for stability. This means that Taurus people can take a very long time to take a step forward.

Both Taurus and the turtle spirit animal are wise and intelligent. This is why the turtle is the best spirit animal for the Taurus, the turtle brings them comfort.

The turtle spirit animal promotes courage in the Taurus sign. This spirit companion helps them to be courageous in taking risks and moving forward. The turtle spirit animal encourages Taurus to take steady moves forward. Instead of staying in their comfort zone.

Their pleasure and comfort zone are very important for the Taurus people. So much so that they can forget to also enjoy life outside of this. Anything new and out of their control can make Taurus feel insecure and unstable. As a result, Taurus could miss out on life when they’re stuck in their comfort zone. The turtle guides and encourages Taurus to enjoy every moment of life. To see the beauty of the world. Even if that means stepping out of their comfort zone sometimes. 

2. Panda

panda taurus animal spirit

The panda has strong similarities to the Taurus sign. Both enjoy their boundaries, have calm determination, and are always well-liked. Taurus is one of the signs that do not need to demand attention. They attract attention for their laidback, calm, and mysterious demeanor. All without trying.

When Taurus lets people into their space without strong personal boundaries, it can make the Taurus sign feel uncomfortable and drained. The panda spirit animal helps the Taurus person be consistent with their boundaries.

The panda encourages Taurus folks to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Since this sign is ruled by Venus, it finds comfort in having its basic needs met. Making the panda spirit guide the perfect companion for the Taurus sign.

However, Taurus can easily become too comfortable in life. This can cause Taureans to be isolated for too long. The panda spirit animal respects and encourages their time alone. However, the panda also pushes the Taurus sign to be more carefree and to share their wisdom with the world.

In various cultures around the world, the panda is representative of peace and positivity. As a spirit animal, it provides inner peace as medicine to the Taurus sign.

3. Black Panther

black panther taurus animal guide

Taurus people are stubborn and tend to ignore the universe’s call for change. They are laid back so they usually do not budge. Yet, the black panther symbolizes death and rebirth. This spirit animal encourages the Taurus sign to embrace life’s cycles.

The black panther spirit animal guides the Taurus sign to do shadow work. This means that it pushes them to go deeper into their own emotions and observe their fears. This spirit animal can be intense for anyone. For the practical Taurus, it pushes them to explore the source of their negative thoughts.

The black panther spirit animal protects them through life’s transitions. It also encourages the Taurus sign to believe in themselves and to celebrate their wins. This spirit animal wants the Taurus sign to be proud of themselves. To be proud of how courageous they are for stepping into the best versions of themselves.

The black panther spirit animal encourages Taurus to be confident in themselves. They guide the Taurus to be decisive and not be afraid to move forward in life; to move on when they have outgrown a space or a group of people.

The Taurus strives for their creativity to be stemmed from organization and balance. It is rarely spontaneous. But when the black panther spirit animal enters their life, this rigid way of being changes. The black panther provides Taurus people with medicine to be brave in their endeavors.


You’ve probably read this article expecting to see the bull as one of the best spirit animals for the Taurus sign. And it can be. The bull is just their archetype. It always accompanies the Taurean sign. It represents this zodiac sign.

However, you can have more than one spirit animal. Either at the same time or various ones throughout your life. Each spirit animal will appear depending on what you are going through in life. Think of them as life coaches who specialize in different areas. There are coaches that help you grow financially and then there are coaches who teach you to become better in shape. 

Back to the spirit animal topic, if you are feeling insecure about how different you are, or you feel like you do not belong, Then the panda spirit animal can help you be confident in how unique and inspirational you are. It is there to help you. 

If you are going through major life changes. The black panther or all three spirit animals are there to guide you. To make you feel strong in the face of adversity.

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