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Dogs of Libra ♎🐶

Your Libra dog was born between September 21 and October 22. Libra is the Cardinal Air sign. And people and pups born under the Libra sign tend to have a lot of physical energy and mental acuity. Their symbol is the Scales.

As dogs go, Libras are interesting and amusing pets that have lots of love and affection to offer.

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Traits of Libra Dogs ♎🐶

Just like their symbols suggest, canine Libras are well-balanced, both mentally and physically. Like their fellow Gemini Air signs, these dogs are great at canine obstacle courses. They also love to go out roaming, so be prepared to build a higher fence so you can contain them. Because these dogs have such warm and friendly personalities, they may have a few regular stops they make in the neighborhood for treats, pets and belly-rubs. Libra dogs can have their own secret social lives if they are allowed to roam freely.

Unless you plan on breeding them responsibly, it is important to have them spayed or neutered. They love to love, and with the dust of wanderlust coating their paws, they are sure to reproduce. You don’t want your Libra dog to contribute to the pet overpopulation problem.


These Dogs Are the Pick of the Pack

Libras of all species tend to be beautiful, and Libra puppies can be absolutely adorable. They seem to know they are good-looking, and some will even pose for pictures. You can dress them up for holidays or every day. Most won’t even bat an eyelash, as long as they approve of their attire.

Libras don’t like to be the only dog in their home. They prefer the company of another dog. If that’s not possible, they will form loving relationships with every human in their household. They are not just devoted to one owner. They have enough love to go around and see no reason to ration it.

Since loyalty is not their strongest trait, make sure you treat them well and shower them with the love they crave. Otherwise, they could escape to greener pastures where they feel more appreciated.

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How to Motivate Your Libra Pup

What makes your dog the happiest and sends it on zoomies around your house? Maybe it’s a trip to the local doggy splash park or chasing after tossed tennis balls. Whatever it is, once you figure it out, that’s their motivation.

If you have children, your Libra canine will stick to them like glue on all their outdoor adventures. This is not an aggressive sign, but teach your kids how to properly interact with their dog to avoid any nips or hurt feelings.

The Relationship Libra Dogs Have with Food

Libras tend to have refined tastes. Libra dogs prefer table food to the kibble in their bowls. They have enough energy to burn off calories from a healthy dog food diet, but feeding them more than the occasional leftover will cause weight problems for them. The good news is if your Libra doggo gains too many pounds, you can join in workouts with them that trim your own waistline. Try to feed them at the same time each day so they get used to the feeding schedule and beg less for treats.

How to Discipline Your Libra Puppy

October canines are a little scatterbrained, almost like kids diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD). They aren’t stupid or slow-minded, but they are prone to distractions and can quickly get off-track. Yelling at them only bruises their feelings because they don’t understand what they did wrong. Repetition is key when training a Libra dog. Then, follow it up with lots of positive reinforcement, because they respond better to the carrot than the stick.

If they behaved egregiously, you may want to place them in their crate for a time-out period. This removes them from the scene of the “crime” without being too punitive. Just don’t leave them cooped up too long because Libra dogs hate to be alone. In fact, it’s likely that their misbehavior occurs most often when they are left inside alone all day. Do yourself a favor and make sure you don’t leave anything they could chew up or destroy in their designated area.

Libra dogs tend to mellow with age. They become less hyper and can be left alone without tearing up your home. Remember to greet them exuberantly when you return so they always feel they’re loved.

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