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What Are Libra’s Best Friend Zodiac Signs?

According to their astrology archetypes, Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius are more likely to become best friends with Libra than other signs.

Libra Overview

Libra is an astrological sign stemming from the Latin word that means “scales.” Libras prefer their life balanced, which means they will do anything to avoid conflict to keep the peace. They can often be seen seeking justice — and then realizing later that prioritizing their own peace should be just as important.

One of the weaknesses of Libras is that their nature is indecisive, though still invested in relationships. They show their thoughtfulness in making decisions and showing their own perspective in arguments.

They are ruled by the planet Venus which represents love, as it is named after the goddess of love and desire. Libras should know that they can also be an artist if they haven’t neglected their imaginative side. With this in mind, they should be open to exploring beautiful and fascinating places for inspiration as well.

Best Friend of Libra

1. Gemini

The Scales and the Twins are perceptive and jolly. This couple is always ready to have fun and gossip their days away!

Gemini helps Libra to make quick decisions and inspires them to think out of the box for their fantastical ventures. Generally, Gemini is pleased to be the lead and shows Libra that life can be much more lively and amusing. Both being social butterflies, they love to hang out and meet new people. There is no doubt these signs adore and bring out the best in each other.

A Gemini’s company for Libras is like drinking a cup of hot cocoa in cold weather: sweet, comforting, and soothing. This duo can be seen laughing like close friends even when they have just met. To reach their best potential, they should openly communicate their way through ups and downs.

2. Aries

Aries are the natural leaders in the Zodiac. They have confidence and enthusiasm, and are highly energetic. They are affable folks and can have exciting friendships with Libras. 

Libra is the only sign in the Zodiac who wants balance in everything, making them slightly challenging partners. These signs are both enthusiastic and passionate people.

Aries is a Fire sign and Libra an Air sign. They are total opposites which makes them unyieldingly attracted to each other. Libras would be captivated by Aries’ energy, ability to make decisions, and dynamic presence. On the flipside, Aries would be charmed by Libra’s way of showing affection and their innate beauty.

Since they are opposites, they could encounter some struggles in their relationship. This couple will need to set some limits so that they can have a balanced relationship. However, although their qualities are contrasting, they are also complementary. They can have some differences in perspectives and opinions. Otherwise, they make a wonderful couple.

With Aries as their companion, Libra learns to be forthright about emotions and feelings. They help Aries look at things from different angles and be more considerate. This couple’s ship could go a long distance if they are committed.

3. Sagittarius

Balance-prone Libras would be pleased with Sagittarius’ company. This duo’s friendship can be balanced and well-built as Archers have caring personalities. Both signs crave knowledge and possess a unique blend of intellect and empathy.

Libras guide Archers in their ventures to explore more of the universe. Filled with creativity, Sagittarians can develop novel and wondrous plans to spend their time because both signs hate routine and its dullness.

Libras, with a keen mind, never turn down knowledge-seeking Archers. Libras are open-minded and love creativity and socializing. They can make a perfect travel companion — perfect for the adventurous Sagittarius. 

As they share more experiences, they can naturally make their bond stronger. Sagittarians are the most adventurous of the Zodiac, and Libras are advised to be careful of this trait; it may result in dangerous ventures with these two together!

These two also barely quarrel. However, Sagittarians’ honesty can be brutal from time to time. Libras adore peace, and Sagittarians appreciate them moving on. They both resolve arguments efficiently with their ability to socialize.

A prominent part of friendship between these two is that they have many mutual interests and love embarking on ventures using their intellectual knowledge. Both these signs can easily have a long-lasting and deep friendship.

4. Aquarius

Libra is a Cardinal sign, and Aquarius is a Fixed sign. As such, they both understand each other well. Libra can come up with new ideas, and fun-loving Aquarius will readily join. These two have an intense bond with each other.

Both signs find a lot of things captivating about each other and work well in teams. The combinations of their planets are well-suited for each other; they both can go to great lengths when it comes to the things that they care about. Additionally, they usually settle their conflicts quickly.

Both signs love to work for others’ good. Water-bearers have high humanitarian energy within them. They love to make contacts with a variety of personalities and get involved in new endeavors. Aquarius and Libra are both Air signs full of this kind of enthusiasm and liveliness.

These two seem to develop more mutual interests as they spend more time together. Aquarius helps with the inconclusive nature of Libras by introducing them to fully commit to achieving a goal.

This relationship can be pretty amusing as Libra shares stories, and Aquarius listens. The bond can be especially harmonious with Libra leading. Their path of friendship is not stale, that is for sure! Their admiration for art and their subtle ability when executing something makes them friends for a lifetime.

They can bring each other’s hidden talents to light when spending time together, and their disagreements hardly occur — or even when they do, they quickly make up.


The bond between Libras and other compatible signs is beneficial for both of the signs in most cases. Libras are open-minded, tranquil, and like to be in the company of others, also keeping them in the spotlight. Having the ability to socialize easily makes Libras a pretty good and convincing spokesperson!

Libra’s intelligence captivates others. If all the signs stick to their unique characteristics and personalities and respect each other fully, love would multiply between them all.

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