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Most months are named after ancient Roman gods and goddesses. However, February is named after an ancient Roman festival called februa, which means purification. This makes February be all about cleansing.

Cleansing can mean many things, depending on who you are, what you like and your lifestyle. Cleansing for you can be about removing physical or metaphysical obstacles. For example, cleansing your space or removing habits that stop you from being spiritually aligned.

Spiritual alignment can feel to some as feeling confident that you are on the right path. There are various signs that can confirm if you are spiritually aligned. However, you do not have to do this alone. You can cleanse your space, ground yourself and on top of that ask for guidance from a spirit animal.

Spirit animals are spiritual messengers that take on the aspects of an animal to teach you something. For example, if you are not feeling depleted you can ask the ferocious and calculative panther to guide you into transmuting that feeling into more positive energy.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you in the month of February. With the assistance of spirit animals, you can cleanse away the blockages that stop you from tapping into your inner self.

1. Panther


The panther spirit animal is about death, rebirth, and the unknown. Similar to how the month of February is all about cleansing and transmuting negativity into positivity. The animal spiritual guide pushes you to be more self-aware in times of change, to create long-lasting change in your life.

The panther also symbolizes grace and beauty. Due to Valentine’s Day being this month, for some people, there isn’t a relationship to celebrate and this does negatively affect some people.

However, the panther can be amazing energy source to tap into this month. This is because it encourages you to enjoy spending time alone and to find your inner beauty. Even if you are in a romantic relationship the panther’s energy can help ground you.

Panthers are very quick and strong and they quickly go after what they want. The panther spirit animal can help you be in tune with your instincts, and to be unapologetically yourself.

The Pisces season starting in the month of February also makes this a great time to tap into your inner self and explore your emotions. Pisces rules over the unconscious and hidden emotions, similar to the panther. Tap into this energy this month and explore your inner self.

The panther is a powerful guide and it can help move you towards your strength and power, by removing whatever destabilizes you.

2. Crocodile


Change can be uncomfortable. However, in the cleansing month of February, you can ask for guidance from the crocodile spirit animal. The crocodile is all about self-improvement and calculating the ways you can elevate your lifestyle. But to elevate you need to release what no longer serves you.

If you are feeling unsure about something, the crocodile can help you with this. Ask for guidance from the crocodile in the month of February, and it will help you find the confidence to embrace life. It will also help you in times when you need to take calculative risks.

The crocodile celebrates balance. The balance between going with the flow and being ready for anything. If you feel like your life is unbalanced at the moment, the crocodile helps you to let go of what is destabilizing you.

3. Stingray


The stingray is all about sensitivity. This is the spirit animal that you ask for guidance from when you are going through heartbreak, a spiritual awakening, or are feeling extra sensitive.

The stingray camouflages with their environment, and their movements are done by moving their ‘wings’. This oceanic spiritual guide awakens the observer quality within you, to aid you in future choices.

The stingray can also fill you with hope. Its symbolism of maneuverability and fluidity means that you can move from an undesirable situation to a desirable one.

For example, the stingray can help you release what no longer serves you, and make decisions without outside opinions swaying you.

Sometimes we think we need to change according to other peoples’ timings and opinions. However, the stingray can help you awaken your patience and observational qualities. This is so that you listen to your inner voice, and make decisions based on you.

In the northern hemisphere, February is the coldest winter month. During this time, a few of us tend to recluse ourselves and are sensitive to our own feelings due to isolation and the inability to socialize outside. Thus, making the stingray one of the best spiritual animal guides to connect to in the month of February.

4. Caterpillar


The caterpillar is symbolic of metamorphosis due to its eventual transformation into a caterpillar. However, the caterpillar can also symbolize slow movement or the feeling of being stuck.

Since February is all about purification, the caterpillar is a spirit animal that you connect to when you feel stuck on what to let go of. This insect spiritual guide encourages you to pace yourself, and to contemplate what matters to you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

If you are currently heartbroken about a relationship, the caterpillar can guide you through this. It pushes you to let go of the past hurt, even if it is not relationship related. It does this by shining a light on the qualities you hide from the world so that you can showcase this as you transform into a butterfly.


February is all about pacing yourself. It is a great month to cleanse your space, to let go of the past, and to face your own sensitive aspects. Explore who you are, and learn more about the world by connecting with spirit animals.

The panther will give you the power to transmute negative energy, the crocodile will help you be balanced and the stingray will encourage you to be strong in your own convictions. And if you are feeling stuck on what to let go of, let the caterpillar shine a light on what needs to be removed, so that you can break out from your cocoon.

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