Find out what are some of the best gifts to get the Virgo for their birthday, Christmas, and graduation. This Virgo gift guide is what you need if you’re asking questions like “what to get for a Virgo person?” or “what does my Virgo friend want for Christmas?“.


Virgo Gifts

We know the Virgos are hard to shop for because of their natural perfectionist personality. But don’t worry because we are here to help you pick the perfect gift for the Virgo man/ Virgo woman in your life. We have selected some Virgo gift ideas that are themed to their neat personality. See below for our list of 15 amazing gifts that you can give to your Virgo friend or a loved one. Whether it is for their birthday or any other occasion, these ideas will definitely make them happy.

Best Gift Ideas For Virgo Men and Women

1. Virgo Zodiac Mug

This beautiful mug is going to be your Virgo’s new favorite mug. It features the Virgo symbol surrounded by a vintage floral wreath. This mug is a practical zodiac gift for your Virgo friend.

Virgo Zodiac Mug

2. Briefcase By Filson

This stylish briefcase by Filson is ideal for both Virgo women and men. It comes with functional pockets in different sizes to keep items organized. We know that to always keep things neat is highly important to the Virgo. This briefcase is what any Virgo would want for Christmas.

Filson Original Briefcase

3. Wood Hanging Shelves

Virgos have a love for nature because of their earth sign.

Anything wooden suits them well. This minimalist hanging shelf is what the nature-loving Virgo would appreciate. It is a great way for them to organize and display their stuff neatly. This unique gift idea will help the Virgo to organize their stuff.

Wood Hanging Shelves

4. Succulent Planters

For the Virgos to enjoy a taste of nature in their homes. Virgos appreciate anything that is simple and they also love nature. These sleek, modern-looking planters are a great gift for the typical Virgo. They are ideal for any succulents, cactus, herb, and moss.

Cement Succulent Planter Pot with Bamboo Tray

5. Quiet Juicer

The fact of the matter is that Virgo is a health-conscious sign. Those who have this sun sign tend to eat as healthy as possible. That is why they will love this juicer that they can use and make the most of. It is easy to clean which is something else they will find appealing and it is also quiet while being in use. The Virgo will want this healthy gift for sure.

Omega Nutrition Center Juicer

6. Cookbook

Virgos are concerned about the healthy diet and lifestyle. A gift such as Gordon Ramsey’s Healthy cookbook will be highly appreciated. There is an abundance of healthy recipes created by the chef himself in this cookbook that will help the Virgo to stay healthy.

Gordon Ramsay's Healthy Cookbook

7. Simple Planner

Virgos need to plan ahead so why not get them a nice planner to help them organize their life? This 12-month planner is perfect for goal setting, jotting down important appointments, and planning the to-do tasks to increase productivity. It is also great for visualization and expressing gratitude. This planner is a good Virgo gift idea because it appeals to Virgo’s obsession to stay organized.

Simple Planner

8. Closet Storage Organizer

Nothing makes a Virgo happier than a tidy space. This is why this closet storage organizer is a gift that Virgos love. It features bins and shelving for them to keep their stuff organized.

Closet Storage Organizer

9. Bamboo Cutting Board

The kitchen is the Virgo’s favorite place in the house, and good kitchen utensils mean a lot to them. Surprise them with this bamboo cutting board. It is heavy-duty and long-lasting. The non-slip surface allows meats and vegetables to be cut up easily. It is also large so that means there is a lot of room to work! This is a perfect idea for the Virgo’s housewarming gift.

Bamboo Cutting Board

10. Powerful Dustbuster

Virgos need to stay clean and that means they need to live in a clean environment. One of the most meaningful gifts to Virgo — this powerful and lightweight dustbuster which looks sleek. It will clean up any amount of dust and dirt that is noticed. This dustbuster can be a great buddy to the Virgo.

ZIGLINT Handheld Vacuum

11. Wall Decor

Virgos have a habit of obsessing on what could go wrong as they tend to over-analyze.

This wall decor that reads “Everything Will Be Okay” is a great reminder for them to stop thinking for a few moments and to stay in the present. Because no matter what happens, everything will be okay! Get this gift for a Virgo’s housewarming, birthday, or graduation. This is a great graduation present because many students feel anxious about leaving college.

Everything Will Be Okay Wall Decor

12. Dinnerware Set

Give the Virgo a gift of this sleek white chip-resistant dinnerware set. It is made of strong glass and is very sturdy. This is an 18-piece set that is meant to serve 6 people. This way, the Virgo can invite those they want to enjoy their healthy and tasty cooking. You may be one of those people who they will invite over since you got them this awesome gift.

Sleek White Dinnerware Set

13. Cuisinart Food Processor

This is another great gift to give a Virgo who wants to cook up healthy foods. This durable and long-lasting Cuisinart food processor will be a great asset. It will shred up vegetables and fruits the way the Virgo wants. As a bonus, this food processor comes with a healthy recipe book. Really this is the ideal Christmas gift for Virgo.

Cuisinart Food Processor

14. Virgo Zodiac Shirt

This Virgo Zodiac sign nutrition facts T-shirt is a cute gift that the Virgo would appreciate. It has a short description of what it means to be a Virgo and the traits that those with this sun sign entail. It is made with a mix of cotton and polyester materials which will help it last a long time. It is lightweight and machine-washable. This will be a fun idea for the Virgo’s birthday gift.

15. Virgo Funny Mug

It may be hard to believe but Virgos really do have a great sense of humor, and this mug will prove it when your Virgo uses this mug. Because Virgos really can have a dirty mouth but they have a good heart, and you are lucky to be friends with a Virgo because they are loyal to a fault!

Virgo Funny Mug

16. Virgo Crystal Set

This crystal set that is placed in a wooden geometric triangle shelf is the perfect healing gift for the Virgo. These crystals will help balance their chakras. They are the moss agate, amethyst quartz, crystal quartz point, and rose quartz that resonates strongly with their sign. This is the best gift you can give a Virgo who is worried about their overall health!

Virgo Healing Crystal Set

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