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Which Zodiac Signs are The Worst Matches for Virgo?

The worst-matched signs for Virgo are Leo, Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius. In this astrology guide, find out the reasons why these signs incompatible with Virgo.

Virgo ♍ & Zodiac Signs

Virgo individuals (August 23 – September 22) combine a rational outlook and a predisposition to serve that’s quite unique. It’s brainy meets altruistic for this star sign. Virgo folks are known for being humble, honest, and detailed-oriented but also being nitpicky, overly critical, and perfectionistic.

Some zodiac signs love having a Virgo as their partner in love, business, or as friend. These signs understand that Virgo means well when they get overly critical and they are able to see the best in them. Other zodiac signs, however, will be hurt by Virgo’s predisposition to criticism.

While it’s lovely to have a partner that’s absolutely devoted to you and anticipates your needs, Virgo’s rational attitude is not everyone’s cup of tea. They don’t have that much of a tolerance to overly emotional partners, especially the brand of emotionality of Fire signs, since Water signs can be a good complement for Virgo.

Virgo’s Worst-Matched Star Signs

There are some Zodiac signs that absolutely can’t stand Virgo, while others have a naturally harmonious relationship with them. In this post, however, we’ll be discussing the Zodiac signs that butt heads with Virgo.

1. Leo

leo virgo pairing

Leo is a terrible match for Virgo and the reasons are bidirectional and multifold.

First, even if Virgo chooses to compromise, Leo will definitely have a problem with Virgo’s style of communication. Virgo’s overly critical nature will not go down well with Leo, who is in constant need of compliments and reassurance. Leo will definitely end up resenting Virgo for being so nitpicky and harsh.

Virgo, on the other hand, will think Leo is rather juvenile. They don’t understand why they need to be the center of attention all the time. After all, Virgo loves to play the role of a quiet and humble contributor.

Even though they have a lot to learn from each other, the relationship will be difficult at first. However, the potential in this relationship lies in Leo learning humility from Virgo and Virgo learning how to sell themselves in the right time instead of perpetually fading into the background.

Perhaps this combination can work best as a friendship or a business partnership because of this very reason. Romantic love can feel like the stakes are way too high and place a lot of stress on a rocky beginning.

2. Aries

aries symbol

The stereotypical Aries and Virgo pairing just don’t work that well, be it business or romance. One might even say that Aries is the worst match for Virgo.

The emotionality of Aries is something that Virgo will struggle to understand and deal with. Virgo will find Aries abrasive and explosive. They’ll be confused by their inability to keep their anger to themselves until they have processed it.

Virgo’s style of communication will only make matters worse. While Aries is angry, the worst thing you can do is speak in a brutally honest and critical way. It’ll only make Aries angrier.

Virgo can also quickly lose respect for Aries because of their impulsivity. Virgo is used to thinking through their actions before actually doing anything, in quite a cold, rational way. Aries, on the other hand, is impulsive and often acts in an emotional way.

Aries, on the other hand, will be bored by Virgo. They’ll find their routine stifling and their way of acting too cold and calculated. They might even judge them for not leaving any room for emotion. This can be dreary, especially for romantic relationships. Sure, Virgo doesn’t have explosions of emotion and they think through their actions before they do anything, but they also lack spontaneity and a sense of adventure. They will not sweep Aries off their feet. Over time, Aries can resent Virgo for lacking spontaneity.

3. Libra

libra bad match

Even though their birthdays might be close and perhaps they may share a birth month (September), that’s where most of the similarities end. As for why Libra is incompatible sign for Virgo, keep reading.

Sure, Libra can appreciate Virgo’s quest for perfection and even share it to some extent, but Libra will always value keeping things civil and democratic over the brand of brutal honesty that Virgo prioritizes.

They just have different approaches when it comes to social relationships. Libra will value harmony and diplomacy, even if it means telling a white lie or two. Virgo will value direct communication and efficiency, and they’re always working on resolving things that have to be negotiated quickly. They think Libra’s effort for small talk and other social niceties that they greatly value are a waste of time, whereas Libra will judge Virgo for not caring if they hurt people’s feelings in their quest for efficiency.

The incompatibilities between these signs apply especially if they are coworkers or business partners. If they accept each other as they are and understand that they both have good intentions, they can work out as friends or even lovers.

4. Sagittarius

sagittarius bad match for virgo

Another star sign that is a bad match for Virgo is Sagittarius.

Virgo’s need for routine and consistency can easily make Sagittarius feel asphyxiated. On the other hand, Sagittarius’s need for total freedom can feel like irresponsibility for Virgo.

Sagittarius can also grow to resent Virgo because of their tendency towards pessimism and always assuming the worst in any situation. Here’s an area in which Virgo can grow. Sagittarius’s positivity can be contagious, and Virgo can certainly benefit from becoming even a little bit more optimistic.

Sagittarius also likes to travel and party, whereas Virgo prefers to stick to their routine as much as possible. Travel can be very disruptive to their routine, and partying can really mess with their bedtime. So, when it comes to deciding what to do together for a date, one of them will have to compromise.

They do share a preference for honest and direct communication, so they can use this as a foundation for a solid relationship. This can apply especially if they are coworkers or business partners, where they won’t have to compromise on things like adventure and spontaneity.


Virgo can be great to date because the natives of this sign are absolutely devoted to their partners. They observe them carefully so as to get to know their wants and needs and be able to meet them and even anticipate them. They also tend to get along with other Zodiac signs that are equally rational and organized.

However, Virgo can be hard to date because of their brutal honesty, their tendency to nitpick on things, and their need to stick to a strict routine. Their communication styles can cause them to butt heads with signs that prefer other styles, such as Leo or Libra. Their lack of spontaneity, on the other hand, can cause them to not see eye to eye with signs like Aries or Sagittarius.

Are you a Virgo? Do you have an important Virgo in your life? Do you agree with our choices? Did we miss an important match? Or are we wrong about any of them? Tell us in the comments!

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