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What Are Virgo’s Spirit Animals?

Virgo’s spirit animals are meerkat, bee, and dove. In the sections that follow, we’ll take a closer look at these animal spirit guides for Virgo: what are these animals’ traits & characteristics and how do they offer guidance to the sign of the Maiden–Virgo.

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Virgo & Animal Spirit Guides

If you are a Virgo sun, moon, or rising then you are one of the most practical signs. This is expected of an earth sign, but Virgos are the most intellectual of the bunch. And the spirit animal that will accompany you during this lifetime is dedicated to helping you achieve your soul mission.

However, before we delve deeper into which animals are likely to guide a Virgo, it is good to establish the definition of a spirit animal. A spirit animal is a spiritual messenger that is here to guide you, motivate you, and provide you with soul medicine during life’s challenges.

In some shape or form, Virgos can deeply relate to their spirit animals. This is because Virgos embody the energy of service, which is what your spirit animal is here for. It is here in service of you.

3 Popular Spirit Animals for Virgo & Their Meanings

To find out which spirit animal is here to help you evolve in this lifetime you just need to meditate. If you are a beginner in the practice of meditation, you can set an intention for the spirit animal to be revealed to you in your dreams. Another way you can find out is through signs and synchronicities, but you have to be open to knowing who your messenger is.

1. Meerkat

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The ridiculously cute meerkat is a mammal found in Southern Africa. In South Africa specifically, the meerkat symbolizes kinship. A group of meerkats is called a mob, and each meerkat in a mob has a pivotal role. This intriguing way in which meerkats socialize is one of the reasons why it is a great spirit guide for Virgos.

Virgos are a hard-working zodiac sign and they tend to immerse themselves into work. Due to this they usually do not have time to socialize. This creates this misconception that Virgos are a solitary sign, which isn’t the case. Virgos have a tight circle of friends of which the meerkat celebrates and it encourages their development.

The meerkat spirit animal motivates Virgos to practice self-care. But, this can be difficult for Virgos as they are always involved in personal or work projects. Thus, they do not allow themselves to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The meerkat spirit animal provides soul medicine to Virgos to help them relax and to turn off from their daily life.

It is difficult for Virgos to delegate tasks to others because of their analytical nature. They strive for perfection and they feel that others are incapable of doing the same. Or do not share their vision. The meerkat teaches them to release some of their burdens by trusting that their loved ones are capable of helping.

2. Bee

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The ‘busy bee’ saying comes from the fact that every single bee is a productive animal. So it is no surprise that as a spirit animal it would guide and protect Virgos. Another similarity is that both bees and Virgos symbolize serving the community. However, the bee spirit animal is here to make sure that Virgos are putting their efforts in the right place.

It is Virgo’s nature to always want to help people. Due to their analytical personalities, they can see patterns of what someone is doing wrong and how they could improve. This is why many people view Virgos as critical. The bee spirit animal encourages Virgos to focus on those who wish to be helped and to not overextend their helpful nature to their detriment.

Similar to the meerkat, the bee also encourages Virgos to stop and smell the roses once in a while. The bee is here to help Virgos balance their responsibilities with their desires. It does this by encouraging Virgos to believe in miracles, which can be difficult for this earth sign.

The bee spirit animal celebrates how meticulous Virgos are. This zodiac sign’s ability to plan everything and execute its plans is astonishing. Yet, for the Virgos that are creative, preparation isn’t enough to realize their dreams. For this, the bee spirit animal motivates Virgos to believe in themselves despite the odds.

3. Dove

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In many cultures around the world, doves are seen as the messenger of the Divine. This explains people’s fascination with this bird, it inspires a sense of awe in their presence. The silent peace that doves inspire in most people makes them the best animal spiritual guide for the overthinking Virgo.

Due to Virgos being a mutable earth sign, they easily adapt to change. However, this zodiac sign sometimes overthinks planning. This stops them from progressing in life. This spirit animal inspires calmness, inner peace and it removes uneasiness during difficult life transitions.

For example, if you are a Virgo and you are currently going through a heartbreak, the dove spirit animal can help you through the process of healing. It does this by bringing you comfort and removing stress.

Both Virgos and the dove are associated with purity. This means that Virgos have a high standard for themselves and care deeply for how they portray themselves to the world. The issue is that Virgos’ have an inner critic that causes them to forget to be compassionate towards themselves.

The dove spirit animal guides Virgos to not punish themselves when life does not go as planned. Instead, the dove encourages Virgos to change their perspective and see every mistake as a chance to evolve and become the best version of themselves. The dove is here to push Virgos to practice self-compassion.


Without Virgos, there would be no structure to society. They are the type of people to be behind the scenes making sure that the machinery is running smoothly, and that your favorite singers look perfect on stage. Essentially, the world wouldn’t progress without them.

There can be no progress with only visionaries. The skill of practicality that Virgos hold makes them shine in accomplishing things that visionaries can only dream of. But ultimately, their happiness lies in helping communities.

This is where their spirit animals come along and help Virgos nurture their meticulous and helpful nature. The meerkat and the bee spirit animal push Virgos to share their responsibilities so that they can enjoy life, instead of only making the lives of others enjoyable. Whilst the dove is here to remind Virgos that they are not a machine and that they should be nicer to themselves.

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