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What Colors Represent Leo the Zodiac Sign?

Three powerful colors: Gold, Bright Orange, and Scarlet hold special significance for Leo. Keep reading to find out why.

Leo’s Colors

Leo is the Fixed Fire sign. As a Fire sign, they are energetic and enthusiastic. They enjoy getting recognition for their hard work. As a Fixed sign, they are determined and sometimes dogmatic. They are ruled by the Sun, which in Astrology is the one of the most powerful planetary influences.

Leo is the sign that rules over creativity and pleasure. Leo natives are always looking out for themselves and, just like the Sun is the center of the Milky Way, they are comfortable being the center of attention. Outgoing and action-oriented, they enjoy being in the spotlight.

They are confident, loyal, creative, and extravagant. However, at times they can also be self-centered and, being a Fixed sign, stubborn. They also have a tendency to be impatient. The colors that work best for Leo are those which help them bring out their natural energy, which is unparalleled, as they are full of energy and life.

3 Colors for Leo

Our selection for the lion consists of the colors gold, orange, and scarlet. We suggest wearing these colors, or including them when decorating your home or your workplace.

1. Gold

gold color metallic and non-metallic

Leo’s primary color is gold, which is the color of its ruling Luminary, the Sun. Contrary to popular belief, not every Leo is confident all the time. Wearing the color gold might help bring out the brightest aspects of Leo’s personality.

Gold is associated with wealth, abundance, intuition and royalty. First of all, wearing this color helps the natives of this sign with their self-esteem. Secondly, this color represents generosity: a true king or queen leads their people to prosperity. This is why gold might help Leo tap into their inner generosity. In this way, it can help with Leo’s tendency to be self-centered.

Also, this color is associated with perfection and it might lead Leos on a path of self-improvement and encourage them to be the best person they can be. Gold can be incorporated into your wardrobe by wearing jewelry made of gold or, as a more accessible alternative, golden jewelry that you feel attracted to. Wearing golden clothes is also guaranteed to draw attention to you and make you irresistible.

2. Bright Orange

bright orange

The second color that Leos might benefit from wearing is bright orange. This warm but bright color is often correlated to optimism and boldness. Orange is created from red and yellow, both of which are colors associated with fire and to the Sun.

This color is also believed to bring good fortune. Orange’s energetic vibration can help Leos with creativity, confidence, and sensuality. This is because Leo rules over pleasure, and so does the color orange.

In addition, Leo usually enjoys being at the center of every interaction. This bold shade of orange is certainly a show-stopper! However, we recommend using orange in a careful way, as it might reinforce Leo’s tendencies to be self-centered and even selfish.

You might want to consider wearing orange clothing. While bright orange is the most energetic color, you can also experiment with other hues to see how they make you feel. Burnt orange, for instance, is a classy alternative.

3. Scarlet


The third color we recommend for Leo natives is scarlet. This hue contains all the positive aspects of the color red, but in a way which is more suitable for Leos. Pure red is too strong a hue for Leo natives, and it might bring out the worst in them: impatience, selfishness, stubbornness and impulsivity.

While red is an aggressive color, scarlet has an elegant quality to it. This color is related to royalty and it really complements Leo’s drive to get the best they can get. Scarlet is also a shade associated with luxury, and it really suits the lion’s desire for comfort and elegance.

If you combine it with gold, scarlet reminds us of the attire of kings and queens. Being the king of the jungle, the lion feels comfortable in these hues. Consider wearing scarlet clothes or incorporating this color to your home or workplace. It is bound to provide you with energy and confidence, while at the same time making you feel at ease.


In summary, among the many traits of Leos are willpower, drive and leadership. They are also warmhearted and affectionate. Like their symbol, the lion, natives of this sign are brave, dominating, and sometimes indolent. They possess nobility and pride.

This sign’s vibrant and magnetic personality makes Leo natives the center of attention. With their taste for luxury and their endless search for perfection, Leos can benefit from the colors gold, orange and scarlet.

Also, these colors might provide them with confidence because they suit them very well. As Leos place a lot of importance in their image, feeling self-assured in their outfit and accessories is very important to them.

Are you a Leo? Are you going to try out these colors? Tell us in the comments!

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