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The famous astrological sign of harmony and balance—Libra ♎ is the seventh sign in the zodiac and one of the three air signs. The other two air signs are Gemini and Aquarius.

You’re a Libra if you’re born between September 23 and October 22.

Libra is most commonly represented by the Scale. As such, it is aptly nicknamed the sign of the Scale. In addition to the Scale, Libra is also represented by flowers and gemstones. They’re referred to as the birth flowers and birthstones of Libra, respectively.

Libra’s Birthstones ♎

We’ve already discussed Libra’s birth flowers in an earlier article, in this article, we’ll take a look at three gemstones that represent Libra as their birthstones: opal, topaz, and ametrine.

1. Opal

opal libra gemstone

Photo: Opal. Credit: Captain Tenneal @ Flickr.

Opal is the primary Libra birthstone and one of the traditional October birthstones. This magical-looking stone is famous for its “play-of-color” which refers to the gemstone’s ability to artistically transform light into mesmerizing colors.

The name ‘opal’ in English is adapted from the Latin term opalus. But the origin of the word is believed to have come from Sankrit word úpala by scholars. Another name it had in the old Roman days was ceraunium meaning thunderstone. The Romans believed that opals had lighting trapped in them.

In terms of symbolism, opal is a symbol of loyalty, sincerity, and innocence.

In the Middle Ages, opal was believed to be a gemstone of great luck because it encompassed the colors of all gemstones. In that sense, wearing an opal was akin to wearing every gemstone—bestowing the wearer with the benefits from each individual gemstone.

Precious opal is by no means a cheap gemstone even today. But in antiquity, opal was extremely rare and so expensive that only the royalty and wealthy families could afford it.

Here’s a belief about opal that might be helpful to the Libras in certain situations. Opal is said to have the power to unlock your talents and creativity. If you are sensing any blockages in your creative energy, opal is the stone for you as it enhances spontaneity and inventiveness. Libras are a creative bunch but they face creative blocks like everyone else. Opal with its mesmerizing play-of-color may be a good source of inspiration for Libras.

Another benefit some people believe is that opal can instill self-confidence. It will also help with decision-making – which could be helpful for Libra folks who are indecisive and hesitant in nature.

Opal is Australia’s national gemstone. It is also the birthstone for April and October.

2. Topaz

topaz libra birthstone

Photo: Cut, faceted orange topaz. Credit: Phil Lagas-Rivera @ Flickr.

The second Libra birthstone is topaz. Topaz is most famously known as a yellow gemstone. In fact, before the advent of modern gemology, topaz used to be the term that was used to refer to all yellow gemstones.

For its color resembles that of the Sun and gold, topaz had always been associated with warmth and wealth. Topaz is a symbol of good health, stability, wealth, and good luck.

In antiquity, warriors wore topaz into battle because they believed that the yellow stone would make them stronger and offer them protection. Continuing the protection theme, the topaz is yet another gemstone that protects against the age-old curse of the evil eye.

In Naturalis Historia, Pliny the Elder suggests that the name of topaz came from Topazos, an ancient Egyptian island in the Red Sea where the mineral was mined. However, some scholars believe that topaz’s name has a Sanskrit root instead and it came from the word tapaz, which means “fire.” in Sanskrit.

This stone of joy and delight brings a warm, sunny sensation into the lives of Libra people, especially when they are at a low point in their lives. It has the power of realigning your energies when you feel unsettled. Besides that, it evokes enthusiasm, joy, and happiness.

For being an air sign, Libra individuals are also known for being sociable. Topaz is an excellent gemstone for Libras to wear on a daily basis or at social events. It emanates warmth that helps to add a soft touch to Libra’s image and social interactions with others.

Topaz is also a birthstone for November.

3. Ametrine

libra gemstone ametrine

Photo: Emerald cut Bolivian Ametrine. Credit: Gemsphoto @ Wikimedia.

Ametrine is the spiritual birthstone for Libra. Ametrine is most famously known as a purple-yellow ombre crystal.

Unlike many other gemstones’ controversial etymology, the origin of ametrine’s name is straightforward. Its name is made up of the names of two separate crystals that make up its purple-yellow ombre: Amethyst and Citrine. Amethyst is a purple crystal, whereas citrine is a yellow crystal.

This Libra birthstone is believed to be spiritually beneficial to the Libras. It is said to help realign your energies. Since it is a quartz crystal, it is rich with healing powers and it amplifies your life force. Aside from that, ametrine is a stone of connection and control. As a Libra, you can tap into this stone’s vibrations to find tranquility in the face of everyday stresses.

Moreover, this stone provides mental clarity and balances your inner chi. Ametrine further heals you by releasing you from the grip of negativity and other toxic energies that bring you down. Legend has it that this bicolor gemstone was first found in Europe and presented to the Spanish queen of the time.

Using astrology terms, Ametrine is more of a “moon” gemstone for Libra as it focuses on the spiritual and emotional aspects–the “inner” or “intangible” aspect if you will. It is a reminder for Libra that sometimes their no-decision limbo is a mental construct they made for themselves. And they can get out of the jam if they choose to.

This beautiful crystal can typically be found and bought at a reasonable price. This makes it an extremely versatile birthstone for Libra folks. Higher-grade ametrine can be worn as jewelry, other ametrine can be used as mesmerizing home décor. Consequently, this makes it an excellent gift for the Libra’s housewarming.

Libra & Gemstones

In this article, we’ve discussed three gemstones that are the birthstones of Libra: opal, topaz, and ametrine. These gemstones are available at different prices depending on their grades. So, make sure you do more research and shop around if you’re looking to make a purchase for yourself or a Libra person.

The cardinal air sign Libra is artistic, idealistic, and sociable. They’re also masters of diplomacy. However, as human beings, they aren’t without flaws. The flip side of their idealistic nature is that they can become overly unpragmatic. Libras’ constant search for balance may also result in a perfectionist bias or hesitant personality.

Libra birthstones could help Libras manage their flaws better and, in some cases, amplify their strengths. These are welcomed benefits that may have some evidence in psychology. Whether the beliefs are true or not, it’s never a bad idea to wear or decorate with gemstones that you believe you share an innate connection with.

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