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September Signs

In the Northern Hemisphere, September marks the beginning of the Fall season. This month gets its name from the renowned Roman Emperor Septimus Severus.

September houses two zodiac signs and their cusp:-

  1. Virgo ♍ Zodiac Sign (August 23 – September 22) – The Maiden
  2. Libra ♎ Zodiac Sign (September 23 – October 22) – The Scale
  3. Virgo-Libra Cusp ♍ x ♎ (September 19 – September 25) – The Cusp of Beauty

1. Virgo ♍ Zodiac Sign (August 23 – September 22) – The Maiden

virgo symbol

If you are born anywhere between August 23 to September 22, then you are a Virgo. Also known as the sign of the Maiden, Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and it is an earth sign. For it rules over more than half of September, Virgo is the Major September Sign.

The sign’s symbol, The Maiden, is said to be derived from Greek goddess Shala, who represents the goodness of harvest and fertility. Virgo is ruled by Mercury which influences the September-born individuals to be intelligent, charismatic, and work-oriented. Some of the well-known Virgo zodiac people are Keanu Reeves, Beyoncé, Jack Ma, Narendra Modi, Zendaya, Kat Graham, and Prince Harry.

Facts about Virgo

General Characteristics

Drawing energies from femininity, the Virgos are known to have humble, energetic, and self-aware personalities. They have deep ties and an amicable relationship with their family. The Virgos are hard-working individuals and tend to possess the qualities of determination and vigor. Even though they face hardships and obstacles, Virgos always come out on top.

Virgo folks are very outgoing people. The influence of the Earth element keeps them down-to-earth and reliable in the decisions they make. These individuals tend to prefer harmony and prioritize emotional as well as physical well-being. Under the blessings of the Goddess Shaya, Virgos are likely to live well and prosper.


One of the biggest strengths of Virgos is kindness. They are very empathetic and natural healers. They tend to understand and relate easily with the emotions and energies of others. Virgos are capable of building beautiful relationships with people they share connections with. Many Virgo natives excel in careers related to management, analysis, and research.


Like other empathetic signs, Virgo has a natural tendency to feel depressed, but they usually keep things under control and bounce back quickly with renewed vigor. They tend to prefer solitude when they don’t feel right and may zone out from the people they care about. These traits can make a Virgo look very reserved and introverted—which isn’t a bad thing in itself but that might give some people the wrong impression of being arrogant.

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2. Libra ♎ Zodiac Sign (September 23 – October 22) – The Scale

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The latter part of September is ruled by Libra. Since its reign is shorter than one-third of September, Libra is the Minor September Sign. You’re a Libra if you’re born between September 23 and October 22

Libra is the seventh sign. It is sandwiched between Leo and Scorpio. Venus, the embodiment of love, is the ruling planet of Libra. It is a Cardinal Air sign. The influence of the air element gently guides Libra individuals toward an artistic and intellectual direction throughout their lives.

The Scales represent the Libra zodiac sign. It is the only inanimate symbol in the twelve zodiac signs. This symbolism is believed to be derived from the Greek goddess Themis, who represents law and justice. Will Smith, Gwyneth Paltrow, Donald Glover, and Hilary Duff are some famous figures born under the Libra sign.

Facts about Libra

General Characteristics

Generally, the Libra zodiac sign is considered to have masculine energy and traits. The individuals are very outgoing, bold, and have more appealing personalities. They have boundless energy and refreshing aura that attracts other people. The presence of the air element in their birth chart drives Libras to become skilled and, in many cases, first-class professionals in their chosen field.

Libra individuals are known for their artistic style. They are full of love and have a deeper relationship with friends and family. They’re huge believers in building up their own community. You’ll often see them volunteering in community programs. While Mercury isn’t Libra’s ruling planet, the air element helps to contribute to Libra folks’ excellent communication skills. Looking at the positive side of life and having an optimistic personality is a hallmark trait of the Libra people.


People born under the influence of Venus are capable of giving the purest love, and there is nothing stronger than the love of a Libra person. They can be great partners. They excel in balancing professional as well as personal life. The Libra individuals believe in justice and law. They are very creative and thrive in a challenging environment.


Others can sometimes mistake the intense feeling of Libras. Since they believe in people, there is a chance of increased disappointment and heartbreak. Sometimes, these individuals can be too focused on themselves. Indecisiveness is another less-desirable trait for Libra individuals. It hinders their ability to grow and prosper in life. Their focus on fairness and equality can sometimes backfire on them.

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3. Virgo-Libra Cusp ♍ x ♎ (September 19 – September 25) – The Cusp of Beauty

The transition period from Virgo to Libra is called the Virgo-Libra Cusp. People who are born between September 19 to 25 sometimes find themselves with traits that belong to Virgo and Libra. The combination of artistic ability of Virgo and kindness with the beautiful inside-and-out quality of Libra makes this variant the Cusp of beauty.

These individuals experience mixed traits from both signs. The influence of Virgo and Libra results in cuspers that are kind but bold. Their intellectual attractiveness balances their beauty. Some famous Virgo-Libra cuspers are Jimmy Fallon, Nicole Richie, Bill Murray, and Bruce Springsteen.

Facts about Virgo-Libra Cusp

General Characteristics

The Earth element co-existing along with Mercury makes it a bit difficult to understand these Cusp-born individuals. The combination of emotional intelligence, as well as rational thinking, makes these people truly unique. They are excellent communicators, and no one can beat a Virgo-Libra Cusper in an argument.

The influence of the earth element makes them steady and helps them to make wise decisions. The Beauty cusper also experiences the effect of the air element, which inculcates artistic abilities in them. These individuals are very straightforward and law-abiding in nature. They also possess excellent communication skills.


One of the most significant strengths of the Virgo-Libra cuspers is their affluent and robust leadership character. Their empathetic nature makes them people’s leaders. These individuals also tend to have a very appealing and attractive outer appearance because of the presence of Venus as the ruling planet in their natal chart.


The presence of both the signs brings dilemma in the rational thinking of these Cusp-borns. Since both these zodiac signs are very sensitive, the cuspers are prone to more emotional turbulence in their life. Although there might be some clashes in their relationship, they manage to patch up due to their strong communication.

The Virgo-Libra Cuspers can practice meditation to control the thoughts. Following the habit of journaling can help them to navigate through their mind. 

Zodiac Signs of September

September is the home to Virgo, Libra, and the Cusp of Beauty. Virgo is the analytical perfectionist who is warm and cares about your well-being. Libra is all about finding the right balance, they’re smart and will make sure that everyone is treated fairly. In between Virgo and Libra lies the Virgo-Libra cusp, and individuals born on this cusp mix different proportions of traits from both zodiac signs.

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