7 Best Virgo Jobs & Careers

Are you a Virgo individual that is looking to find the perfect job or career that fits the traits of your sun sign? Before we get to that, let’s talk briefly about Virgo for a few moments. Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, and it is an earth sign. The common traits for Virgo are an affinity to animals, health, and service. This sign is extremely detail-oriented and is also very organized.

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However, the downside to this sign is that the Virgo often becomes too analytical to the point of obsessiveness, and this sign can be quite obsessed with perfection which brings on neuroses.

Having said that, the good news is that there are many excellent career fits for this sign and let’s take a look at 7 of them right now.

1. Accountant

Because Virgo is such a detailed-oriented sign, an accountant is a great job for this individual.

It is even better if they have some Aquarius or Capricorn in their personal horoscopes. That will even reinforce their ability to work with numbers. But due to the detailed and organized nature of Virgo, an accountant is an ideal job for those who have this sign.

2. Nutritionist Or Dietician

This is a good occupation fit for a Taurus but those who have a Virgo sun sign will thrive with this career choice.

They have a knack for health and that includes working with healthy food and recipes. They can help clients become healthy by finding the ideal diets for them so they can stay healthy and lose (or gain or maintain) weight in a healthy manner.

3. Professional Housekeeper

Virgos are very service-oriented so this is not a surprise that they would do well with a job role of a professional housekeeper.

They are the best ones to keep anyone’s home completely clean and immaculate. They will do the laundry, the scrubbing, the vacuuming, the sweeping in a professional way and will not cut corners either. They can also be excellent housekeepers or maids hotels.

4. Computer Engineer

This would not surprise you to learn that Virgos are a good fit for computer engineering.

They are the people to call when you have a problem with your computer. They know exactly what to fix due to the fact that they are so detail-oriented, and they would even do better with the job if they had some Gemini or Aquarius in them. However, even if not, Virgos do make excellent computer engineers since it involves plenty of detail.

5. Veterinarian

The fact that Virgos have a natural affinity to animals and they are extremely detail-oriented is a clear indicator that veterinary sciences are the perfect fit for them.

They will be excellent at this career and can take excellent care of animals that are sick or that need to have their annual checkup. With that said, if you have a dog or a cat, and if you are looking to find the perfect veterinarian for your pet, you will want to check what his or her sun sign is. If there is Virgo in there somewhere, then your pet will be in good hands (but don’t be scared off if he or she has another sign that is not part of the earth element either).

6. Welder

In order to be a good welder, you need to be extremely detail-oriented with a steady hand, and this is why this job role is a perfect fit for the Virgo.

They will be able to mold metals in perfect ways that will not allow important small details to be missed. They are so meticulous to the point that they would never have to worry about any cracks or failed equipment. Jobs similar to welding that Virgos would be great with are architecture, furniture design, and ceramics.

7. Lab Technician

There is no surprise that a Virgo would make the perfect lab technician as they are excellent with collecting data and other important details needed to create a lab report.

They would also be excellent when it comes to recording findings, as they would never miss anything important because once again, Virgos are masters when it comes to collecting and paying attention to details that others would easily miss.

What do you think is the best job for Virgo?

Now, if you are a Virgo who is looking for a job, you now know what career roles are ideal. And, if you are a Virgo that has a job that you are in love with which does not include any of the career choices mentioned above, why not share with that us? Also, be sure to tell us why you had fallen into your career. We would love to know your story about how you ended up with the career you have and love!

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