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What Zodiac Sign Are Found in June?

Gemini and Cancer are the two June star signs. There’s also a less well-known territory–the transitional period between Gemini and Cancer which is known as the Gemini-Cancer cusp or the Cusp of Magic which we’ll discuss.

June Signs

In this article, you will learn the peculiarities of these astrological phenomena. All of which happen in the month of June.

  1. The Gemini Sign ♊ (May 21 – June 20)
  2. The Cancer Sign ♋ (June 21 – July 22)
  3. The Gemini-Cancer Cusp ♊x♋ (June 17 – June 23)

1. The Gemini ♊ Zodiac Sign (May 21 – June 20) – The Twins

gemini symbol

Gemini is the sign of double personality and unpredictability. This Zodiac sign places third in the zodiac wheel. You’re a Gemini if your birthday falls between 21st of May and 20th of June. For it rules over more than half of June, Gemini is considered the Major June Sign. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury which governs communication.

Quick Gemini Facts

Element: Air

Mode: Mutable

Strengths: Gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, fast-learner and innovative.

Weaknesses: Nervous, inconsistent, indecisive

Famous people: Angelina Jolie, and Kanye West.

Romantic Compatibility: It is compatible with Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius, and Sagittarius.

Facts about Gemini


This soulful sign is always on the move in search of experience and knowledge that bring satisfaction to the soul. They need activities that keep them in tune with their souls and give room for expression either through art, sound, taste, or touch. Gemini natives are not your everyday Joes, although they may look like one. Why? Because they do not need safety or security. They are always on the edge, giving ‘good’ up in search of ‘better’. Because of these traits, a Gemini is one of the most likely zodiac signs to live a bohemian lifestyle. Spending their days enjoying and seeking thrills life has to offer, producing art with their unparallel creativity.


The Twins are social and genuinely interested in people. But when it comes to romantic relationships, they are highly selective and can only be won over with deep emotional attachment. This attachment only comes after mental and physical compatibility.

The reality is despite their impressive social network, many of Gemini’s connections are shallow, only few are deep.

Social bees

Geminis love the sound of social events. They see it as an opportunity for friendships and relationships to sprout and flourish. They are the kind of people to start up deep conversations about life purpose, spirituality, childhood, memorable moments, and ideals of life on the first date. They are constantly on the search for knowledge. Influenced by Mercury, Geminis are expressive and communicative. Their mode of communication isn’t limited to just verbal; besides talking, they also express their thoughts through art, writing, dance, and music.


In astrology, Gemini’s modality is mutable. That means they’re prone to change. In fact, they thrive on constantly changing and adapting to the current condition. Mutability coupled with the Air element in their birth chart creates a powerful combination that allows Gemini to fit in anywhere and adapt to any situations.

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2. The Cancer ♋ Zodiac Sign (June 21 – July 22) – The Crab

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Cancer is the second June sign and it is considered the Minor June Sign for it rules over less than half of June. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the guardian of emotions. As the fourth sign of the zodiac (right after Gemini at 3rd), Cancer is the ruling sign between June 21 and July 22 and it bears the symbol of the crab. The cardinal water sign is emotional, homey, and nurturing.

Quick Cancer Facts

Element: Water

Mode: Cardinal

Strengths: Emotional, nurturing, caring, homey, nourishing, comforting, and sensitive.

Weaknesses: Easily get offended, can take things personally.

Famous people: Vin Diesel and Elon Musk.

Romantic Compatibility: The Cardinal Water sign is most compatible with Taurus and Pisces, and generally compatible with other Earth and Water signs.

Facts about Cancer

Great emphasis on home

The Moon in astrology is a symbol of the home, origins, roots, and beginnings. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer natives are always on the search for the feeling of home. In career and relationships, they always need an environment that encourages time for rest and reflection. This creates a parallel with the crab always needing its shell (exoskeleton). In many ways, perhaps a more appropriate animal to represent the Cancer sign is the Hermit Crab, for it can retreat into its shell when feeling discomfort or when it needs to rest.

Deep connections

The Crab needs comfort and deep soulful connections. When in love, they want to create a home in their partners where they can feel safe, unclad, and loved. They savor deep mental, emotional, and physical connections. Quality time is probably their most dominant love language. Quality time for the crab entails enough alone time, emotional processing, chats, and cuddles.

The native Cancer is in love for the long run. They yearn for true, lasting love.

Generous and intuitive

Cancer is a nurturer, a giver, a provider. They will go any length to make their loved ones happy. Their intuitive (in the empathy sense) nature also helps in this regard. They effortlessly read minds and can anticipate the needs of others.

On the flipside, they can be equally demanding. They need to feel as much love as they give.

Large appetite for security

For a Water sign, Cancer has many traits that are signature of the Earth element. Cancer is a grounded and practical sign. Their ultimate desire is security. They hate the feeling of drama and tension. In every phase of life, they would always choose security over anything else. Security for them could mean a steady income, a happy home, few friends, and an understanding and loyal spouse.

Nurture and care

Cancer does magic with nurturing others.  They are the true epitome of care; the emotional homebody of the zodiac. If they like you, they will make sure that you’re looked after and that you have the space to grow.

Their well-developed listening skills and their expressed interest in people are so homey and warm. They work well with children and in roles that require therapy, listening, intuition, and care.

At work, they’re the average performers that churn out solid work output. Truth be told, they are better people managers than they are individual contributors. Their empathetic skills and nurturer nature help their team to thrive and grow exponentially. In this regard, managers with the Cancer sign are not unlike mothers who care for their children and encourage their growth.

Naturally, family is of utmost importance to Cancer and they usually are excellent parents, although they can be sometimes a little overprotective of their children.

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3. The Gemini-Cancer Cusp ♊ x ♋  (June 17–23)  – Cusp of Magic

Close to the borderline between Gemini and Cancer is a region called The Cusp of Magic. Also known as the Gemini-Cancer Cusp, it refers to the transitional period between the two signs. You’re a cusper if your birthday falls between June 17 and June 23. Influenced by both the quick and curious Mercury and the emotional Moon, people born on this cusp are a full burst of fun, kindness, and childlike wonder.

Quick Gemini-Cancer Cusp Facts

Nickname: Cusp of Magic

Strengths: Fun, flirty, curious, intellectual, affectionate, devoted, sensitive, and inspirational

Weaknesses: Moody, emotional, scatterbrained, selfish, depressive, and self-destructive.

Romantic Compatibility: Fire signs will make a perfect partner for you in public sight. They can match the energy of excitement, fun, and positivity that you give but may not be as loyal, homey, and sensitive as you would in your private life. Water signs would give the feeling of support and loyalty. They would complete you internally but would consistently need your positivity and excitement to get through their depressive tendencies.

Gemini-Cancer Cusp Facts

Delicate balance

Being the fusion of an Air and water sign, they offer a good balance of both. The balance they bring is magical and attractive like iridescence on bubbles.

They are great listeners as well as communicators. They almost always have people around because people can feel comfortable confiding in them. They give the feeling of a home, safe and solid. Usually, they are the unofficial therapist of their group with words like a healing balm.


Magical cuspers are quite private. They do not spill ad much as they receive. While they are good conversationalists, they barely really make themselves the object of discussion. They socialize just fine and are likely to have a thriving and supportive social network. But they like to keep part of their private life hidden and put on a public façade. That area is for VIPs only.

Hard nut to crack

Although from a distance they seem easy, simple, and relatable, people born on this cusp are tougher on the inside. They hardly trust people, which gives basis to the reason they are so private.

Zodiac Signs of June

The month of June spots two marvelous zodiac sign: Gemini and Cancer. Gemini is a social butterfly/artist that moves fast and has a bohemian tendency. For Cancer, the better symbol for them is perhaps the hermit crab. Cancer is a water sign that has a natural connection to emotions thanks to the Moon’s influence in their birth chart. Last but not least, we’ve also discussed the Cusp of Magic briefly. The cusp happens at the boundary of Gemini and Cancer and people born on the cusp can possess traits from both signs in varying  proportions.

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