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The Libra Cat Overview ♎😼

Libra cats (September 23 – October 22) are mostly tranquil and agreeable to have around. They are social around humans and other animals, and Libra cats would usually like to get to know them. They will be very considerate of their housemates’ needs, both the humans and the nonhuman ones, and will expect the same in return. They mostly want to be liked, which is a rare quality in cats. Even though they will fight, especially with other animals, when their instincts tell them to do so, they will avoid unnecessary confrontation, especially with humans. However, they are very cunning and smart and know how to make you think that what they want was your idea all along. They are better off when they are not the only cat in the house, as they have lots of needs for socialization, and they’re very good at sharing their environment.

Considerate cats

Libra cats are very considerate of others, both humans and other pets that may live in the household. They are all about keeping their homes harmonious, and they will not be the ones to break the peace. Of course, as cats, they have their own understanding of what keeping the peace in the home entails. They will never make a mess, but they have no problem waking you up at 3 AM, especially if they are influenced to do so by your other pets. The fact that they avoid confrontation doesn’t mean that they won’t get what they want, either. You may suddenly feel like giving them a treat out of nowhere, but they have been giving you subliminal signs for days.

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Libra kitties enjoy being loved

Libra cats possess a rare quality for a cat, and that is that they want to be liked. Most cats generally couldn’t care less when it comes to what the humans around them think about them, but Libra certainly does. They will certainly try to suck up to you and earn the affection from the whole family, even those family members that may not be that big on cats to begin with. Libra cats may be great for families where there are members that don’t like cats all that much, as they will manage to be well-received by everyone.

Feline Libra natives are social flexible

Libra cats are also great for households where there are already other pets, especially other cats. They are not as territorial as feline natives of other Zodiac signs, and they are more than willing to share their resources and their environment with an agreeable partner. They do have a lot of need for socialization with others from their species, so they’re better paired up with another cat than alone. If you want to give your cat a sibling but they’re rather grumpy and you’re unsure as to whether they will accept this addition to their home, the Libra cat may be who you’ve been looking for. You can count on your new Libra furry friend being loved by everyone in the end, even your grumpy, territorial cat.

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Being social is a personality trait

Something to keep in mind with Libra cats is that they are very social. This comes with an excess of energy that can only be worn away by socialization. They may require play dates with other cats from the neighborhood if they are the only pet in your house, or you can even leash train them so they can observe who’s in their neighborhood.


In short, Libra cats are social. They prioritize being liked over confrontation, and they know how to share their space and their things with others. They are an excellent pet for a household when you’re unsure about whether your cat will accept a mate, or a house full of pets. Libra cats can still be your only cat if you make an effort for them to interact with other cats in the neighborhood, such as taking them on playdates. Libra cats are very beautiful and graceful and they certainly use their cunning to get their way.

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