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The Dogs of Virgo ♍🐶

Virgo doggos are born between August 21 and September 20. Virgo is the second of the Earth signs and its quality is Mutable. This gives Virgo natives of all species enviable flexibility when adjusting to life’s curveballs.

Virgo dogs ♍🐶 aren’t loud and rowdy. Barring breeds like hounds or Huskies, it’s rare to hear them howl. But still waters run deep with Virgos. They have a lot to offer their owners — and the world at large.


What Motivates a Virgo Dog?

Virgo humans are the Zodiac’s workaholics, and the same is true for canine Virgos. They live and breathe to serve their human companions. This makes them the perfect choice to be trained as service dogs for the disabled.

If that isn’t feasible, consider allowing your Virgo pup to be screened as a goodwill ambassador. With very minimal training, they can make visits to nursing homes and pediatric wards to cheer up the residents and patients. Your dog will love the experience and so will those they encounter.

If you own a Virgo hound, they are deft and dedicated hunters. A day spent happily in the woods with their favorite person puts earthy Virgo hounds right in their element. They are gentle-mouthed and won’t tear into your game with their teeth.

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Sweet Temperament, Sometimes Timid

Unlike a brash Aries dog or a cocky Leo, your Virgo dog has a gentle temperament. Some can be rather timid. If you choose a puppy born in early fall, its initial reticence might fail to turn your head. But there’s a lot to love about a cautious, quiet dog that lies contentedly at your feet. Especially when adopting an older pet, Virgo dogs are wonderful companions for animal lovers who can no longer physically manage more active or aggressive dogs.

They Like to Stay Clean

Virgo dogs do best when they live in clean quarters in orderly homes. Chaos upsets them and can even affect their digestive systems. They prefer quiet environments without too much stimulation. While they don’t mind a bath, these dogs don’t like to get their paws wet when it rains. They may balk at going for walks in rainy conditions or even after the lawn gets watered. If your Virgo dog is a small breed like a Yorkie or Chihuahua, you may want to buy some pee-pee pads to use inside the home during inclement weather.

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How They Integrate into Your Pack

Canine Virgos don’t like to jockey for position in their pack. They are usually fine with being the Beta dog. They are very nurturing to their puppies if they have a litter. If another dog in your pack has puppies, a female Virgo often becomes the de facto “nanny” that takes over so the exhausted Mama dog can have a rest or go relieve herself.

If you’re having a bad day, your loving Virgo might bring you all her toys, one by one, to comfort you. They have a low-key approach but sense when their presence is most needed. As they are always eager to serve you, they will be right there beside you, weathering the storm.

How Do Virgo Dogs Relate to Food?

Their discerning natures can make Virgo dogs sometimes picky about what they eat. That basic sack of Purina might go begging because they prefer a special type of kibble. Smaller Virgo breeds may only eat the wet dog food varieties that almost look like table food. Their digestive systems can be delicate, so make sure you maintain a steady diet of healthy dog food for them.

Virgo canines aren’t prone to overeating like some other signs. That, combined with their inherent work ethic, keeps them from gaining much excess weight. If they get a little porky, just increase the frequency of their walks to slim them right back down.

Disciplining Your Virgo Dog

Because they naturally try so hard to please, you rarely need to raise your voice at them. A stern look or command is all most Virgo dogs need to redirect them to more suitable activities.

Compliment them and tell them what good dogs they are when they do as they are taught. This feedback is more than just positive reinforcement of their expected duties. Your kind words reward them for a job well done and show them that they are loved.

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