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Leo’s Worst-Matched Star Signs

Leo’s worst matches are Capricorn, Virgo, Leo, and Aquarius. In this guide, find out what does it mean to be a bad match of Leo. Are these signs incompatible with Leo in every area of life? Or are they bad matches for Leo only in love and marriage? Get your answers below, but first…

Leo & Zodiac Signs

Leo is magnetic and charismatic. They turn heads wherever they go. Not surprisingly, they tend to have many suitors because of their warm, friendly demeanor and brilliant personality.

However, even though they seem to be everyone’s cup of tea, they don’t get along with every single Zodiac sign. While they have a natural rapport with some of them, trying to get together with a Leo can be tricky for other signs.

Some may find Leos a bit too arrogant for their taste. Others will not be able to stand Leo’s need to always be the center of attention. While others may appreciate their directness and understand that the drama that Leo brings to the table is a small price to pay for their talent, others will nitpick Leos for days.

Worst Matches for Leo

Let’s take a closer look at these signs and the reasons why they’re incompatible with Leo—the sign of the Lion.

1. Capricorn

capricorn symbol

Capricorn and Leo are a terrible match on paper. The stereotypical Capricorn and Leo will have a hard time becoming friends.

Capricorn finds Leo childish and immature. They are annoyed by Leo’s constant need for attention. They can’t understand how Leo gets anything done when they spend so much energy trying to be in the spotlight.

Leo, on the other hand, finds Capricorn exceptionally boring. They’ll quickly assume they’re all about work (and, I mean, they are not wrong) and never have fun.

Capricorn’s brutal honesty can quickly hurt Leo’s ego. If Leo doesn’t recognize Capricorn as an authority in their field, they can also bruise Capricorn’s ego. At least Leos own up to the fact that they have an ego, instead of acting like they’re above it like Capricorns tend to do. A relationship between Leo and Capricorn can quickly turn into an endless ego war that gets them nowhere.

Not all is lost. Even though what we have just said applies to friendship, they still have hope when it comes to romance and going into business together. As a couple, the Capricorn counterpart will have no problem letting Leo have the spotlight. Sure, they are not a match made in heaven. Capricorn has a low tolerance for drama, which Leo brings to the table in spades. However, they can work out a healthy, balanced relationship where both parties have something to gain.

As business associates, they have very different sets of skills that complement each other. Leo brings the heart and the magnetism, and Capricorn brings the business acumen and growth mentality. Together, they can build an empire and become unstoppable. But they are a disaster as friends.

2. Virgo

virgo symbol

Another bad match for Leo is Virgo. Virgo’s critical nature will not mix well with Leo, who needs constant praise. It’s not that Virgo doesn’t have a good opinion of Leo – not that Leo will ever know. Virgos tend to nitpick a situation because they think that they can help by providing constructive criticism, and they don’t realize it when they go overboard.

It’s not that Leo doesn’t respond well to criticism, but the criticism itself needs to be sandwiched by two compliments, so they always know that the person that’s criticizing them thinks the world of them. Virgo doesn’t have this style of communication, and that can turn their relationship with Leo sour very quickly.

What is it about Leo that bothers Virgo? That’s easy – the drama. Virgos detest drama. It really gets on their nerves when people make a fuss of any kind, and drama is the worst kind of fuss. They can’t keep up with Leo’s constant need for drama, and they will end up resenting them for creating it constantly.

There’s also the issue of humility. While Virgo might be the humblest sign of the Zodiac, Leo, on the contrary, loves to celebrate their own selves and their achievements. Get them together and it’s like they speak two different languages. Worst case scenario, they judge each other: Virgo will think that Leo is arrogant and infantile, and Leo will think that Virgo is dumb for not telling everyone about their achievements. In the best case scenario, they simply won’t understand why it’s so important for the other to either tell everyone about their achievements or keep them secret at all costs.

3. Leo

leo symbol

The third bad match for Leo is Leo itself. The egoistic, limelight-hogging Leo doesn’t pair well with another Leo. Some Zodiac signs get along just fine with other natives of the same sign. Such is not the case with Leo. They both crave the limelight, but sharing the spotlight as a couple will get old really fast. They are both kings, but there are only so many crowns!

It’s hard to be the protagonist in someone else’s life when they themselves already hold that position. Leo needs someone who doesn’t mind being backstage (or play a supporting role) and letting them bask in the glory of their achievements.

So, yes, pairing up two Leos will only lead to a battle of the egos that will end up in double the drama and the hysteria. Not fun for anyone involved and, honestly, not fun for the people who are looking from the outside, either.

4. Aquarius

aquarius symbol

Aquarius and Leo are complementary opposites, so they can eventually have a successful relationship or association if they both work at it. That said, their first interactions can be disastrous.

Leo is all about themselves. They love expressing who they are and inspiring others by example. Aquarius, on the other hand, are all about the larger community and sacrificing their own individual voice for the sake of the majority. In short, their values are vastly different.

Aquarius will think Leo is egotistical and selfish. Leo will find Aquarius an odd and ridiculous character that could do much better when it comes to self-expression. Even though there’s an undeniable magnetism between these two, getting to a good place in the relationship for them will mean treading a path that’s full of headaches and stress.


Leo is all about the drama and the theatrics. They are charismatic and bring a lot of heart into everything they do. They are also warm and direct when communicating. However, their egos are not suited for everyone.

For instance, Capricorn and Virgo do not handle the ego of Leo in a constructive manner. Other zodiac signs, like Aquarius, are too different from Leo. Lastly, while lions in the wild live in prides, Leo themselves are a bit too similar for things to truly work out.

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