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What Are Libra’s Special Colors?

Pink, lavender, and blue have special significance for Libra, the sign of the Scales. Keep reading to find out the symbolism of these colors as well as what are their meanings for Libra.

Libra ♎

Libra is the Cardinal Air sign. Like all Air signs, Libra is intellectual, quick-witted, and curious. Being a Cardinal sign, Libra is an initiator. People born under the sign of Libra are active, artistic, and easy-going.

This Libra sign is ruled by Venus, which means that Libra individuals enjoy art and luxury. This planet also helps Libra natives become creative and self-indulgent.

Libra is a very sociable sign. Natives of this sign are charming and captivating, and they make others feel seen. They are very diplomatic and they value justice and balance above al else. In fact, scales are the symbol for Libra. This symbol represents equilibrium, order, and justice.

Libra is also the sign of partnership and marriage. Natives of this sign are the happiest when functioning within a union. Libra’s energy tends to go towards people and relationships. Natives of this sign put all their attention into their friends, partners, family, lovers, family, friends, or even the guests of a party they’ve thrown.

One of Libra’s most well-known negative traits is their indecisiveness. This happens because the natives of this sign like to analyze things from every perspective. They need to reach the best decision possible and they strive for harmony and perfection.

They also tend to be people-pleasers and often put other people’s needs first. Libras also pay attention to their image, and they are comfortable being the center of attention. They enjoy being recognized for their likeability.

They tend to be optimistic and spontaneous. Some of the parts of the body ruled by Libra are the skin and the kidneys, as well as the endocrine system.

Libra Colors

The colors we have chosen for Libra are pink, lavender, and blue. We suggest wearing these colors or incorporating them to your home or workplace.

1. Pink

pink color

Pink is one of the colors associated with the planet Venus, which rules Libra. This is a shade that evokes beauty, youth, and love. Pink is also associated with softness, harmony, and Feminine Energy. These characteristics make pink the perfect color for Libra.

Why? First of all, it accentuates Libra’s loving nature. Secondly, it matches Libran energy very well, as natives of this sign are always searching for peace and harmony. The softness of this color boosts Libra’s naturally charming and loving nature.

Pink is a color that fills Libra natives with positive energy. We recommend wearing this hue when applying for a job or doing an important business transaction. You don’t have to wear an eye-catching pink outfit if you don’t want to – a discrete pink accessory will also do the trick.

2. Lavender

lavender libra color

The second color we have chosen for Libra is lavender. This color is also associated with the planet Venus, Libra’s ruling planet. This particular shade provides a feeling of empowerment and self-realization. It is also a gentle but inspiring color.

Like pink, lavender can provide softness and enhance Libra’s natural charm. It can also bring out the most creative and imaginative side of Libra natives. This hue also has calming properties. This is in line with Libra’s characteristics

Usually, people born under this sign value tranquility and balance more than anything. Lavender is harmonious so it also enhances Libra’s diplomatic side. We recommend decorating your home or workplace with this color if you are in need of inspiration.

3. Sky Blue

Another color that complements Libra is Sky Blue. Sky Blue is a color that resembles the color of an unclouded sky on a beautiful summer day. The color’s connection to the sky is a nice nod to the the Libra’s air element.

This shade can help bring peace of mind to the intellectual Libra natives. It is also a color associated with mental clarity. Sky Blue can help bring out the best in Libra, because it balances out some negative traits that these natives might have.

One of these characteristics is indecisiveness. Blue might actually provide Librans with mental clarity and confidence. This can lead them to reach a decision sooner. This color will also help Libra natives to stop second-guessing themselves.

In addition, blue suits Libra’s energy because it is a color that can bring about openness to new ideas. People born under the sign of Libra are self-starters and initiators.


In summary, Libra natives are artistic, active, easygoing and very socially inclined. They value art and luxury and they strive for perfection and balance. People born under this sign are also intellectual.

As they want to please others, Librans sometimes struggle to put their needs first. Another one of Libra’s tendencies is to be indecisive. To boost Libra’s natural charm and loving energy we recommend pink, lavender, and blue. These shades can also help achieve balance, tranquility, and clarity.

Are you a Libra? Do you like wearing these colors? Tell us in the comments!

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