Libra’s worst matches are Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Find out the reasons why these three star signs are the most incompatible with Libra.

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Worst Matches for Libra

Libra (September 23 – October 22) is the seventh zodiac sign, ruled by Venus, a planet associated with love, justice, balance, and harmony. Libras are known for being the harmonious, the balanced, the diplomatic, and the impartial ones. As an Air (intellectual) sign, they need to weigh the pros and cons of every situation before taking action, whether it is in love, finances, work, career…They are great planners and can’t leave things to chance.

Libras have their own unique charm. It’s hard to resist their assertive, objective, and impartial essence. They’re highly social and love being around others. So, if you are an extrovert, you will get along perfectly with Libra. A strong sense of justice and fairness is the most characteristic trait of this sign. Additionally, they love it when people compliment them and show how much they admire them. A small remark goes a long way with Libras.

Ironically enough, their need for control can make them come off as indecisive and unavailing, which may get on someone else’s nerves. In spite of their charm, for some signs, it would be hard to put up with Libra’s high-maintenance personality.

When it comes to love, Libras need to see themselves in their partner to feel safe and to entrust themselves to someone else, emotionally and physically.

3 Zodiac Signs that Are Libra’s Worst Matches

Here are the worst matches for Libra:

1. Cancer

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Libra and Cancer are at opposite poles. Libra is an Air sign, purely intellectual and mentally nurtured, as opposed to Cancer, a Water sign, affection and intimacy seeking. Libra finds Cancer’s constant need for attention and care annoying. This water sign can also be stormy and greedy when trying to get what they want. These traits oppose Libra’s desire for fairness and calm. In a romantic crisis, Libra can react with uneasiness and mistrust to Cancer’s affectionate nature. Cancer’s disturbing and confusing demand for affection will (most probably) trigger an overexcited and hideous response from Libra.

But don’t fret. Even though these two signs have different natures, there is light at the end of the tunnel for them. Once Libra feels safe with their Cancer partner, they will complement each other just fine. Libra will team up with Cancer to balance heart and intellect. On the other hand, Cancer will provide confidence to Libra’s difficult affectionate side. They can make a stable and harmonious couple as long as they understand their differences.

2. Scorpio

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Libras and Scorpios have different ways of looking at the world. Libras are all about fairness in love, mental connection and meaningful conversations. Scorpios, however, can be single-minded when it comes to achieving their goals and they tend to be jealous when they are unhappy, which can be confusing to the fair-minded Libras. Moreover, Scorpio can feel exasperated by Libra’s indecisiveness and become overly-controlling.

A romantic conflict will lead Libras to an emotional imbalance that will result in a violent verbal attack towards Scorpios, which will trigger Scorpios’ vindictive and resentful nature. Most probably (or should I say “certainly”), Scorpios will seize their manipulative techniques and mess with Libras’ feelings.

Scorpio is a bad match for Libra. But not everything is negative about this match, though. Libra feels attracted to Scorpio’s intense energy, just as Scorpio finds their sentimental clarity appealing. Libra will offer the possibility of creating balance in Scorpio’s intense emotions, and Scorpio will assist Libra to be more committed and honest when it comes to their inner feelings. Both of them will have to listen carefully to each other and learn to value the virtues that they have in store in order to create a solid and deep relationship.

3. Capricorn

capricorn libra bad match

You know when people say that opposites attract? Well, that is not the case with Libra and Capricorn. This pair is the epitome of being like chalk and cheese. Capricorns are known for working hard and being pragmatic, realistic, and down to earth. Libras… quite the opposite, they are dreamy and extroverted. What is more, Capricorns can often have very high and ambitious goals and trend towards pessimism, which is pretty much the opposite of Libra’s cheerful and easy-going. Unlike Capricorn, Libra believes that there is no need to overwork themselves to get what they want. They attract and repel each other, since they both lack the ability of having their feelings and affection under control and do not like to face the truth nor address what they really feel.

When their relationship is on the rocks, Libra’s provoking tactics may surprise Capricorn, who will reply with an offensive speech. Libra’s hidden anger and resentment will clash with Capricorn’s stubbornness and blunder.

Interestingly enough, this weird couple may work. Both signs may find a point of convergence, given that they have a natural need to help others and are highly loyal. Libra can offer a carefree point of view of the world, whereas Capricorn will encourage Libra to value their efforts and to persevere to achieve their goals. Together they will have to learn to share without forcing their own habits onto the other. That way, they will make a dynamic and yet romantic couple.


In short, Libra is the type of person that is all about mentality but has a difficult time expressing what they feel. Don’t be mad at them if they can’t easily open themselves to you, they just need a comforting environment where they won’t feel judged for cutting loose. Libras often neglect themselves. They fail to look after themselves for the sake of pleasing others and keeping a peaceful environment. Meaning, they will hardly let you know when they are unhappy. So, make sure you remind them that their feelings and their voices matter. It might be harsh to hear the truth from them, but honesty is the founding stone for a relationship with Libras.

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