The Cats of Virgo ♍😼

Virgo cats (August 23 – September 22) can see when you need emotional or physical support and comfort from a mile away, and they never fail to deliver. However, they can be really fussy when it comes to their preferred living conditions, and they’ll make your life hell if you don’t deliver. They are obsessed about grooming themselves, so they are always clean. They can be rather shy around new humans or other pets, but, over time, they can become very devoted to them.

purple cat wearing flower

Virgo cats ♍😼 = emotional support ❤️❤️

The Virgo cat is the kind of cat that will know before you do when you have a stomachache and suddenly appear right on the part of your body that hurts to give you some snuggles and purrs. They are the most loyal companions when their person is under the weather. They can be a great pet for people with chronic illnesses and make amazing Emotional Support Animals.

These cats have standards

The Virgo cat does require some effort from their human when it comes to keeping up with their standards for cleanliness. They will require a much more frequent maintenance of the litter box, and they may even be annoyed by a messy room or seeing their toys scattered all over the floor. They expect the same consideration they have for you when it comes to keeping their space clean and orderly.

yellow cat wearing flower with virgo symbol

They groom themselves to perfection

A cat’s ability to keep themselves clean can vary vastly from cat to cat. But Virgo kitties are among the biggest fans of grooming. You’ll find them going at it multiple times during the day and night. This combines with Virgo’s perfectionist trait means that Virgo kitty usually has impeccable and majestic fur. They may go as far as to help groom other pets if they’re not satisfied with their grooming habits, which may come in handy if you have an adventurous dog or a careless kitten!

Shy kittens

Virgo cats definitely tend to be shy at first. They may be the kind of cat that hides for days the first time they are exposed to a new environment, or even new people. If you have patience with them, you’ll see them start to warm up to the new place or people, and become really affectionate and caring. This doesn’t happen overnight. You might see them having standoffish behavior for days until they gradually start to give in.

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Virgo kitties are family-oriented

A Virgo kitty’s nature is to be absolutely devoted to their family, sometimes quietly so. Unlike Leo cats, they don’t need to be the star, but they want to make you feel loved and looked after. They’ll often lick your hair to show that they are more than willing to help you groom (or that they believe you need to wash your hair!), and they’ll make sure you have their company whenever you’re feeling down or ill. If the person can still make the extra effort to keep their environment clean, they make an excellent pet for older adults, who often suffer from loneliness and various physical ailments.

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Calm 👍 Chaotic 👎

Virgo kitties thrive in a peaceful and calm environment. They may not be as suited to chaotic households where a lot of new people come and go regularly, as this may make them exceedingly nervous. Too many small children may also get on their nerves, which can take its toll over time.

In cat-clusion

In short, Virgo cats are an amazing cat for people who need some extra help. Examples of these people include older adults, houses with some children who may need some extra help, people with chronic illnesses, and especially people who need an Emotional Support Animal. They can be very fussy about their caretaker keeping their environment clean, so they do require that extra effort in return for their devotion and their service. They take pride in grooming themselves, sometimes also excessively. They may be shy at first, but they’ll warm up over time, and it may take them time to adapt to new places.

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